Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

The one who is Paw Challenged is in a quandary.   His flag pole was bent over and broken in a huge wind last winter.   He used the remainder of the pole to put his weather station on, the whirling thing is on top along with the pointing thing.    They sure do catch a lot of wind up there.

But that leaves no place for the flag.  He has been looking for a new flag pole but does not have one yet, he wanted an extra strong one, but it has to be tall because he has a big flag.   So today he has to be content with a little flag on a pole over the garage.    He says that is not nearly big enough for all the memories.     The Thundering Herd has a good blog today, go visit them at

We heard from Ruby and Daisy.   We hope they will keep us informed.   Ruby is settling in and learning the new home.   Ruby is accepting lots of attention, and she is eating well.    She has found a new "safe place" and is ready to enjoy her new life.   We hope they get that wading pool set up soon, Ruby needs the challenge.  Daisy says that the dog to hand ratio is much better, she does not have to stand in line for attention.   All is well.

We have also heard from Star.   She is getting lots of attention.   She sends her best wishes to all of the Rescue dogs and friends.  She said she had some thunder anxiety when a big storm went by on the first night she was in her new home.   She did not feel comfortable yet, but her human helped her feel secure.   She is doing fine now. 

Here on the home front, the bi-ped is ready to open the swimming pool, it may get open today, he does need some help with the cover so we asked someone to stop by and help.   We peeked under the cover yesterday and the water was clear, cool but clear.    We are ready to go swimming and invite all of our friends over.  

Mogley G. Retriever

Saturday, May 29, 2010

New Forever Homes

We have good news and bad news for you today.   Saturday a long time friend of Golden Retriever Rescue came up from Albuquerque, New Mexico just to meet Abby, Daisy and Ruby.   She brought her two friends along, senior German Shepherd Lesse, and  5 year old Golden Angus, to make sure that everyone could play together nice.   Their chauffeur was in a terrible position, there was Abby, the worlds greatest lover, ball fetcher and squirrel chaser,  competing against Daisy, the worlds greatest snuggler and all around lovable lady.   Then they both had to compete with Ruby with her puppy good looks, charm and her demure presence. 

It took a long time, with 10 dogs in the yard,  for calm to arrive so that everyone could get acquainted.   They did lock us up so that the visitors could meet the fosters one on one and give them a chance to settle down and play.    Everyone played well, everyone impressed the visitors.  But not everyone could go to New Mexico and start a new life.  

In the end it was a difficult choice.  Ruby needed a fresh start, and Daisy would give her some comfort in her life journey ahead and help her transition.  Daisy was a cuddle hound and a ball hound as well.  Ruby and Daisy it was.   Abby tried to hide her disappointment by chasing a squirrel up the apple trees.  

We think they have a pawsome new forever home.   We wish them well and we hope to hear from them when they are settled down.   There will be four friends to share a home and a yard.   The summers may be hot but they have air conditioning, the winters will be mild, you can play outside all year round.    Plus they promised a kiddie wading pool on the grass for those really hot days. 

Meanwhile the resident bi-ped did something totally unexpected.    He thought about Abby and her needs, then he came to a conclusion.  He wrote Golden Retriever Rescue that when it comes to Forever Homes, No Squirrels, No Abby!   Abby is so into her squirrel chasing that it would be a terrible thing to send her to a Forever Home without a few trees and a squirrel.   Abby is 8 years old, she should get seniority when it comes to choosing her home, and she chooses squirrels.  A dog door should be part of the package as well, what good is a squirrel in a tree if you can't get outside to chase them?

Since it is hard to find home for an older dog anyway, now that we have put restrictions and requirements on her home, it will be very hard to find her perfect home.    Please, everyone, give us some help.   Spread the word that if you have squirrels, you need Abby!

We may have an official retirement ceremony later this evening, we may retire Ruby and Daisy's food bowls.   I am sure there is some type of ceremony that would be appropriate to celebrate an occasion such as this and to wish them well in their future life.   At the very least, their food bowls will make a trip through the dish washer in preparation for the next rescue foster.    When you work in rescue, you are never done, you may find a home and rescue a dog in need, then place them in the best Forever Home, but there is always another homeless dog in need of a friend and a home.   That is why we do what we do!

Mogley G. Retriever

Friday, May 28, 2010

From Crate to Comfort!

We just wanted to share one of our photos of Ruby.    The puppy mill escapee has found a new life, no more hard crate floors for her to sleep on now, she has discovered comfort.   We put Ruby up on the web site last night.   She is very well socialized with dogs, but with 5 to 8 dogs here, it is hard to work with her enough to keep her training moving forward.   She knows how to be a dog, now it is time to teach her how to live with humans.  It is time to send her to a forever home.    If you are looking for a diamond in the rough, this is the lady for you.   She is ready to join a new home, learn new things and  be a perfect companion to some very lucky person.    We will be screening applicants very closely, Ruby has high standards for her Forever Home.  

