Sunday, April 19, 2009

A New home for Maggie

Photo below, six Golden's rest after playing in the wet snow. Maggie is at the far right, rear. All six Goldens are rescue allumni. Long live rescue.

Below, Maggie shows her perfect form.
Sunday morning we all went to the pet store. Maggie weighed in at 94 pounds, somewhat less then we expected. Her heavy fluffy coat makes her look heavier than she is. She says she is going to try a different hair color next time, stripes may make her look slender.
Shortly before noon on Sunday Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies called and asked if we could bring Maggie over to meet a possible Forever Home family. We sprang into action, into the truck and headed for Golden, Co. 30 miles later we were at the rescue. The meeting went great. It was love at first sight for Maggie. Bella and I met her new family and we approve as well. The family was looking for a jogging and walking partner that could double as a love dispenser. They offered a lot of experience with Golden's, they had lost their senior Golden and after a proper period they were in need of more Golden Love.

Maggie took them for a long walk and worked her charm on them. When they returned they took another young Golden for a walk, when they returned they thought about adopting two, then settled on Maggie. She charmed them with her beautiful coat and stature as well as her wonderful behaviour on a leash. She was on a roll. The humans told them that Maggie had an Olympic Gold Medal in Table Surfing, that did not even phase them. Maggie had done her magic. They had lots of toys at home but they promised to stop on the way home and buy an extra large dog bed just for her. Maggie has a home!

While we were there Sassy (see last weeks blogs) came in with her new family. They were there to get a micro chip and finish paper work on the adoption. Sassy's growling and talking made some of the other dogs nervous at the dog park, but her family is getting used to it. She is happy with her new home and did not want to go back with us. She said she was being spoiled rotten and she enjoyed every minute of it.

Just before we left home we took some new pictures of Maggie for when we put her profile up on the Internet. She found her home and did not even put her profile on the Internet. Here is one last look at Maggie.

Maggie, you were a wonderful friend, a polite guest, a fun play mate, and we enjoyed your stay with us. You left us with some Golden memories. We wish you a long and happy life.
We want to send a special thanks to everyone in the rescue organization that made it all possible. We are happy for Maggie, but we also feel very bad for several other Golden's that we had to leave in the kennels. We have a busy week and we could not take in another foster for a few days.
Rescues all over the country have too many abandoned dogs and too few foster homes. If you can help your local rescue, a homeless dog will really appreciate having a warm and loving place to live while waiting for that Forever Home. Chain link walls and concrete floors do not make a home.

Mogley G. Retriever

Friday, April 17, 2009

Maggie, our new foster friend

Today has been an exciting day. First, the day started with a heavy rain storm that turned into snow in the afternoon. Lots of snow. Road closing snow. Run and play in it snow. My cousins, Emma, Molly, and Piper came by early in the morning for a play date. We were in and out the dog door, soaking wet. Finally they locked the dog door to stop us from going out in the rain and getting wet, then coming in the house and shaking dry.

Photo above, Five of us play in the new snow. Photo below, Piper and Molly take a breather from wrestling.

Above, I play with my cousins in the fresh snow.

Emma and I had a veterinarian appointment, we drove all across town to get to our appointment. It was raining ad snowing so hard that we could not stick our noses and ears out of the window. A wasted ride by dog standards. I usually don't mind the veterinarian appointment because I get to ride with my head out the window and enjoy the wind in my ears. But no, not today. After the Vet visit we went to Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies offices to pick up a new foster friend.

World, meet Maggie.
Maggie used to live on a huge property, she had hundreds of acres to run in. Then she was moved into a very small place. She did not get enough exercise, she had no place to run so her pent up energy became a problem. She was given lots of food so the combination of no exercise and too much to eat made her gain weight. Our assignment is to get her toned up a little, learn what she knows and evaluate her knowledge and temprement for placement in a future home.

The humans threatened to not let me put a picture of Maggie up. They said that Maggie is so beautiful that she will be adopted in days, then we will be left without a foster again. I fooled him, I put the pictures up below as you can see. Bella said that if they don't call her beautiful before they go to bed she is going to hide one of their shoes, outside, in the snow.

