Thursday, August 22, 2013

I'm Back! Introducing Hazel.

I am introducing Hazel today.   Hazel was living with a couple nearby, they were preparing to travel in pursuit of their "Bucket List".   Since they had heard about out loss of Bella, they offered to bring Hazel by to see if she could be my play mate.   Hazel is a Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies alumni. 

Hazel has settled in well.  She is getting along with the 3 cats, however she did chase Mini cat when Mini came running in one night.   Mini does not chase well, she if fully armed and she brings the "chase game" to a quick close.  

Hazel is a toy hound.  She is digging her way to the bottom of the toy box, distributing the toys randomly around the house.  We hope that when she gets to the bottom of the toy bin she will allow us to put her rejected toys back in the box.   So far she keeps bringing all of them back out. 

Sarah Cat has taken over the main floor, she takes over purses when company comes calling, she has taken over Bella's favorite bed.   She and Hazel will have a argument some day if Sarah thinks all of the dog beds are hers.

I will try and keep you informed. 

Mogley G. Retriever

Friday, August 2, 2013

Rest in Peace Bella! We will miss you a lot.

I am writing this with heavy paws.   Today we had to send Bella to the Rainbow Bridge.   Her cancer had grown and she was no longer comfortable, even with heavy doses of pain medications.  It progressed suddenly in only two days to the point that she could not find a position that she could rest in that did not hurt, then the pain medications would kick in and she would go to sleep from the medications, which is not a way to rest.

We enjoyed Bella while we had her, and we have many happy times to remember.   She went with dignity and she went while her golden days were still golden.   When she was diagnosed, she was given about 90 days.   She held on for 110 days before her pain became unmanageable. 

We are very sad to be without her, but we are happy that she is resting and free of pain.  She will be chasing squirrels before sundown today, and sleeping peacefully tonight.

I am restless, it is hard to be without my friend.   The Paw Challenged ones have sent word to the rescue that we could take in a foster again.   Maybe we can fill the house with goden love again.

Mogley G. Retriever