Mogley G. Retriever

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Company arrives:

The question of the day is:  What is the sound of 8 dogs romping?

Our cousins are having some concrete poured for a patio in their back yard, so Emma, Molly and Piper will be staying with us for a few days until it sets up enough to be dog proof.    This  means that there are 8 Golden's in our house right now.    Myself (Mogley, author of this blog and all around good dog), Bella, Abby, Daisy and Ruby, now we have Emma, Molly and Piper to romp with.    

Ruby has found a new way to keep the bi-peds busy.   She has a "no dry towel" policy in place.    She discovered the fish pond.   She was in it four times yesterday, and twice already this morning.   The bi-peds try and dry her off before she comes back in, that takes a lot of towels.     Ruby has learned that being toweled off is a good thing.    Now the bi-peds are back to looking at the fence around the Koi pond and they are trying to figure out how to dog proof the fence.   

Ruby is getting socialised at warp speed.  She is having a good time now that she has new friends to play with, there is always someone that wants to run.   It will help her speed her journey to being a perfect Golden Retriever.  

We were all set for the grand opening of the swimming pool for the year, but with all 8 dogs to watch the bi-ped chickened out.   The pool will remain covered until the back yard quiets down a little. 

We will try and have some photos up later so you can enjoy the sight of 8 dogs romping.

Mogley G. Retriever

Monday, May 24, 2010

A Forever Home for Star:

Today Star found her Forever Home.   We are so happy for her, we think she and her human will be a good match.    When the human arrived at the door, Star was the one that claimed her, forcing Daisy away.   Daisy said she did not care, she has a home and she is not interested in moving any time soon.

Star greeted her new bi-ped with lots of talking.  Star is a great talker, she is a very vocal dog.  Not a barker, just a talker.   She has carefully selected her new home, no sharing of hands, she can get all the attention anyone can give her.    No sharing of her bed, she has a brand new one all to herself.  No worries about someone trying to help her eat, she gets a bowl and all the time in the world to finish her dinner.  Star wanted to be an only dog, she was a lover and she did not want to share.    She was a great fetch dog, she took five tennis balls home so she is in no danger of running out.

Being an only dog does not mean Star will be out of touch, she plans on attending all of the Golden Retriever events.  She will be at all of the picnics, the swim parties and the dog romps.   We look forward to seeing them at the reunions and playing again.   Have a wonderful life Star, and give your human a lick from us. 

Mogley G. Retriever

Busted, Forever homes and clarification

Above, Star shows her stuff for a visitor.

Busted!   That mystery has been solved.  All day Sunday there were three very gassy dogs in the house.   Luckily for the bi-peds, it was a warm day and all the windows could be left open.   Earlier in the day some overripe bananas had been left out and everyone got a few bites.  The bi-peds were blaming the bananas for the gas and upset stomachs.   This morning they found Bella crawling under the car in the garage and licking her lips.  When they backed one of the cars out they found an empty cat food bag under the rear bumper.   Someone had unloaded a bag of cat food and not put it up on the shelf.   That explains the upset stomachs, diarrhea  and the gas storm we had yesterday.

Sunday a very nice lady came by to meet Star and Daisy.   She was looking for a good companion and a Golden Friend.  She met both Star and Daisy, took them for a walk, and threw balls for them to fetch.  But Daisy was feeling so bloated and down yesterday that she decided not to chose as she wondered what Daisy would be like when she was feeling better.  We had blamed it on the bananas, but now they know it was the cat food.  Daisy is very good at snooping in the garage and was probably the first one to find the bag of food.     The lady is coming by again today to meet with Star and Daisy to take one of them to a new Forever Home.    

Yesterday's blog welcomed Ruby to the pack and the world of Golden Retrievers.   One of our readers thought that Ruby had been adopted.    She is still a foster, still in need of a permanent Forever home.   It is our job to teach her how to be a dog, to bring her out from the cages and terror of the puppy mill.  We are helping her find "The inner Golden Retriever", and help her find her true nature.  With her progress we welcomed her to the pack, she finally is running and playing with us.   So wish her well and we will keep you informed of her progress.   The Paw Challenged one thinks Ruby has crossed an important threshold.   Now that she will accept treats by hand, she can be rewarded for good behaviour, now the training can begin.  Poor lady.   I hope they don't make her work like they do me, fetch this, Mogley, fetch that.   Being an adult "trained" dog has its drawbacks.   Hang on to your freedom as long as you can Ruby.  Make them toss treats to you, pretend you don't understand. 

