Thursday, October 29, 2009

First Tracks!

Skiers brag about making "first tracks" in new snow. First tracks took place about 5:00 this morning, then again about 6:00, then 7:00, etc. It snowed most of the day so we had many chances to run in fresh powder. The snow is about hip high on most of us, the human says that is about 12-14 inches.

Share our fun with us through the pictures above. If you count only six dogs, you are right, Emma is missing in the photos, she was laying by the fire.

Mogley G. Retriever

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Approaching Snow Storm

The seven of us are having loads of fun. Seven Goldens makes for a wild house. My three cousins will be here until Saturday, so we have a lot of playing to get done. Sadie and Junior are joining in the fun and we are running and playing like never before.

We are all ready for the second snow storm, the last one was a wimp of a storm. We barely had enough snow to run and play in. Three or four inches is "wimp snow". But the weatherman says that the one tonight and tomorrow will be a real storm. The snow blower came out of the shed, the snow shovels came out, even the winter boots showed up.

Best of all, we gathered all the toys in the yard, brought them in so we could find them to take them back out again. A "snow dog" who posted a reply on our blog asking what was wrong with snow? Nothing is wrong with it, but our outdoor privileges are limited as the house keeper does not like wet dog drip everywhere.

The chauffeur is worried he may get into trouble tomorrow with the snow storm coming in. Sadie, Junior and Piper all have an early morning Vet appointment over in the foothills, that is where the snow gets deep. Sadie has to have her stitches removed, Junior needs his physical so he can go be certified healthy to go to a new home when one is found and Piper needs her blood test to see if her med's are stable. We may get to spend a lot of time in the car, sitting on the highway behind the traffic.

Today the squirrels are busy gathering all the food they can, that makes them easy targets to chase. A squirrel with a nut or apple in his mouth can not run as fast as usual. All of us are enjoying the last decent day to chase squirrels.

Mogley G. Retriever

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Seven Goldens!

The Treat Dispenser took a couple of pictures of all seven of us lined up to get our evening peanut butter treats. He thinks he is pretty sneaky, he hides our pills in the peanut butter. Three of us get daily pills, but all of us get treats. We let him think we don't know about the pills, just as long as the peanut butter keeps coming.

Dinner time was pretty easy. I was afraid it would take till midnight before everyone lined up at their spot and sat, waiting for their food. I forgot that my three cousins have to sit for their food at home, so they were in training. Bella and I always know where to go sit by our bowls, even Junior and Saidie have been here long enough to know what they have to do to get fed. We lined up like champs. Then came treat time, and we all sat in the kitchen waiting for the treat, we have that drill down pat.

We will all sleep a lot tonight, we played very hard. Piper jumped in the water on top of the pool cover and got yelled at. Several dogs walked in the park which gave us the excuse to bark at them and run up and down the fence. This may be our last chance to play outside for a while, a rain and snow storm is coming in tonight and tomorrow should be bad for outside play.

Mogley G. Retriever

Seven dogs, only four hands!

We have a very bad dog to hand ratio at the moment. Our three cousins arrived for a week visit. Emma, Molly and Piper will be here while their family is off taking a vacation. They are headed to Florida, and a snow storm is heading towards Colorado. What kind of a plan was that? They go to warm sun and we get snowed on.

For the next week we will have a very bad dog to hand ratio. On the other paw, we will have a good time playing. Molly and Piper are constantly jumping in front of one of us, trying to get a game of wrestle, chase or tug-o-war started. Junior and Saidie have accepted the new arrangements and they are willing to run and romp as well.

The Treat Dispenser keeps going to the medicine cabinet and taking out some funny pills, they call them tranquilisers. At first they wanted to give them to the seven of us but they decided a better use of them was to take them themselves.

Saidie is feeling much better now that her mouth no longer hurts. The Treat Dispenser keeps taking balls and toys away when Saidie tries to chew on them, he is afraid she will pull the stitches out or start her gums bleeding. She says she is doing fine and sneaks away with another ball in her mouth. It will get exciting around supper time, we all have to sit to get our dinner, but it is hard for all seven of us to wait till our turn comes.

