Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Uncle Clyde

Bella had to go to the vet today to get her annual booster shots and her exam. The SUV was loaded and the human was just pulling out of the drive way when Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies (GRRR) called on his phone. They asked him to stop on his way and pick up "Clyde" who was the dog we mentioned earlier that was in the local Doggy Jail. He was ready for release from the pound and he needed a trip to the vet also.

He had been dropped in the "Night Depository" without a note, without his collar and tags, nothing. Just an older Golden Retriever, without a home. GRRR wanted him the next day, but the pound had to keep him in case someone claimed him.
When the human arrived at the pound, he was directed to a small chain link run. There was hardly room enough for the tail that was wagging vigorously, and a dog that was quivering all over with excitement to see rescue at hand. He was happy to walk on the leash out the door, and never look back. We delivered him to the vet and then waited till he had passed his physical. The vet guessed him to be 6-7 year old, we guess he is 8-9. We tried several names on him, he responded to anything you said to him. If you called him Prince, he came, same with Rover, Duke, Buddy, etc. He was given a new name, "Clyde". Duke was adopted several days ago, my three cousins (Emma, Molly and Piper) went home today, so there was room at the house for a new Foster friend.

Clyde rode in the car like someone that had ridden often. He braced himself against the seat, and enjoyed the ride. He has been on many outings with a family before he was left alone that fateful night. Once upon a time he took many trips to the mountains and picnics in the park with children that loved him and threw balls for him to chase.

Back home, we introduced him to the back yard and to the house. Clyde is a ball-aholic. He said he was ball deprived in the Doggy Jail, so he had to pick up every ball and toy he passed, carry it for a ways, then drop it to pick up the next one. As he went down the hallway, he came to the dog door, he went out, then came back in. We now know his old home had a dog door and that Clyde was free to come and go as he wished. On the way to the kitchen he met Minni Cat. He did not even slow up, he just marched on down the hallway, right past the cat, not even a hint that he might give chase.
Clyde was intrigued with the swimming pool, he laid down and spent some time watching the water. He was told "No" whenever he got too curious, so he looked like he understood. Clyde had not been here one hour when we looked up at a noise and found that Clyde was in the Koi pond. He had to be rinsed off, then toweled dry. With his heavy coat, it was a three towel dry job. Clyde has been bathed before, he loved every minute of it. Even in the dry 87 degree day, he dried slowly due to his very heavy coat. Like all new foster guests, he has Velcroed himself to the humans leg and won't let go, it will be a few days before he starts playing with Bella and I.
We know that Clyde came from a home where he was very loved part of a family, he was trained to chase balls, trained to walk on the leash, trained to behave politely towards cats and other dogs. He came from a home that cared for him, now we have to find him a new Forever Home that will keep him. From our first impression, his new home will be a home that will soon have a wonderful dog in it.

We will keep you informed on our progress as we search for a home for Uncle Clyde.

Mogley G. Retriever

Monday, June 29, 2009

Cloudy Swimming Pools

We have been having daily swims in the swimming pool. Piper, Molly and I are swim-aholics. Piper can swim as much as Pool G. Retriever. Piper gets in and will not come out until she is forced out. Since it was very warm yesterday, the resident human left her in to see how long she would stay. Piper won, after two hours he drug her out of the pool to dry off, she was trembling she was so tired.

The resident chauffeur claims we do it on purpose. When we go swimming, we immediately jump out, run down under the big trees and roll in the dirt. Then we run to the pool for a swim. The result is a very large dog shaped cloud of dirt in the pool each time we do this. Piper does not do this, she simply stays in the pool, all day long.

The human does not mind us swimming, he does get angry when we make the pool dirty by running back and forth between the dirt and the pool. My readers will understand how comfortable it is to roll in the dirt in a hot summer day, and throwing a swim into the package just makes the day extra special.