Maggie is a very large Golden lady. Maggie has a beautiful fluffy coat, she spent a lot of time outdoors. We need to find out if she is a good indoor dog as well. She is very friendly, she is big and she follows humans around looking for attention. She is very loving, she would be a lap dog if a 90 pound dog can fit on any lap. She was playing with the five of us within minutes of her arrival, running and romping in the snow. She is the kind of dog that makes people turn and look when she goes by. She is very curious about the cats, but she has not chased one, yet. In a few days we will see if she is cat friendly or just cat tolerant.

We will be posting more later as we learn about her and she learns about us. We will keep you informed as we seek her new home. Wish Maggie luck in finding her perfect home.

Mogley G. Retriever

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Someone Cared! Sassy's Story.

Above, Bella is sulking because Sassy stole her cushion.

Sassy is home, at her new forever home. Sassy has a Forever Family. We all went with her to help her move into her new home. She is going to enjoy her home. They bought her two new dog beds, they bought her new dog dishes and several toys, she is going to be spoiled badly. She is really looking forward to it. All this happened because someone volunteered to help.
Someone cared!

Before she left she went out to have one last try at catching a Koi in the pond.

Sassy has a new home because someone cared!

Sassy has a new forever home because of a lot of effort by a lot of people. Sassy's old family called and they wanted to surrender Sassy and her step sister, Marlo. Someone answered the phone and set up a meeting. Someone met the family and transported the dogs to the rescue. Someone processed the paperwork to track them and check them into the system. Someone took them to the vet to be given a physical and to be brought current on their shots. Someone gave them both a bath, they were terribly dirty and had matted coats, they had been badly neglected. Someone called foster family's to find a home for these two lady's so they would not have to stay in some lonely kennel. Someone picked them up and brought them across town to their foster homes. Someone took pictures, wrote a profile and posted their profile on the Internet. Someone took in applications from families seeking to adopt them. Someone matched the applicants to the dog, looking for the best fit. Someone inspected the applicants home and determined that it would be an acceptable home. Someone arranged a meeting to see if there was a match. Someone processed the adoption papers. Someone welcomed a new friend into their life and offered a homeless dog a forever home.

Someone cared.

Being a foster parent is very rewarding. Somewhere near you a wonderful dog is spending the night in a chain link run with a concrete floor, counting down the days to when his stay at the pound is ended, forever. Help your local rescue to rescue needy dogs, transport them, provide them with foster homes and help them find a forever home. A rescue near you needs someone to answer telephones, someone to file papers, someone to pick up dogs at shelters and transport them to foster homes. You can make a difference in a dogs life. A dog that was once a loved member of a family is now facing his end behind chain link, lonely and forgotten. You can make a difference.
Be Someone. Volunteer at a rescue near you.
We have had about 30 fosters at our home since we started being foster parents for the rescue. GRRR is at about 400 dogs per year. Think of how many "someone's" have had to help with each of these dogs. Thanks to all of you for making this possible.
You are Someone!
Mogley G. Retriever

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sassy's New Home

The home visit went wonderful. We went to a nice home, it has a nice back yard. The human and I became instant friends. I snuggled up to her and she started petting me, I was ready to spend the night.

The rescue has some paper work to do on me and on the new human's home. So we arranged to move over on Saturday. That gives them time to buy a bigger bed, more toys and treats. Their older, smaller dog had passed away, and they need to resupply for an active younger dog.

Mogley said we will have a going away party for me. I am excited to have a place that I don't have to share humans, it means more attention for me.

Sassy G. Retriever

Sassy packs her bags

Sassy here again. I want to thank Mogley for letting me use his blog while I am staying at his house. This home has been a wonderful foster home, but I keep looking forward to having a home (and a human) of my own. The rescue has several prospective new homes for me, they are just deciding which one is the best one.

Several important and exciting things have happened. Since I learned to use the dog doors I can now explore the back yard closely without fear of being locked out. Spending more time in the back yard has led to an exciting discovery. I had seen the pond in the back yard, but with the sun on the water, I could see the Koi in the pond. I did not know what they were except that the humans called them "No, No's!". The humans call a lot of things "No, No's! If you are like me, you learn that since a "No, No's" can be anything, we can take it under advisement and move on. In this case moving on meant "Jumping In". I could not catch them, but I did take a swim in some very cold water.