Mogely G. Retriever

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sadie's vet visit

Sadie left early yesterday morning to visit the vet. When she arrived back home late in the afternoon, it was a different Sadie. We thought she had dressed up for the Halloween party early, that was not it at all. Sadie had five broken and abscessed teeth. You can see that the right side of her face (the left side in the photo) is swollen. She had a large cyst on her back, it was taken off. When she was spayed before she arrived at GRRR she was shaven and ended up with massive razor burn on her tummy. She gets some medicine on her tummy to help that feel better. The T shirt is to keep her, and us from licking her stitches on her back. She is also getting ear drops to make her ears better. Her pain pills keep her sleeping most of the time.
She did not like her vet visit very much. She is happy that she now gets caned food. The canned food smells so much better than the dry stuff that Bella and I get. She should share, but the Treat Vendor does not see it our way. He did give Bella, Junior and I a little in our bowls to spice up the dry food, but that does not quite make up for her getting the better food. On the other hand, she is not going to get a rawhide chew for a while, Bella, Junior and I will get all of them. We now understand why she had such a hard time eating her dry food and why she did not like chew toys.
We hope that Sadie gets better quickly.
Mogley G. Retrieve

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sadie and Junior

Sadie (Left) and Junior watch Bella and I chase a ball. They each have their ball on the ground in front of them, waiting for the Treat Vending Machine to put down the camera and throw the balls.

If you have ever dreamed of throwing two balls at once and having both of them returned, then Sadie and Junior can answer your dreams. If you have two feet and you would like to adopt a dog but you are worried that one foot might get cold if you have only one dog to lie at your feet, these two can help you by keeping both feet warm.

Sadie and Junior are two of the best guests we have had in our home. When Bella and I bark at the front door, Sadie and Junior stand quietly and watch as we greet the visitors. When I fetch the paper in the morning, Junior and Sadie watch, they don't even try to run out the door. They are well housebroken and they don't even tear up toys.

Bella and I have decided that they are are setting unreasonable standards of behaviour in the house, Bella and I are wild and boisterous. Sadie and Junior are calm and quiet. That is a bad precedent to have in our home. If we don't get them adopted out quickly the resident chauffeur may decide that Bella and I should behave also.

Yesterday Sadie and Junior were separated for a time. Sadie actually became more lively by herself. Around Junior she tends to slink around or hide, acting very shy. Without Junior, she played a little with Bella and I, she came out of her shell a little. Now they have to decide if they should be adopted together or separately. More evaluation will have to be done to find out if Junior is accidentally intimidating or dominating her. Sadie went to the vet today, she has a small growth that needs to be looked at. She will be back this evening, just in time for the rain storm that is moving in.

Mogley G. Retriever

Monday, October 19, 2009

Foster Parent training, II

I can't help but make a few more comments on the "training for rescue foster parents" class that my humans attended. The class did not take the dogs point of view into account. Can you believe that they actually covered "how to introduce a new dog"? Apparently they don't like our method of shaking hands at the door and exchanging business cards. Maybe a homeless dog does not have business cards?

Then they discussed how to introduce cats and children to the new dog. This might be useful information, most cats don't shake hands and children never seem to have business cards.

They discussed how to evaluate a prospective home but they did not talk about the important points. No discussion about the quantity or quality of treats. No discussion as to the size and contents of the toy box. No test for the ability of the humans to throw tennis balls. No test to see if they understand how to give tummy rubs and tail bone scratches. What about the thickness of the dog bed? Some of those little skimpy pads they sell as "dog beds" should disqualify a home from ever having a dog. Bella and I have our own couch and chair, that should be the minimum standard for adoption.

Bella was disappointed, they discussed collars and leashes, styles and types, including the "control" collars. She asked if they talked about colors of collars and how to match the highlight in her hair. It turns out that was not covered either.

The human felt good about the class, but I think it was a waste. Perhaps some of my blogging friends could help to write a class outline from a dogs viewpoint? If you have suggestions, let me know.

Mogley G. Retriever

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Foster Parent training

My chauffeur took off today to attend a class on "How to be a foster parent". It took him most of the afternon to attend it. I told him I could save him some money, save him a trip and save him five hours of time.

All he had to do is listen to my critique of his parenting style. Their shortcomings in the foster parent department are mostly in the area of treats and toys, trips to the dog park, a shortage of indoor heated swim pools for the winter, and he is far too mean to us. I am sure they will teach him that dogs deserve to sleep on the big bed, not beside it. When roast beef is cooking, we like ours rare. We also need to have a refrigerator magnet with the number of the SPCA hot line on it just in case. We can take off all of those emergency numbers that we never use anyway, I mean that 911 thing is so lame.