The lady visiting Daisy and Star also spent some time petting Ruby, it was important that Ruby learn to accept strangers as friends.   We had wondered if she would relax around all humans, she did.  She was curious and willing to allow strangers to pet her as well. 

Star and Daisy are both feeling well this morning, so the competition for a new Forever Home will be stiff today.   The lady combed both of them, petted them, walked them, played with them and made friends with both.   Now comes the hard part, choosing.    It will be hard, both Daisy and Star are lovers and very mellow Lady's.   They are so much alike in disposition that without looking at their coat color, they could be twins.    We will keep you informed. 

Mogley G. Retriever

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Ruby, a dog comes alive!

If you have been reading this blog you know about little Ruby, our refuge from a puppy farm.   She arrived skinny, scared and afraid of humans and dogs alike.   Nothing about life is good when you have spent it in a tiny cage, paws deep in urine and feces to the point that your red paws are bleached white.   Nothing is good in life when you have been starved and mistreated.   You find a place to hide, you run from food, you run from people and you run from other dogs.  
Below, Ruby peers out from behind the protection of Bella.   When you are a tiny, scared girl, the world looks a lot safer when you hide behind the big Alpha female of the pack. 
Guess what?   Meet Ruby, our newest pack member.  We placed her front paws on  a copy of the Golden Retriever National Registry and we swore her in as a genuine loving, friendly and playful Golden Retriever.    World, meet Ruby G. Retriever.
She may not be all the way there yet, there is much work to be done, but she sure is making strides.    Welcome to the world of loving Golden Retrievers Ruby, we are all pulling for you.

Above, Ruby coming out the door with Star in the background.
Below, Ruby playing with her first duck.   If any of you had any doubts about her you need to know that she has been in the fish pond the last two out of three days.  Yes, she is going to be a great retriever!
Mogley G. Retriever

Friday, May 21, 2010

A video to watch, enjoy!

Hamish & Rescue Sophie & their Mom & Dad, Sheila & Bob sent this to us, they said they don't mind us sharing it on the web. 

The Southern Golden Retriever Display Team CRUFTS 2010

We found it great fun to watch.   Just don't expect us to join in the drill.
That looks like work to me, we may be a "working breed", but not when it comes to real work.

Mogley G. Retriever

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Dogs in motion.

We just overheard TWAPC (Those Who Are Paw Challenged) making a date for someone to come see Daisy.   Star is going to drop by for a visit as she is also in consideration for the one opening for a forever home.  Sugar may be by as well.  The home sounds like a good one, a retired person is looking for a companion to keep her company.   Low to medium activity level, with lots of attention.   Daisy is ready for a home where she does not have to compete for attention with four other Golden heads.   Because of a low fence, most of the larger and more active Golden's would be at risk for wandering when left alone, a 3 foot fence would not even slow Abby up.    I could clear it without raising my feet off the ground.    So the search is limited to older, mellow dogs.   We will keep you informed.  

Last evening TWAPC was called on to help with a transport.   Two 8 year old male Golden's, Spirit and Freedom,  had be picked up on our side of town and taken to their temporary rescue home near Golden.     Freedom had learned to dig and escape, and Spirit was willing to follow.  They had been rescued from a very busy street where their lives were at risk.   Because they lived on a busy street and they had no way to block access to the long fence (community covenants, etc.), Spirit and Freedom had to be taken to rescue.   They had tried to block access and fill holes, but it is a losing battle once a determined Golden learns a new trick.  It is very sad to have to remove wonderful dogs from their home,  the humans are sad, and we are sad.   Tears are always part of a surrender of two loved friends.  The chauffeur said that the two of them rode quietly in the back of the SUV, curling up together to keep each other company.  Spirit and Freedom will be fostered in a home with a strong fence. 

We will hope for someone who is home all day to keep them occupied, otherwise they may need to be confined when left alone.   You know the old saying, "Idle Paws are the Devils Playground".   These two have been together all their lives and they would love to stay together.    If you have room in your heart and home, give these two well mannered boys a chance.   GRRR needs a foster home and a Forever Home for these two beautiful Golden red boys.    Take it from us, they are sweethearts. 

Mogley G. Retriever

We lost a friend

Tuesday afternoon when our neighbor across the street came home from work, he found his 12 year old yellow Lab, Thor, on the floor, unable to get up.  He called our bi-ped for help and together they lifted Thor into the SUV for a fast trip to the emergency vet.   Thor was not able to stand or move, but his tail still wagged and he managed to lick a helping hand.   Thor's dog door was like ours, you go into the garage first, then across the garage into the side yard, then the back yard.  The first fear was that Thor had found something in the garage that poisoned him, there were lots of chemicals in a garage where they were restoring cars and motorcycles. 