Does he really need to see the bottom of the pool? It has the same pattern on it as the rest of the pool. What is more important, a clear swimming pool or your dogs happiness? At least in the dry climate here in Denver, we dry off very quickly. A shake or two, a few minutes of toweling and we are ready to go.

Mogley G. Retriever

Sunday, June 28, 2009

An Accidental Adoption!

It has been a busy week end. On Saturday Duke went over to Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies (GRRR) to meet a possible new home. The first couple he met were looking for a companion for their 5 year old Golden. Duke was perfect, he charmed everyone. He even played with their dog, just to prove he was a good family dog. But he did not look like a Golden with his shaved hair. He lost out to a full coated Golden that was just barely one year old and was a match in looks, but younger, to their current Golden. Competing with puppy charm is hard, even for Duke. The second couple he met were afraid to adopt a dog unless their dog behaviourist approved the dog first, they did not want a clash between their older dog and a new one. So Duke came home. He decided that maybe he would unpack his bags and stay. He told us he gave this adoption thing a good try and he had decided to just stay with us forever.

We celebrated with a huge romp in the Yard. Our three cousins are staying with us for a few days, their humans are off on a trip somewhere. So there are six of us to play all day. What a romp we had, all day long.
Then on Sunday Duke was invited to go along on a home visitation/inspection. Kris does home inspections on the East side of town, and she needed a well mannered Golden to go along with her to make sure the house was worthy of a Golden Retriever. Duke thought it sounded like fun, better than napping all afternoon. He arrived at the new home and decided that it looked like a place he could enjoy. It was indeed worthy of a Golden. Several children immediately started making over him, playing with him and making him feel at home. The other resident Golden was even fun to play with and made Duke feel welcome as well. Kris explained to Duke that a home visit was just a home visit, they could not adopt him.

Kris called us later to explain that if she had taken Duke away she would have broken 5 hearts, Duke's and four humans. Duke sent his regards and told us that we can give his food bowl to someone else, he has a wonderful new one, and dog toys galore.

Don't you love it when a story has a happy ending?

Mogley G. Retriever

Friday, June 26, 2009

Good news, bad news.

We have an appointment for Duke to meet a prospective new home on Saturday morning. We know the prospective home is a former Golden owner, they lost their Golden and are seeking to find love again. We know they will be a good home. We will see if Duke likes them and if he wants to move in with them. He says he expects a nice soft bed. He likes a dog door, but if he does not have a dog door, then he gets to be waited on. Think about it. If you have your own dog door, the people expect you to come and go on your own. If you don't have a dog door, they get up and let you in and out. They have to wait on you. So dog doors are a mixed blessing according to Duke.

The bad news is that we had an emergency call to pick up an abandoned Golden at the local municipal pound. The pound has pens for night drop off of abandoned pets. This morning the cages had two St. Bernard's, two Labs, two Chihuahua mixes, and an old Golden boy. Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies (GRRR) called, they wanted us to get the Golden boy out of there immediately. They have holds on any Golden that shows up at a shelter, and an older Golden deserves to have a home, not a chain link run with a concrete bed. In this case, the paper work was not ready so we will pick him up as soon as the shelter will allow. Since the person leaving him did not leave any paper work, the shelter will keep him for a few days to make sure he really is abandoned and not some neighbors sick practical joke.

But this raises the question of why will people abandon their family pets in such a casual manner? Not one, but seven different dogs in one night alone. It turns out this is not unusual. All of the local municipal shelters have night drop off crates or pens. All of them find they are used regularly by people that want to "abandon and run". If they bring the pet in during the day, paper work can be done, a history can be taken, and the pet can be re homed immediately. By abandoning them so casually in the dark of night, the rules are the same with a stray dog picked up on the street, they have to hold them to give the owners a chance to claim them in case the owner did not abandon them.

So what is wrong with this picture? What is wrong with our attitude to our pets, what happened to that dog-human bond we hear so much about? It appears it is too often a one way street. Pushing your 10 year old Golden into a crate on a street corner at midnight is hardly the way a responsible owner should treat such a friend.