He came home and announced that he does appreciate us more. He said there were people from many rescue organizations in attendance. He said some of the problems other people have with other breeds make him appreciate the sensitive, mellow Golden Retrievers even more. When they talked about discipline methods, he was expecting them to say that when your Golden cringes when you tell him "No", you are too loud. Instead he says there are some breeds that apparently don't listen when they are told no. They discussed real discipline, withholding our treats, not allowing us to watch Animal Planet, or even worse. In our Golden world, most of the time one or two stern "No" commands will correct even a new dogs behaviour.

He did not admit that they taught him to give us more freedom to jump on furniture and sleep on the big bed. He served us dry dog food for dinner again this evening, the roast beef was not in sight. But I am sure that we will see the changes shortly. unless he slept through the class. I will look for that hot line number for the SPCA, just in case.

Mogley G. Retriever

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sadie and Jr.

Below, Bella and I welcome Junior(center) and Sadie (front right) to our home.

Bella II went back to rescue and has been turned over to another foster home so that we would have room for two homeless Golden's. Bella II had two meetings with possible new homes scheduled for this afternoon.

Say hello to Sadie and Junior. Sadie and Junior arrived this after noon following a long trip from the Black Hills of South Dakota. They are the victims of unemployment and the collapse of the housing market. The family with three children, aged 6-teen, were forced to surrender their two life long friends. The information says they shared the home with cats, we don't know what happened to the cats. The local shelters were full so arrangements were made to transport them to Denver and to Golden Retriever of the Rockies.

According to the kennel card, Junior was born on 10/12/2002. His companion, Sadie, was born on 10/12/2003, according to her kennel card. We suspect that the date represents their intake date and a guess at their age. But 6 & 7 years old is probably correct. Sadie is shy, she relies on her older "brother" to scout the way for her. Sadie is a little shy until she gets to know you, then she becomes a lover. We think the reason these two came from a large family is that it would take at least 10 hands to give them all the attention they need.

They are a beautiful pair, they also are well mannered and very calm. When they met Bella and I, they were polite and they introduced themselves to us as politely as they could. They are well socialised, quickly becoming members of our family. Both of them have a tennis ball in their mouths most of the time. He is a tennis ball-aholic. He says he does not want to enter the 12 step program to treat his tennis ball addiction, he would rather be addicted. She likes tennis balls, but they are just a hobby, not an addiction.

We need every one's help with this placement. Placing two Goldens that are bonded together is difficult. Most families want a companion for an existing dog, or just one for their home. Isn't there a advertisement that says "Double your pleasure, double your fun, adopt two golden retrievers instead of just one. This would be the ideal way for you to get your Golden Retriever fix, twice.

Today may be a first for GRRR, we had a walk in. A golden was found wandering and was brought over by one of the volunteers. No collar, no micro chip, no identification. Just a beautiful, well groomed and well cared for large red Golden Male, lose on the streets. We will shelter him while we check the neighborhood for an owner.

Mogley G. Retriever


We are flattered to receive the Bravo Zulu Award in Memory of Spencer, presented to us by the Bumpass Hounds and Cats, the award if for a "Jog well done". The Bumpass Hounds sure do know a thing or two about rescuing and fostering homeless dogs. They have 10 rescues now, and are tireless workers in helping their local rescue. If you have not read their blog, visit them at

Thanks to all who help with the rescue efforts all over the world. Meanwhile, we have another blog to post tnight. More news from the rescue front.

Mogley G. Retriever

Friday, October 16, 2009

Bella II

Bella II is still with us, she will probably be going to a new home this week end. We need to remind you of Bella's special talents. Bella is "Air Golden". She plays fetch and catch in the house, she does spectacular leaps in order to catch the tennis balls. You see, if she does not out jump me, I get the ball instead. So she has learned to leap over our backs and to out jump me in the air. She puts on quite a show with he leaps and twists. We wonder what would happen if we used a Frisbee outdoors, she should be able to put on quite a show.

She has learned the dog door, and she is in and out constantly. Freedom! No squirrel is safe now that Bella II can run into the back yard whenever she needs to.

