Friday, May 30, 2008

Dancing with Horses!

This morning the resident human drove us down to the big dog park. Thelma had to drag her leash, its a thing that the human does to make sure she comes when called, if not he has a chance of catching her. Thelma behaved so well that next time we go she can run without her leash. We had not been out for a run since Thelma arrived, we sure did enjoy it. We have a picture of Thelma meeting her first horse and several pictures of us running in the grass.

Piper and Emma went home on Monday, leaving Bella, Thelma and I alone. We had a quiet week. Wednesday Piper and I had to go to the vet for another check up. They gave me a "booster" shot, I did not like that too well. They gave me some good dog treats, that was pretty good.

Thelma still has not gotten an offer for a Forever Home. We can't understand why people are not fighting to give this wonderful girl a great home. This morning we finally received an e-mail that told us someone was going to meet with Thelma and see if they were a match. Thelma is happy, but sad to think about losing her friends. We have had a good time playing together. We will miss her if she gets adopted, but we know she needs a stable and long term home. We are all getting too attached, that makes it harder for her to make the transition to a new home.

Then more news, we are getting another foster dog this evening. There will be four of us for a while until Thelma finds her new home. Keep reading there will be news to share over the weekend.

Mogley G. Retriever

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Five Best Friends!

It has been several days since I wrote for my blog, it has been busy with all of my friends having a sleep over. We took a few pictures so you can see what fun it is to have so many friends playing together. Thelma is learning how to be a family member. She has learned to chew only on chew toys, she has several favorite ones, she has also learned the difference in the couches and chairs. There is only one couch and one chair that dogs are allowed to lay on. Every day she obeys her commands better and she is showing how smart she is by learning quickly. Playing is the best, we can have rough and tumble times in the yard where several of us are chasing at the same time. The photos above only show four dogs, Emma does not like the rough and tumble play, she finds a safe place and watches from the sidelines. Below we are sitting like good dogs, waiting for our treat. Our human says we look like a nest full of hungry baby birds, with out the nest.

Thelma still has not found a new home. Apparently there is no demand for beautiful, well behaved, silky coated black dogs. We keep hoping that a new family comes forward. While we are waiting, Thelma is becoming a member of our family, she is fitting in so well that the humans are even talking about how happy they are that she is still here. We love her more every day, and she is becoming happier and more outgoing. She came to us as a scared, homeless, foster dog from the rescue, now she has her own food bowl, her own toys, and her own bed.

Keep reading, I will tell you what happens.

Mogley G. Retriever

Friday, May 23, 2008

5 Good Dogs

My human has his doubts about there being 5 good dogs in the house, but we took a vote, it was 20 paws against 2 hands that we were all good dogs. In the photo you see me, Mogley, up front, behind me is Thelma, the honorary Golden Retriever, Emma, Piper and Bella on the front right. Emma and Piper came to visit for a few days, their humans are off to something called a wedding, so we get to have fun for four days.

Last night it was quiet while we all got reacquainted, it had been a few weeks since we had all played together. Thelma had not met Emma and Piper before, but she quickly welcomed them as friends. This morning Thelma and Piper were playing and they took a shortcut through the Koi pond again, the humans locked the wet dogs outside till they could dry off. We posed for the picture above to show the world what fun we have, Piper looks like she is still wet.
Thelma is still looking for her Forever Home. If you have time, go to to read more about Thelma or any of the 30 Golden Retrievers that are currently looking for new homes. You may fill out an adoption form on line and make an appointment to meet Thelma. You may also donate to this all-volunteer 501c3 organization on-line; the money will be used to pay the expenses of rescuing over 400 dogs this year. It takes a lot of veterinarian bills, lots of food, leashes, collars, ID chips, and toys, not to mention the cost of "bailing" many of us out of doggy jail. When a Golden ends up in a shelter anywhere for hundreds of miles, the rescue jumps to rescue them immediately. Help us keep this good work going!