The even better news is that now I am slated for a bath. I smell like a fish pond and humans do not approve. Getting a bath is as good as chasing Koi in the pond. How can I lose? I get to play in the water, then get a massage with shampoo, a towel dry and lots of attention.

I have even more exciting news. I get to go with Kris this evening to make a home inspection for a home that had applied to adopt a Golden. One of the Golden's that they had expressed interest in was me! Since I am nearby, they are going to take me along with the home visitation team and let me get acquainted. They won't leave me there, even if we both like each other, they still have some paperwork to fill out. If they let me get my nose in the door once, I will take care of the rest, I can sell myself. The really good news is that I get to see my prospective new home before I have to commit. Wish me luck and I will let you know how the visit goes.

Sassy G. Retriever

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sassy Does Dog Doors

Sassy here, I am so excited, I just found freedom. Last night there was a raccoon in a tree in the next yard over, Bella and Mogley were in and out all night long, barking and guarding our yard against raccoon intrusions. In my excitement I found out that I can go through the dog door as well. Now I can come and go as I please. The dog door is more complicated than it sounds. First we have to run to the hallway, then through a door into the garage, then across the garage, out a second dog door into a corner of the back yard, then around the house to the big yard. So it takes a while to get the hang of it.

The good news is that I now have total freedom. If I want out, I can go out. If I want in, I can go in. The bad news is that now when I stand on the back steps and demand to be let in, they ignore me. Now they expect me to come in on my own. I have lost that "Queen" factor that I have used so effectively.

When they got up this morning to put me outside, I was already out. If I had made it back in in time, they might never have noticed and I might still get door service. I guess they are right, freedom does have a price.

Sassy G. Retriever

An E-mail from Snickers

We received the following update from the couple that adopted Snickers. Snickers was one of our fosters that went on to a wonderful Forever Home. We are so happy to hear from our old friends. We love it when we have a happy ending!

Dear Mogley;

Just thought I would send a quick update on Snickers. He is doing great. I was reading your recent blog about Sassy and her growls & groans, and thought I would tell you that Snickers is pretty much that way too. At first Rosy & Bailey were a little intimidated by it, but soon they learned it meant he wants to play, and they all get along great. Anyway, he is a wonderful dog and we all love him very much. Here are a couple of pics we took after one of the recent snows. I will keep in touch.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Sassy's Turn to Blog.

Sassy here. Mogley is helping me type and thank Dog for spell check. We have received so many comments on my last post (you need to read them) about dogs talking. I am not the only vocal dog in the world. The growls, groans and grunts do not mean we are vicious and about to attack.

The growls, groans and grunts are combined with tail wags and butt wiggles to tell you a story like "welcome stranger". So we are looking for a home where two way human/dog communication is appreciated. We may look for a home where there is no timid dog, growls and grunts can be intimidating to many dogs.

Thanks for the support from all of you. I will find my perfect Forever Home, in the meantime I can chase squirrels and play with my toys here with Bella and Mogley.

Sassy G. Retriever

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sassy Comes Home

This evening we drove over to Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies (GRRR) and picked up Sassy to bring her home. Her adoption did not work out, they chose to adopt another golden lady instead.

Part of the reason is that the humans that wrote part of the blog did not mention one key item about Sassy. Sassy does not bark much, she growls instead. She talks to everyone. She is not being mean or trying to start a fight, it is just her way of communicating, she has not learned to type like I have. When Sassy greets someone at the door she says Grrrr, she growls and she grunts, meanwhile her tail is going like an airplane propeller. She is talking to the people, but her enunciation is bad. Sassy says she probably would be understood if she lived in Germany.

The humans did not explain this before Sassy went to meet this nice quiet couple. Sassy dashed over to the prospective couple, leaned up against them and growled a greeting. They had brought their Husky with them to see if everyone got along. When they met, Sassy growled her greeting and scared the Husky. A Golden Retriever went home with them, only not one that talks, they chose one that barks instead. Any day we find a good home for a Golden is a good day.