Mogley G. Retriever

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Foster Homes!

I think I may have left the wrong impression in the last post.
GRRR did not have to turn down a rescue, at the last minute someone volunteered and we were able to pick them up. But it has been close, we are full up and we need any help we can get. We have several double rescues coming in. We may try to place Bella II in time to take one of the pairs. We have had several inquiries and are working hard to make a match.

Since we have readers all over the world, we need to remind you that your local rescue is running on "full" as well and they can use volunteers. We have received several e-mails from other groups telling us they have the same need for temporary homes.

This weekend there is a training class for foster volunteers to help understand how to introduce a new dog into your home, as well as coping with relocation problems.

My humans say that there is nothing more exciting than working with a homeless dog. It is like getting a present under the Christmas tree. If you ever find your life to be boring, here is the answer.

Help a homeless dog find a forever home.

Mogley G. Retriever

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Foster Homes needed!

If you have room to help, we can use foster homes. Recently Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies, GRRR, had to turn down a dog because we were out of room. We are facing that situation again with several more scheduled to come in.

If you can volunteer to take in a homeless Golden, please let us know.

Thank you,

Mogley G. Retriever

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Aspen is home!

We said good by to Aspen this afternoon. Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies (GRRR) sent us an e-mail with a note that we should set up a meeting with the family who's application was attached. We read the application and then let Aspen read it. She said it sounded like it would be a possible home, but she would have to visit with them to make sure. She packed her bag to take along in case they met her high standards. She took a couple of tennis balls just in case they did not have any to throw for her, she took a stuffed toy to make sure she had something to tear up. Some of her favorite dog food, a few treats and a rawhide chew were thrown in just in case.

When we arrived, they met us on the path to the front door. Aspen ran in and was welcomed with open arms. She was shown that the house had a lot of open doorways, no restrictions to keep her from mingling with the family. She was shown the back yard, it passed her inspection. It had a sturdy wood fence, with peep holes where she could watch the dogs go by on the sidewalk. It had lots of grass and gravel for her potty trips.

She was introduced to the resident cats, she went nose to nose, then everyone went about their business. No trouble there. Then she was shown a basket of toys, just for her. They even played catch in the living room. She was promised a walk very day, and a soft bed to sleep on. The deciding factor was the dog to hand ratio. At our home the dog to hand ratio is 4 to 4. At this home, the dog to hand ratio was 1 to 4, a much better deal. Being an only dog has its advantages. They were having guests for dinner that evening and there would be many more hands available to pet a dog. Aspen accepted their offer of a forever home and waved goodbye to us at the door.

Aspen, we enjoyed having you stay with us. You are a great lady and we think that GRRR has found you the perfect match. Have a wonderful life, you deserve it!

Mogley G. Retriever

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Aspen, the Golden Lady

I have been writing about Bella II so often that Aspen had to remind me that she is still looking for a home as well.

The resident chauffeur came home last night with a bag of dog toys. Aspen, Bella II and I had pretty well demolished all of the toys in the toy chest. When Bella II cleaned out the toy chest and scattered it around the floor, the humans saw that most of the toys were just threads and scraps of material or pieces of rubber. We get to start all over again. Aspen decided since she was the Senior dog, she should test all of the new toys first, she grabbed them and took them to her place behind the couch.
Aspen wants us to remember that she is the "Senior Non-Commissioned Golden In Charge", or SNCGIC. I hate it when she pulls rank on us. Anyway, as you can tell, the new toys are now well tested. Each of us received a toy, Aspen ended up with them all. Aspen is not just an older golden, she is an active older girl, ready to help you dispose of any excess toys you might have. Help us find her a new home. All she asks is love, a soft bed, and shredable toys.
Mogley G. Retriever

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Bella II, and Aspen

Below, Bella II and I wrestle for a ball. I caught it but she wants to fetch it.