Thank you,

Mogley G. Retriever

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


P. S.: When I wrote about my friend Thelma in yesterday’s blog I forgot to include a couple of items. Thelma has earned the “Good Cat Companion Seal of Approval”, at least from two of the three cats. Mini Cat is withholding her approval, she is still angry about getting goosed and pushed into the pool by Thelma and me. Thelma has passed leash training 101, she is walking very well without pulling. She asked me to remind you that she does not do cages, crates, tie-out chains or dog runs. Since I mentioned that she sleeps beside the bed she wanted me to assure you she does not snore. She is waiting to hear from you, she wants to find her forever home and start the rest of her life.

Mogley G. Retriever

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Thelma's Story

Thelma is the current foster visitor at my house. She is a wonderful companion and I will hate to see her go but we all understand that having a foster dog friend from the rescue is only temporary. The goal is to find a new Forever-Home. Sign on to the Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies web site at and apply to adopt her. She is so special to us, we want to find her the perfect home.

Thelma and Louise were picked up as free running dogs in New Mexico. After several side trips they arrived at the GRR rescue in Golden Colorado. We think she is Golden and Labrador Retriever. We made her an honorary Golden Retriever. Thelma and Louise were treated by the veterinarians, spayed and prepared for their new life. They had a very high level of energy, they are estimated at 7-9 months old, they are puppies that have had a tough start on life. Thelma had kennel cough and she had trouble eating due to her stomach upset. Louise had already been adopted and Thelma was very alone and scared. What she needed was a chance to settle down, learn some manners and be evaluated for adoption.
Thelma has been a delight to have in our home. She is very active with a high energy level. At the same time, she can settle down and be very tranquil and well behaved when needed. She does not jump up on visitors, she does not get aggressive towards food or toys. She plays very well with her step brother, me, and step sister, Bella. At first she found a safe place in the house, she needed the comfort of a quiet corner. Now she is ready to run and play whenever she gets the chance. She is working on learning sit and stay. She is pretty good on the leash, she does not tug but she does get excited about other dogs going by. She is good with dog doors, she loves the freedom of coming and going when she wants to. She sleeps very quietly beside the bed.

We are convinced that she is older because she can be so calm when she wants to be loved. Her greatest skill is giving love and licks. Thelma is a lover, she will beg for attention, she will slip her head under your hand while you are reading, she will try and crawl up into your lap, very slowly so you won't notice the 70 pound dog now laying on you. She will mouth your hand to remind you that you have stopped petting her. She needs attention and when she gets it, she becomes very quiet and appreciative. She needs attention so badly that she will be very easy to train. She will do almost anything for a pat on the head. A hand full of dog treats is good, but a ear scratch or a tummy rub is heaven for Thelma. She pays close attention because she is working hard for your approval. She is very attuned to your tone of voice and hand motions, discipline is not needed with Thelma, she is motivated by love. A strongly worded "No" sends her into depression, a pat on the head brings bliss.

Her new family has to remember that she still has the puppy tendency to chew and lick. She is still a puppy and she needs to work her jaws. You may not have noticed, but dogs don't have fingers. They use their mouths to test things and to feel with. Mouthing is a very normal action and means she is learning and testing the world around her. That is why we give her special chew treats to work her jaws and give her an activity. She is an excellent watch dog, she barks when she is supposed to, she does not bark just to be heard. It will take a week or more for her to learn the rules of your home, then she will settle in and be an outstanding companion. Plan on doing some walking to keep her exercised, she will help you keep fit as well. We hope you will consider making Thelma an offer for a Forever Home. Help us find a wonderful home for this lovely lady.

Thank you,

Mogley G. Retriever

Monday, May 19, 2008

Working Dog!

I am a working dog. I work very hard for my dog food and an occasional chew treat. Even worse, I have to start work very early in the morning. I am usually at work by 6:00 A.M. Below is the picture of me working early in the morning bringing in the morning paper. Then my human sits down, puts his feet up and reads the paper while he drinks his morning coffee.

In spite of my hard work fetching papers, fetching tennis balls, fetching Frisbees, and fetching sticks, I get only occasional treats. That is why I like having help. Now that Thelma is here, she is working as an understudy to take over my fetching duties and give me a little rest.

