Thursday, February 9, 2012

A February Update

We have a huge surprise in store for the cats. The cat to dog ratio is currently 3 to 2. It is about to become 3 to 5, in our favor. Dogs Rule!
We have several things to update you on.    First, the three cats and two dogs are integrated.    The cats leave us along, and we leave them alone.   Sarah was very scared of dogs when she arrived, now she will play with us a little.   Our stray cat, now named Tiger, is running and playing right in front of us, no problems.

But the important news is that our cousins are coming back.    If you will remember, right after Thanksgiving, our cousins, Emma, Molly and Piper moved to Tampa Florida.    Well, their paw challenged ones got a job offer they could not refuse, back in Denver.    So our cousins are coming back, and they are going to stay with us for a while.    You see, they rented the Denver house, and the renters have a few more months to stay in the house.  So they will stay with us for a couple of months.   That will make us a wild pack of 5 golden retrievers again.  

Sarah is going to be very angry.   Bella and I leave her alone.   But when she lived with Emma, Molly and Piper, Molly and Piper pestered her constantly.   She is going to be so upset once they appear on the scene.

Life may be boring now, but shortly it will become very wild and crazy.

Mogley G. Retriever