Bella II had a fun evening last night. Her former family came by to visit with her and to make sure she was being well cared for. They even took her for a ride. When she came back she was feeling pretty frisky, she had more attention than we had.
Bella II is coming along very well. She is about ready to begin looking for a new home. She says that she wants a home with very active people. She wants to lead an active life, hiking, running and playing. She would like a large back yard, she has a lot of energy and without space to run she will get bored very soon. Lots of toys, she likes to play with "stuffies" and rope toys. She wants someone with a good throwing arm and a good supply of tennis balls will be necessary. She has proven to be a very good retriever, she retrieves and drops as fast as you can throw them. She needs a home that will give her good training. She learns so fast and is so smart that it would be a shame to waste a good student on a home that won't work with her.
Don't forget a big, soft dog bed. Just because she is an athlete does not mean she does not like her comfort as well. She is in rescue because her home had low fences and she learned to get out easily, because of zoning, they could not put up higher fences. Six foot fences will be a necessity for her safety.
Aspen is the easy girl to re-home. She just wants a home with a soft dog bed, a few toys to chew and lots of hands to pet her. Several nights ago when the raccoon was in the yard, I and Bella were out chasing the raccoon from tree to tree. Aspen watched us and went back to bed. She says that chasing raccoons is for young dogs, she will take a leisurely stroll and a lot of love and affection. Several people have expressed interest in her and we hope she finds her forever home soon. She is really a sweet, well behaved and mellow lady. Even when we told Aspen that the raccoon had come in the dog door and eaten a lot of our dog food, she did not even get upset. Bella and I got our revenge on that raccoon, we chased it back to the park.
Aspen spends her days laying under the feet of the resident chauffeur as he works on the computer all day long. She says that she would like a human with longer arms, she would like to be petted more and she has to sit up to get attention.
Mogley G. Retriever

Monday, October 5, 2009

Farwell Tess, Hello Bella.

Below, five Golden friends sit for a snack during a going away party for Tess and a welcome party for Bella II. From front left, Mogley, Bella, Aspen, Tess and Bella II. Tess left shortly after the party for a new home in rural Colorado.

Below, Bella II seeks some of my advice on how to find the best home possible.

Bella II squints because of the flash.

Bella II was surrendered to Golden Retriever of the Rockies (GRRR) by her family. There were a lot of tears when they had to give her up. They lived in a home with only a short fence. The low fence had been adequate for their old Golden, but Bella was able to clear it easily.
Bella is about one year old, still a lanky, awkward puppy. She is a dynamo, running and playing constantly. She has worn all three of us out trying to keep up. While she is full of energy, it is a calm energy, she is not hyper and she is well mannered for a one year old.
The first thing Bella did when she arrived last evening was to jump on top of the swimming pool cover and run around in the puddles of water. The chauffeur became angry, he is afraid someone will tear the cover or fall through. It only took a little time and Bella was taught not to run on the cover. It also took four towels last night to dry her after her initial runs. Not a single towel today, she learns fast.
Bella has learned so much in the short time she has been here that she is being recommended for service dog training. We think she could learn to be a working dog very easily. She certainly pays attention to commands and it only takes a few minutes to teach her things like not to run on the pool cover or not to chase the cats. She ran on the cover last night, but today she has stayed off as she was told to, although she did stop on the edge and wish she could run on it. Bella took off after Mini Cat when she ran by, but when told "NO", she skidded to a stop. Since then she has walked around Mini Cat without a single attempt to chase her.
Her first task here has been to empty the toy box. The toy box is a large old wash tub. There are toys in the bottom of that tub that have not seen the light for several years. She is almost down to the bottom already. She is testing each toy for its endurance, so far no toy has passed the test, the toy box may end up empty by the time she is through testing.
She plays a mean game of fetch, her prior home probably used fetch to give her an outlet for her energy. She needs to work on dropping the ball at the end, she enjoys running with it too much.
We will keep you informed of her progress. She will probably go in for testing and then a decision will be made if she can enroll in the classes. If she does not become a service dog, then we will need to find a home for her where they are willing to spend extra time training and working with a young student. It would be a shame to waste her desire and ability to learn.

Mogley G. Retriever

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Tess's big adventure.

Above, the farewell picture of Tess. She has a new home.