Thelma is a great assistant and she is learning very fast. It is time to start looking for her forever home, she has been here long enough to settle down, she has learned some manners, mastered a couple of tricks, now it is time for her to move on in her life. Tomorrow I will try to put up a bio of Thelma, telling her whole story and helping a perspective new human meet her as a prospective new best friend. Tune in tomorrow for the whole picture.

Mogley G. Retriever

It's fun to be a dog!

With my temporary foster friend, Thelma, living with me, there is always lots of action in the house. Yesterday the humans went to dinner with friends. Ever since the Peanut Butter Caper, they have been afraid to leave us alone in the house. So they closed the dog door to keep us in the back yard while they went out to dinner without their loyal dogs. Thelma and I conspired to teach them not to mistreat their best friends. We found a cushion from the lawn chairs and proceeded to amuse ourselves by shredding it all over the lawn.

Now they know better than to mistreat us, we are sensitive animals. Locking us out only makes us want attention. We know how to get attention, it just costs you a couch cushion. This morning Thelma found an abandoned cat scratching post in the corner. When the human returned from morning errands, we had disassembled the scratching post as well. Below is Thelma with the remains of the scratching post.
Being a dog is great!

Mogley G. Retriever

Friday, May 16, 2008

Peanut Butter Trouble!

My loyal readers know that I, Mogley, am one of the worlds best behaved dogs. Twice a day all dogs get a peanut butter treat while I get my pill. Often when we are good and obey our commands, we get a lick of peanut butter instead of a dog bone as a reward. So there is always a jar of peanut butter somewhere in the house. Being the good dog that I am, I leave it alone, I know better. But Thelma is new to peanut butter treats and new to the rules of the house. Here is a picture of Thelma hiding in her Safe Place.

This evening when my human came home with some guests to show them what good dogs we are, they walked in the door and they smelled peanut butter, everywhere. Thelma had gotten the treat jar, which was almost empty, and chewed the cap off of it, then opened up the plastic bottle and cleaned it out. I helped a little, I did not want the carpet to get stained so I cleaned up after Thelma. Meanwhile she got on the counter, found a brand new bottle and took it into the back yard. She had just gotten the cap off of it when the humans arrived back home. Thelma was the last one to greet the humans at the front door, she had been in the back yard with the full bottle. When they figured out what had happened they immediately smelled our breath to see who had Peanut Butter breath. Thelma had peanut butter breath, and she had peanut butter all over her nose, up to her eyes. Bella was the only one that passed the test, she had dog breath, but no peanut butter breath to make her guilty.

Boy did we get yelled at. That is when Thelma went into her safe place and hid. Luckily the humans did not stay mad for long, they took us outside and threw balls and Frisbees for us to chase, they wanted to wear us out so we would stay out of mischief. Besides, they have a hard time staying angry at Thelma, she is so pretty and so loving. When you are that pretty and that nice you can get away with a lot, boy will Thelma and I have fun now!

Tune in again tomorrow for more exciting adventures with Thelma.

Mogley G. Retriever

Fun with Thelma

Having Thelma, the rescue foster dog, in the house sure is fun. We are having even more fun that our human wants us to have. Below is a family picture, Bella is lying down, with Thelma and I behind her. Thelma is the "Honorary" Golden Retriever in the picture.

How much fun are we having you may ask? Last evening Mini cat was sitting beside the swimming pool looking at the water. Thelma and I came up behind her and goosed her, pushing her into the pool. Mini somehow went into 6 feet of water, and came out in an instant with only her feet wet. Then Mini took off running across the lawn with Thelma and I in hot pursuit. That was fun! The bad news is that a human was watching and Thelma and I got yelled at a lot! The whole "bad dog" thing again, with shaking fingers and gruff words. It was worth it. Below is a picture of Mini cat, now dry, in the house.
Thelma is looking pretty sad in the following picture, she is learning "sit-stay" and she is having a hard time with the new commands. She hangs her head when she is unhappy. She does not care for doggy treats as much as she cares about praise. She gets very upset when she is told "no" and she is very happy when told she is a "good dog".
We are hoping that Thelma will be going to a "Forever Home" soon, she is so nice and special. She will make someone a wonderful lifetime companion. With her ability to learn fast and love of people she should be evaluated for becoming a "helper dog". No one has come forward, if you would like to help Thelma find her forever home, go to where you can sign up to adopt a rescue dog, or donate to help with the rescue program. Keep reading my blog to follow the adventures of Thelma as she searches for her "Forever Home".