This is the new and modern way to end a friendship. Push your family friend of 10 years into a crate on a lonely street corner at midnight, then drive away, leaving no trace. Don't even leave him with his collar and tags, someone might trace him.

Ten years of devotion, gone in a moment. Those walks in the parks, those days of chasing balls on green grass, those evenings laying at your feet and looking at you with the devotion dogs have for their masters, all gone. Only memories, only memories.

Those of us that have warm homes and loving humans can not even imagine how anyone could do such a thing. But we learn that it is very common. Cross your paws for those poor abandoned pets. Ask your human to help, volunteer to help a local rescue. These lonely dogs deserve your help.

Mogley G. Retriever

p.s. The St. Bernard rescue will probably pick up the Saints, they work very hard. The Lab rescue is overflowing and it can not handle all of the abandoned Lab's that are currently in the shelters and pounds so the two labs will likely not get out soon and will join many more that are already in shelters everywhere. There is a downside to being the most popular breed of dogs, the price is paid by the individual Lab's that will never find a home. The small dog rescue has been contacted for their two. The GRRR organization keeps up but only by asking its members and volunteers to do more and more. We will look at the Labs and try to help them also. We keep adding more "Honorary Golden's" to our system. That is why we keep reminding you to volunteer, a dogs life does hang in the balance.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Duke Update

We have not blogged for a few days. Duke did not want me to talk about his latest episode. Duke was feeling pretty low. On Sunday we took him over to Golden Retriever Rescue to meet with a prospective new home. He had two competitors, two other Golden's were there to meet with the folks as well. Brock was a funny looking young Golden male, he had been given a "lion" shave, he had been clipped except for his "mane".

Duke had a fun time going for a walk with a very nice couple. They told him they had a dog door so that Duke could feel free to come and go. They petted him and made over him a lot. They had an older Golden and they were looking for a friend that would keep her company during the day. Everything was great until they went into the big play pen area.

Two other possible Golden's went into the play pen so that they could see who would best play and bond with their older lady. Duke says he was not told the rules, he spent his time paying attention to the humans, making himself a lovable devoted Golden. But Brock cheated. Brock spent his time buttering up the Golden girl.

In the end, the couple took Brock, they felt Brock was going to make a better companion for their old friend. Duke was heart broken, he was all ready to take a ride to his new home.

But today he feels better. Several people have asked to see him and the rescue is trying to set up appointments for this week end. This time he will ask what the rules are so that he can improve his chances.

Mogley G. Retriever

Friday, June 19, 2009

Pool G. Retriever

A new foster, Pool G. Retriever, arrived at our house today. He was locked in a shed all winter long, when they found him they threw him directly in the pool. I tried to get acquainted with him but he would not come out to play. The humans will not allow me to jump in the pool, they want me to walk in down the steps, they have a fence on the steps, that keeps me from swimming all day every day. I expect to play with Pool G. Retriever later today when it gets warmer. He may not be much fun to play with, but boy can he swim!
Below is a photo of Duke, our current foster from Golden Retriever Rescue. Duke is very afraid of cameras and he runs when he sees one. It is very hard to get a photo of him. Yes, he has been shaved, his coat was terribly matted. A "before shave" photo is posted with his profile on the web site. He is ready for his new home, ask to see Duke when you visit http://www.goldenrescue.com/.

Below is an updated photo of Bella. She says she does not get mentioned on the blog often enough. This is a good photo of the queen of the house.

We may get to go run in the mountains this week end. That is lots of fun, but it really wears us out. Have a happy week end.

Mogley G. Retriever

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Letter from Maggie

I just received a letter from Maggie, one of our foster friends who has moved on to a wonderful forever home.