Now we have to find a new prospective family and explain to them ahead of time that Sassy is a talker. She talks in grunts, growls, lots of grrrrs, she talks a lot. She seldom barks, but she has long conversations with her tail working overtime.

Until we find a family that understands a dog that communicates vocally, Sassy will be staying with us. We get along great and we enjoy the discussions that we have. Somewhere there is a family that will enjoy having a dog they can talk to. We will just keep looking.

While Sassy was at the rescue, she received a bath and grooming. She is back with us clean and looking great. She did not get picked this time, but a day at the spa helped her feel better. She is ready to meet her next prospect.

Welcome back Sassy. .

Mogley G. Retriever

Saturday, April 4, 2009

UP DATE on Sassy

Today (Saturday) we received a message that Sassy has someone interested in adopting her and giving her a Forever Home. Sassy is excited, she is packing her bags and will be to excited to sleep tonight. They found her on the GRRR rescue web site and read her profile. They want to meet her and see if they like her and if she likes them. They have submitted their application, their home has been visited by the inspection team to be sure they have a good home with a yard, proper fencing and lots of extra love to give. They have passed all the tests and all that is left is to meet Sassy and get her approval. Stay tuned and keep your paws crossed.

Mogley G. Retriever

Looking for love?

If you are looking for love, you have come to the right place. The following is the post that we have put up on to help Sassy find her new Forever Home. Please send your friends to look at our rescue site and help us find homes for all of our homeless friends. We have over 30 homeless dogs and we sure could use your help.

Hello world: My name is Sassy.

I am a medium sized 4 year old Golden Lady. I came to rescue with my step sister Marlo. I am living with foster brother Mogley, you can read about me on his blog. I am looking for a very special house. Because I am doing well in my foster home I can afford to be picky. I want lots of attention, I am a love sponge. I would be happy as an only dog or with others. I want a soft dog bed for my daytime nap and another bed beside your bed at night. A few chew toys and a tennis ball will keep me very happy. My demands are few. I am pretty high energy for a four year old, and I like to romp and run so a large yard or frequent walks will be necessary, but remember that I am an inside dog at heart. My foster parents said that I should tell you the following: "Sassy is well house broken, she behaves very well, plays well with other dogs, does not bother cats (very much), she lives with three cats at her foster home. She knows basic commands and is very attentive to what you tell her. If something is off limits, just tell her and she will leave it alone. Sassy is well named, she does not walk, she bounces along. She growls instead of barking which tones down the noise a lot. My foster parents said that I am a "Typical, wonderful, loving, lovable, beautiful, fun, obedient, well mannered, mellow, fantastic, Golden Retriever. We have enjoyed sharing our home with such a wonderful lady as a foster friend."

So there! Take that all of you other dogs that are looking for homes. Thank you for reading my posting. I look forward to meeting you one on one.

Sassy G. Retriever

Friday, April 3, 2009

Marlo finds her Forever Home.

Mogley received the followiing e-mail from Marlo. Marlo (7 mos) was surrendered along with Sassy (4 yrs). Marlo is staying at Evelyn's house (she is an old and very wise Golden) and Sassy is staying with us. It looks like Marlo found her forever home, can Sassy's perfect forever home be far behind?

Dear Mogley and Sassy:
My foster sister Evelyn is helping me with this email tonight. My foster parents took me to an appointment earlier this evening. Guess what? I have a new forever home! I was introduced to these very nice people. They have a nice house with a fenced back yard and a little pond just for me! Well, I think the pond is for fish but it is still going to be mine. Their golden went to the rainbow bridge some time ago and they have been storing up a lot of pets, scritches and kisses. I can't wait to move in with them. They have a cat and thanks to Evelyn's advice I know to ignore it. They even have some tennis balls already! They are going to come pick me up as soon as they can get some necessities for me. I requested a soft bed and lots of toys. I am sure they are going to get them for me. They also said they need food and a leash and a few other things. Please tell my friend Sassy that I will miss her and I am sure she will find a good forever home here real soon. Evelyn says that there is someone out there for everyone of us and that GRRR is dedicated to making sure that the right dog goes to the right forever home. Thank you GRRR for helping me and Sassy.

Hugs and kisses

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Dogs to the Rescue!