Mogley G. Retriever

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Exciting times at the Dog House!

Meet Thelma! A Black Golden Retriever?

We have a new foster dog and she is very, very special. Her name is Thelma; she is ½ of a pair that were named Thelma and Louise, for good reason. They were run-aways in New Mexico, picked up and placed in doggy jail, they were in mortal danger in a kill shelter so Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies spirited them away to the facility in Golden Colorado. They were sworn in as "Honorary Golden Retrievers". She really looks like a black golden. Sometimes we forget to mention that the Golden Retriever Rescue frequently has to swear in other breeds as "Honorary Goldens" so we can rescue and place them. They arrived with kennel cough, diarrhea and very tired. Louise was adopted almost immediately, but Thelma needed a couple of days to recover from her ordeal. What a story these two girls have to tell. Read more of their history at: then click on "Available Dogs", and on that page click on "Available Dogs". While you are there you could leave a donation for the wonderful group that rescues dogs all over the country.
When Mary told us we were going to get another foster, she described the foster to us with a lot of cautions. She said that she was a major chewer. Thelma had eaten one of Mary's shoes. She had even chewed up a Kong ball, instead of playing with it to get the treat out, she just tore it apart. Kong’s are considered indestructible, but not for this terror on four legs. She warned that this dog was a 7-9 month old whirling dervish, wild and uncontrolled. We were expecting her to hand us a dog on the end of a heavy steel chain.

Mary can be such a kidder at times, instead of sending us the dog she had described, she gave us Thelma. We picked her up early Tuesday morning. For most of Tuesday Thelma was so timid and scared that she tried to hide, shaking in fear in her new surroundings. She did chew a hole in a throw rug, but that was part of being afraid, she was using the rug as a pacifier. She had been through a lot in the last several weeks, she was even having trouble with her food. Wednesday morning my human had just sent in his e-mail report on her progress when he walked into the room and found a shredded Kleenex tissue box scattered all over the floor. He put us all outside while he cleaned up the floor. When he looked outside, he saw Thelma doing laps in the Koi pond. He quickly closed the dog door so we could not come inside until we had dried off.

By Wednesday evening Thelma was settled in and we were having fun. We ran and ran in the back yard, doing big circles. We had some serious tug-o-war games with the rope toys, life is good. I missed having a dog my own age to play with. Bella tires out to quickly, but Thelma can keep up. Here is a three way tug-o-war game. We all won!I almost forgot to mention that Thelma is a Glab, a Golden/Labrador mix. She has the best features of both breeds. If you like Goldens and you like Labradors, you will love Thelma! Far from being a wild terror, Thelma is very well behaved. She did not jump on guests at the door, she has not chewed up any furniture, and she did not even chase the cats. Her coat is like petting a cashmere sweater, it is long, thick, curly, a rich black and so very soft. The cats like her already and normally they take several days to associate with a new foster in the house. As you can see, she wrestles very well, she has me pinned already.
We are already dreading the day that she leaves. We think she is pretty wonderful, fun to play with, polite but with lots of energy. She is very smart and is learning her commands very quickly. My human says it is easier to train her when Bella and I sit first, then she follows us. He thinks he will have her basic commands in place in just a couple of days. She mastered the dog doors in minutes and is in and out of the house constantly.