Hi Mogely!!
Gotta tell ya about my great, great new life. After several trips to the vet, my anal glands were infected, a stomach infection and of course the golden retriever ear problem, I'm really starting to believe this is my forever home. The doc says I have "swim feet" and when I run or walk I look like I'm swimming. I drag my feet and my cuticles bleed. But guess what? My pack leaders bought me some Ruffwear boots the kind with rubber soles (and socks) and I walk 5 miles a day in them. They have made all the difference. We want to go hiking and I have my own backpack and am in training for our summer hikes. I am also going to a basic obedience school in July as I don't really have the sit stay or wait commands down yet. But I love learning new things and am so excited to start. And I finally figured out what the big basket of stuffed babies was all about! Why, when you take them all out and strew them around the house, you can have a baby to shake anytime you want!

I have a kennel, but I only go in it when my pack has to leave me for a while. I never have to stay in it longer than 5 hours and only two times a week. But it's ok. It's very snuggly, has a kong ball with treats and a fan that keeps me cool. Because I'm an indoor dog now, I have lost a lost of my fluffy coat and even go to a doggie spa for my baths. I have managed to lose 3 lbs from our twice daily walks although it's really hard to lose weight! My dad built me some non-slip steps so I can climb up to the bed to sleep at night. At first, I wasn't sure about sleeping with my new pack. But now I know it's where I belong and I have stopped my "panic panting." It's been quite a transition from my old life to this one. So many things had to be perfect for me to find my pack. Had I not been with your pack my pack wouldn't have found me. I'll send pictures soon. I'd love for you to see me in my boots and backpack. I look so great and feel great too.

Maggie AKA MagsZ (my hip-hop name)


Just a short note to follow up on Jenny. When we were at Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies (GRRR) on Sunday, 11 year old Jenny arrived from Steamboat Springs, CO. Jenny was terribly underweight, she made anorexic look good. When we tried to feed her she would not eat, she would drink water but not take food. We tried treats and she turned those down as well.

She made a trip to the GRRR vet for a physical. She has large tumors on her throat, on her thyroid. Cells were taken to determine the type of tumors she has. Her weight problem is likely hyperthyroid, caused by the tumors. Today she will visit a specialist to see what can be done and if the tumors can be removed. Her ears were a mess and were cleaned, and she had a nice warm bath.

Meanwhile her foster mom is committed to spoiling her rotten. Jenny will have lots of love and attention, plus a warm home and a soft bed while she waits for the diagnosis. Jenny has touched everyone she has met, she is gaining a huge fan club. Keep your paws crossed for Jenny.

Jenny is an example of what is happening in the rescue arena. More people are surrendering their much loved pets when faced with major veterinarian bills. Meanwhile rescues are under pressure to provide more medical care in a time of shrinking donations. At the current rate, Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies (GRRR) will likely re-home over 400 this year. More of these have medical problems, more of them need extended foster care to recover before they are ready for new homes. Thanks to all of our donors and our volunteer staff, we are still providing homes and medical care to all Golden's, and many others through our "Honorary Golden" program. Our goal is to prevent any Golden, such as Jenny, from having to sleep on concrete or see the world through chain link. If you can help with a donation, visit www.goldenrescue.com and leave a tax deductible donation on-line. If you can take in a foster, help transport or even just help walk dogs or clean kennels, contact your local rescue organization, they need your help. Volunteering does not cost you anything, but it makes a huge difference in a Golden life.

Mogley G. Retriever

Monday, June 15, 2009

A foster story.

Our foster visitor, Duke, is a water dog. We did not know it, we thought he did not like the water. Last week end at our swim party he would not get in the water beyond his ankles. Today the humans were feeding the fish in the Koi pond. Duke smelled the food, then saw that the water was covered with it. He jumped in and managed to grab a few bites before he was ordered out of the pond. It should be an interesting night. He smells like fish, there is no time to give him a bath. He sleeps beside the bed. At least we won't have to smell the cats all night, their breath smells like fish anyway. It is cool at night so we sleep with the windows open which should help a lot.