Sunday evening the chauffeur drove across town with Tess. Tess had to get her chip so that if her humans get lost, she can find them. At least, that is how it was explained to me. Tomorrow morning she will get a long car ride to the West side of Colorado, to a new home. From what we know about the new home, she will be an only dog, with two wonderful parents. She will be spoiled rotten.
While we were at the rescue offices getting the paper work done on Tess, we also met a new lady, Bella. Now we have two Bella's in the house. We will tell you more about Bella II tomorrow.
We are so happy for Tess.
Mogley G. Retriever

A volunteer thank you

Saturday night the chauffeur went across town without taking a single Golden Retriever along to a Golden Retriever party. Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies (GRRR) threw a wonderful volunteer recognition party. It was to thank the chauffeurs, the groomers, the walkers, the trainers, the transport team, the medical team, the home inspection team, the web team, the special events team and the fund raising team, all of whom work together as volunteers to make it possible to re home over 350 dogs a year. He said the evening was wonderful, they met new people that have come forward since our last event, they shared great food and they shared stories about the many rescues that had taken place. After the food was finished, each person was invited to share with the group a special story about a rescue they had worked with. The stories were wonderful and heartwarming. So many helping hands, so many wonderful new homes.

The chauffeur said that the thanks were miss placed. He thinks the volunteers should be thanking GRRR for all the wonderful dogs that we are allowed to foster. He said that each Golden we have fostered was a special experience for which we are all thank full to GRRR for allowing us to have. Each new Golden that passes through the foster system is a Golden on his way to a new and better life. We are privileged to be allowed to meet these wonderful Golden's, we enjoy sharing our home and our lives with them, we enjoy learning about them so we can help them find their perfect home. Each one has touched us, each one has left a memory. For that we thank GRRR.

There are so many wonderful people telling great stories about the dogs they have rescued. Several stories concerned other breeds that came and went through GRRR volunteers and cooperation with other breed rescues. Dogs from puppy mills, dogs bought at a farm auction. Dogs that were slated to die if not taken immediately. Dogs with medical problems that the owners could not afford to treat. Dogs that went on to become service dogs, rescued from bad people but then forgiving them and spending the rest of their lives helping the same people that abandoned them.

One person told how he had gone to an ATM machine and pulled out $200 after he watched a man try to sell a young Golden out of a pickup along the road. The man picked up the Golden by the scruff of the neck and by the tail and tossed it back into the truck, at that point he knew he had to re home that dog, even if it did cost him $200.

Our human said he told the group about Tess (currently with us) and Chase. Chase was the Golden that went to such a perfect home, only to be returned. GRRR does not allow people to "try dogs", but Chase was a special case. You see, Chase was a wonderful, large and energetic retriever. He loved his new home, but he soon started very inappropriate retrieving. He started playing "keep away" with the lady's prosthesis. Chase would steal her leg and play keep away. That could have been worked on but then he went farther, he began trying to steal her leg while she was walking. After several dangerous and bruising falls, it became clear that no matter how much they had bonded, Chase had to go. When we picked up Chase, we had Daisy as a foster. Daisy made an immediate and much calmer impression. Daisy went home that day to a very special forever home, and Chase stayed with us. Chase found a new and very special home a few days later. Don't you just love it what a story has a happy ending?

We remember Sandy, she lived with us for several weeks. When they called to set up an appointment with a possible new home, the chauffeur tried to stall, he told GRRR that he would only bring Sandy over to meet if GRRR would guarantee that Sandy would get an extra special home (a possible foster failure in the making?). Sandy went from GRRR directly to heaven. No, Sandy did not die, Sandy just went to heaven. Sandy was adopted by a wonderful lady who owned a small horse property outside of town. The property had a small pond, just the thing for a Golden swim on a hot afternoon. It also had a horse training track. Every morning Sandy gets to ride in a small two wheeled sulky as the horses are trained around the track. Golden Heaven!

We have had almost 40 fosters so far. Each one has been a joy and a sorrow. It is a joy to rescue them, a joy to see them settle into a friendly home and become companions. It is a sorrow to let them go, even though we know that a better life waits for them in their carefully selected forever home.

I still think I should have gone along to the party, I can say "thank you" better than anyone. If you remember, I was on a Vet's table about to get a very, very final shot, when someone said "GRRR will take him". Thank you GRRR for all you do for us rescue Goldens. Thanks to all the volunteers who transport homeless dogs, thank you to all of the folks that give us our medical inspections, wash and groom us then care for us until we can find new forever homes. Thank you GRRR for all the wonderful friends you have sent us to foster. We have had many memorable moments.

From all of the Golden Retrievers in our happy and warm new homes, to all of the GRRR volunteers that make it possible, Thank you!

Mogley G. Retriever