She walked well on the leash, but my human does not expect too much in leash manners, I taught him that. I like to pull, even though I know better. Walking three dogs at a time is interesting. With Bella and me, walking on a leash is more of a sporting event than a casual stroll. I will be updating our life with Thelma soon, so keep watching.
Mogley G. Retriever

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Piper and Emma

Update on Piper and Emma. Piper has made a great recovery. Piper has Addison's disease and her immune system is very weak. She takes lots of medications and has to have a shot as well. With her weakened state, she came down with Mange. She has been on medication for her mange since April first. She now has hair! She has always had very thin hair on her back and sides, with almost no hair under her chin and down her tummy. Suddenly she has a good coat all over. It has not grown out long yet, but it is getting thicker and she is looking much better. She will soon be looking like a real Golden Retriever. She has much more energy and plays harder. Emma is still Emma, she is a good friend, but not into playing and romping very much.

We took the fiberglass dog house over to Molly. She probably won't use it any more than we did, but maybe she will find a use for it. She has easy access to her house, there is a large porch, and she is never left outside for long. She came inside wet one day, they worried about her until they realized that the lawn sprinklers had come on while she was out, she had played in them. The dog house gives her one more place to go if she wants to.

We still do not have a foster Golden, we have helped move a dog, but we don't have one to stay yet. We keep hoping for a new playmate. Keep tuned, someone will be by soon.

Mogley G. Retriever

Friday, May 9, 2008

Play date!

Thursday we went to play at Molly's house. If you are new to my blog, Molly was a foster Golden kept by Jenny, our human's daughter. When Jenny and Bryan added a new foster, Piper, Molly began picking on Piper. Soon Molly started picking on everyone, Molly wanted to be an only dog. Piper was not in good health, and it was wearing her down. At the same time, a friend of ours wanted a dog for their family. So Molly went to live at Hope's house. She has been officially adopted as a forever dog!

We gave her a time to settle in before we went over to play. We had a good time, running and playing with her. She has a nice house, we had a tour of it, upstairs and downstairs. She has a big back yard with lots of trees, a long fence with squirrels running up and down it all day long. Molly told us the squirrels are slower here than they are at our house, she thinks that she will catch one soon. She also has a neighborhood red fox that visits from time to time. There are three teenage children to play with her and sometimes she gets three walks a day.

The back door has a big handle on it, if you stand up and push on the handle with a paw you can open the door and let yourself inside. It is not as good as a dog door, but it is OK. We turned the outside water bowl over and made a mess. Inside she has food and water dishes with a full food bowl all day long. She says she just eats a little when she has time while the children are away to school, that way she gets snacks all day long. Bella and I tried to help her empty the food bowl but the humans put us outside. It was fun seeing Molly again and knowing that another abandoned Golden Retriever has found a great forever home.

My human had an e-mail about picking up another abandoned Golden to bring home, I expect that shortly we will have company at our house again. Bella and I can hardly wait, it is so much fun to have a new playmate. We will keep you posted.

Mogley G. Retriever

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Pool is open!

Things have been quiet around here, at least it was quiet until they uncovered the swimming pool. Several times over the winter I had been yelled at for running across the pool cover while it was frozen. When spring came I continued to run across it until I finally fell in. Once I had fallen through the canvass cover they took the cover all the way off. Apparently the humans put the cover on the pool to collect the dirty water, mud, leaves and trash that blow in all winter long, they then clean it off and clean water is underneath. When I broke a hole in it, all the dirt, mud, leaves and trash ended up in the pool. The pool is very dirty and brown colored now, with undefined things floating in it. The human thinks this is a bad thing. We went through several rounds of "bad dog" complete with finger shaking and gruff voices. I thought the pool was broken.

When I went into the house to show them that the pool still worked, they got real upset. I was just demonstrating to them that the water was Golden Retriever colored. The pool still worked just fine, swimming worked and the water was still wet. As a bonus, the golden colored pool water matches the carpet. They don't see things from the same viewpoint that I have. They got out the towels and dried me off, then closed the dog door so I can't run in and out when I am wet. They warned me that if I try to come in when I am wet they will lock me out.

There is nothing like an early morning swim to perk a fellow up. I will have exclusive use of the pool for a while, at least until they clean it up. I do wish they would turn the heater on, it is a little cool yet. it looks like a wonderful summer is on the way.

Mogley G. Retriever