Duke is a hand hog, he thinks that if a human hand is not petting him, then it is a wasted hand. He needs a home with a lot of hands, he can keep them all busy. We still have no home for Duke yet, we are holding out for a special home. It needs to be an active home, Duke is a well mannered but tightly wound spring. We go outside and run often just to run and enjoy being young. Duke would be so easy to train, he would make a wonderful forever friend.

When we turned Daisy over to her new forever home, we forgot to mention a few requirements for her new home. Daisy likes a soft dog bed, so be sure she has a large one. She will need one in the family room for daytime use and one in the bedroom for night. We all get tummy rubs, ear scratches, cheek and chin rubs twice a day if we are good, luckily, some days the human has a short memory. We also get peanut butter twice a day. I have to have pills twice a day which I get on the end of a finger with a dab of peanut butter. We can not discriminate, so everyone gets a peanut butter treat twice a day. It is part of our "sit/stay" training.

Thanks to everyone who helped make it a successful weekend for adoptions. We are still overflowing, if you can volunteer with us, or with your local rescue group, they need your help. Near you there is a rescue with wonderful dogs sleeping alone on concrete, one call from you will help them find temporary and permanent homes.

One of the most heart warming stories is about the five "Honorary Golden's" GRRR took in. Five black lab puppy's, 24 days old were orphaned. The shelter did not have time to call around to all the possible rescue organizations, there were five hungry babies in immediate need, they called Golden Retriever Rescue knowing someone would be there fast. Our puppy team jumped to the task, took them in and is hand raising them. Thanks, for all you do.

Mogley G. Retriever

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Daisy's new home

Below is one last picture of Daisy playing with her rubber duck. She wants people to realise that she is a real Golden Retriever, ready to fetch ducks at the drop of a Milk Biscuit.

We loaded up Daisy and Heidi this morning and headed to the kennels that Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies (GRRR) calls home. Heidi had been staying with another foster family nearby. Heidi had been at our swim party the week before, but she did not swim, she only waded in the water.

First came an appointment to introduce Heidi to a gentleman who had driven over the mountains from Glenn Wood Springs. He made the long trip just to meet Heidi, the trip was worth it. In minutes Heidi had made her wishes known and she was ready to make the trek back to her new home. The paper work was done and Heidi was in the back seat of the crew cab pickup, ready to go home.

The second meeting was with another couple that had driven several hundred miles to meet with Daisy. Golden Retriever Rescue does not hold dogs for people, if you want to adopt one, then you need to just do it. But they lived so far away, an exception was made so that the drive would not be in vain. Besides, they agreed to transport Jenny over the Continental Divide to deliver a needy dog to GRRR.

Below, Daisy hides my favorite toys from me.

When the new girl, Jenny, jumped out of the car at the GRRR kennels, we were shocked. Jenny is 11 years old and very skinny. Skinny is not the word for it, she looked like a caricature of a starving dog. Her hip bones sticking up were the highest things on her body. Her ribs were clearly visible. We offered her food, she did not want to eat. We offered her treats, she turned them down. Her next stop is the vet's office. We thank them for transporting her to the rescue, now we have to rescue her from whatever is wrong. That is what GRRR does!

Then they met Daisy. It was love at first pet. Daisy crawled into a lap and made herself at home. They looked at two other dogs, but none could compare to Daisy. Daisy headed back to Craig, Colorado. She will have a wonderful life in the wide open spaces and under the clear blue sky of the Colorado Western Slope.

Below, I inspect the damage Daisy did to two of my favorite toys.

Duke is still with us. He is not sure he wants to find a new home, he is settling in quite well. He still runs when he sees a camera, but in all other ways he is a wonderful foster brother. Still, we do need to get busy finding him a new home now that Daisy is on her way. We may update Duke's profile on the web. He is a much more responsive dog than we first thought. He listens and carries out commands after only one or two repetitions. He is setting a bad example for the rest of us.

Mogley G. Retriever

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Daisy and Duke

It is time to start interviewing for forever homes for Duke and Daisy. Daisy did not win her job as theater mascot. Another Golden Lady won the job and will have a very happy life being the mascot behind the scenes. We will tell more when we get the rest of the story on that adoption.