Our friends at the Bumpasshounds, (see them at reminded us that in these tough times, man's best friend may have to pitch in and help the humans make a living and earn money for the food in the bowls or to make the payments on the house. On April 1st, they posted a blog about running out of kibbles, but the reality is that many humans and their dogs are losing their homes in these trying times.

Bella, Sassy and I put our minds to work to determine what we could do to help out. The following are our suggestions. If you have more, let us know.

  1. We will open the Golden Pest Control Service, charging by the month to keep squirrels, rabbits and stray cats out of neighborhood yards.
  2. We will start a paper delivery service, bringing in papers from the front yard. I run out each morning to pick up the paper and bring it inside. Its an easy way to get a treat. We should be able to get five or six customers on our block.
  3. The Fat Cat Diet and Exercise Service: Have a fat cat? Want him to lose weight? We can exercise your cat for you and keep him healthy at the same time. If we call it a "Cat Spa" we can double our prices.
  4. The Golden Guard service: We will keep a watch on your lawn and garden for a few bones a day. Would you like to rest well, knowing you will not be burglarized in the night? Call the Golden Guard Service.
  5. The Golden Chauffeur Service: I have been practicing driving when we wait in the parking lot at the store. It can't be all that hard, you see humans doing it without paying any attention at all. Plus I already have a license, it just does not have my picture on it.
  6. Dishes Cleaned While You Wait! I can clean a plate so that it shines. Plus I am environmentally friendly. No wasted detergent to pollute our streams, no wasted hot water and a huge savings in electricity.
  7. The Golden Disposal Service. Are you tired of hauling all that trash out to the curb? I can clean out a trash can in just a few minutes.
  8. The Golden Spa Service. Instead of spending money on those silly lotions and creams that you put on your face at night, we will lick your face clean in an environmentally sound manner. Want to have your pores cleaned? Golden's give your face a real glow!
  9. The Golden Doctor is in! Don't waste money paying that counseling service or psychologist to help you cope with these bad times, tell all of your troubles to a Golden. We listen well, we don't pass judgement or make accusations. We don't tell you to change your bad habits. Best of all, we don't send you a bill.
  10. Pet a Golden, 10 cents. Instead of a lemonade stand at the busy corner, I think we should just station Bella and I at the corner and let the frantic passerby give us a pet and a dime to help them calm down.
  11. The Golden Gym. Add a leash and we will help you stay in shape. Stop paying membership fees to a club you don't attend anyway, pick up a leash and you can be losing weight and feeling better in a mile or two.
  12. Golden Garden and Landscape Service: We are experts at cleaning up sticks and limbs in the yard. We are very good at digging holes to plant trees and shrubs in. We can rearrange your landscape in no time flat.

If your family tells you they can't buy you as many treats and toys as they used to, just pitch in and help out. Having trouble balancing your budget? Your best friend can help!

And you thought we were just good for fetching tennis balls?

Mogley G. Retriever

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Play date with Sassy

What a fun day we are having. My three cousins came by for a play date. Everyone was introduced to Sassy and all six of us ran out to the back yard to run and wrestle. It is a dull, overcast day, a snow storm is coming in, so the pictures of all of us running are all blurry.

Below, Sassy and Bella take a pause while playing in the snow. Bella is much taller than Sassy.

Sassy and Bella again, catching their breath while playing in the back yard.

Above, Sassy investigating the garden area yesterday while the sun was shining.
Sassy is ready to post her profile on the GRRR web site (see to begin the search for her forever home. Tomorrow we will post what she decides she wants in a new forever home. She says she is going to be picky and hold out for the perfect home. Rescue says they will help her find her perfect match as soon as she tells them what she expects. So tune in tomorrow for Sassy's wish list.
Above, Sassy shows her form as she runs to catch up with her buddies.

We wanted to show a picture of Piper because she has changed so much. Last summer and fall, Piper looked like she was almost nude, she had a thin coat and looked like she was freezing even in the summer heat. Now they have her problems under control with daily pills and an occasional shot (brrrr). Her coat has grown, especially around her legs and now she looks like a ballerina wearing a tu-tu. Below, Piper, showing her long hair on her thighs, giving her the look of a ballerina.

Mogley G. Retriever