We do have several people that have expressed interest in both Duke and Daisy, so we are waiting for the rescue staff to schedule some visits to see if they are compatible.

Duke is such a sweet boy, he is a snuggler and he obeys very well. I will be glad to see him go, he keeps competing with me for attention. If I leave my place beside the rocking chair, he moves in immediately. The humans say he can be trained entirely by voice, no treats needed. A slight change in voice tone and he snaps to attention. He is really tuned into humans, he will be easy to move into a forever home, and he deserves a home where they understand that he is very sensitive. If they ever yell at him he will probably faint. He is forever happy, he loves life and he loves people. He is very well behaved, he does not jump on visitors, he sets a bad example for Bella and I, we love to give people a "Golden Welcome" at the door. The humans keep telling us to pay attention to how well behaved Duke and Daisy are, they want us to follow their example. When they leave, life will be easier for Bella and I.

Daisy is a love bug, she just hangs out looking for attention. She is sweet, well behaved and very easy to teach and very calm. No jumping on visitors, no pushing and shoving. Her bark is muted, and she does not bark often. She sleeps beside the bed, in my favorite spot.

We will be taking them both to meet prospective new families later this week. The Golden Retriever Rescue placement team has checked out the families, inspected their homes, checked references and determined that they are worthy of such wonderful friends as Daisy or Duke.

People ask us how we can be foster parents and give these wonderful Golden's up when it is time to move them on to a forever home. Being foster parents is easy. Giving up friends such as Daisy and Duke is the difficult part. It takes time to learn about them so that the new owners will know who they are adopting, but that same time is spent making them a part of our family. Wish us luck and wish Daisy and Duke a happy life in their new homes. We will keep everyone informed.

Mogley G. Retriever

Sunday, June 7, 2009

A huge swim party

Several of our Golden friends from rescue came over and we had a huge swimming party. Swimming with the pups. We had 11 dogs, but only about 8 of them liked to swim. Several just waded on the top step of the pool.

Above, Mayhem was elected king, long may he rule! Daisy is on the far left, she is not to sure about swimming yet.

Above, I am on the left, with two friends playing fetch and racing back to deliver the balls so they can be thrown again.

Below I am on the left in a race to catch the tennis balls.

The party was cut short by a large black cloud with thunder in it. We all dried off and went inside before the hail struck and the rain started.

Now you know why I like summer.

Mogley G. Retriever

Saturday News

Saturday was a wonderful day. A fantastic day. A unbelievable day.

The resident humans opened the swimming pool for the first time this season. They opened up the gate, threw in several tennis balls and it was "Game On". They only let me swim for a short time, they said I would tire myself out too much. Still it is nice that we are back in the good times. The have invited several other Golden Retriever Rescue families over to swim with their dogs on Sunday. We should have a good time.

Daisy has not heard if she is going to become a theater dog. The theater had several productions this week end and the manager was so busy that they had not wanted to reply till Monday. So we have our paws crossed. Daisy thinks she will be a good understudy for Lassie or Toto, which ever play they chose to put on. Maybe they will do a stage version of Marley and Me, then she can act normal. Although I would do better in the lead role in that play. Daisy is too prime and proper.

Mogley G. Retriever

Friday, June 5, 2009

Daisy Meets possible home

Thursday we took Daisy to meet a possible new home. Who ever gets this home will be in dog heaven. The person is looking for a Golden that can go to work with her every day. She manages a local theater and needs a Golden to nap under her desk, meet the performers back stage and be a theater mascot. The dog will be responsible for meeting people and giving them a chance to pet a dog if they need to relax and calm their frayed nerves. Several Goldens from the rescue are being interviewed for this position. We hope that Daisy makes the short list. She says she can see herself letting people pet her all day long if that is what it takes. It's a tough job, but some dog has to do it.

Mogley G. Retriever