Later in the evening a call came in, Thor had suffered renal failure, no outside issues were found, no poisoning.  There was nothing to be done for him at that point except stroke his head and tell him "Thanks for many years of faithful companionship".

Thor was a character in the neighborhood, he somehow  managed to sneak out regularly and visit his friends.  The human children in his house were bad about closing the gate securely and Thor would be wandering again, or the garage door would close too slowly and Thor would be hiding behind the trees before he could be spotted.  We frequently found him sitting on our front porch, waiting for us to notice him so we could go across the street and unlock the door for him to go home.  Only last week, the mail man rang the door bell to tell us that Thor was sitting on his own porch, wanting back inside. 

Thor will be missed by his family, they will have a big hole in their hearts to fill.

Mogley G. Retriever

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Happy Puppy Day!

Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies, GRRR, has so many great volunteers.    When one of the local shelters had an emergency, GRRR was the rescue that stepped forward, or should we say that one of our foster mom's stepped forward to take in a homeless mom and her babies.  Here is Macy's story.

Macy had a sad story of being dropped off in a night box at a shelter – prego. She whelped at the shelter.  There are six babies.  Four girls (including the yellow) and 2 boys. Macy is finally gaining some weight – she was emaciated so we picked up some high calorie puppy food and her bowl is always filled immediately after she empties it. She would not walk when our transport team delivered them to the designated puppy mom.  Macy was deathly afraid, so they had to carry her in. What a change 10 days makes. She is now taking breaks and coming up into the general population of resident Goldens. I can tell she is happy now as when she wags her tail, her whole body wiggles.

They estimated Macy to be around 11 months old and the pups were born on April 29, so they are 19 days old today. Eyes are open and they are just starting to really focus.

Safe Harbor Lab Rescue will be putting the puppys and Macy up for adoption.  GRRR is just lending a hand as Safe Harbor Lab Rescue was overflowing at the time.  SHLR is not going to put them on their website until they are about 4 – 6 weeks.   So watch for these puppies to show up once our team has prepared them for life on their own. 

A special thanks to our puppy volunteer.   We have had so many puppy rescues and it seems that when one batch of puppies leaves, another one comes in.   Anyone that can care for so many puppies and homeless moms is serving above and beyond the call of duty.   It is also great that the rescues can work together so well for everyone's benefit. 

Don't you just love a puppy story with a happy ending?

Mogley G. Retriever

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ruby, an A+ student.

Ruby is here to learn how to be a dog.  As an alumni of a puppy mill, she did not have the opportunity to learn how to play and relate to other dogs.   Her visit here will last until she learns how to follow The Golden Way.   Based on her first day back, she may be gone before we even get used to her.    She is learning fast.   Her temporary home worked hard with her and it shows.  She is very different than she was when she came to us from the puppy mill.  

The resident bi-ped sent me this to include:  This morning when I blindly reached out to pet heads, they line up just when the alarm goes off, I patted Mogley, then Bella, then Daisy, then a head that felt different, it was Ruby. She saw the line of dogs waiting for their morning head pats and she fell in line and got her share of attention. She pushed her way in between Daisy and Abby. When she left here a week ago, that behavior was unthinkable. This morning she ate her breakfast in line with the pack. They line up for food, each sitting at his place. Ruby just joined the line. I set her bowl down and she ate. Always before she was afraid of food if another dog or a person was around, we had to feed her in her crate.  At the puppy mill, food always meant a fight over it would break out, so most mill dogs are afraid of food.  Our thanks go out to her temporary home, they spent a lot of time with her and they made very good progress in teaching her to look at bi-peds as friends. 

Ruby did find the water today, she will be a water dog for sure.   Keeping her dry will be a big task once the swimming pool opens.   Keeping her dry now is not easy.  She tried the little puddle of water on top of the pool cover, then she tried the fish pond.   In between times she chased the squirrel with Abby, although Abby was heads up watching the squirrel, Ruby was just following Abby and taking notes.   Ruby chased her first tennis ball today, she caught it, but then did not know she was supposed to return it.  Daisy picked it up and brought it back, but Ruby was not watching.  She is very afraid of treats, when it is treat time and we all sit in a row to get our snacks, she runs and hides.  She has not used the dog door yet, but it will only be a matter of time.  Abby and Daisy, you have more teaching to do, your work is not yet done.  

Yes, we know the photo of Ruby, below, is blurry.   You try to catch her and take a still photo of her!

Mogley G. Retriever

Monday, May 17, 2010

Spring Fling and Dog Romp!

TWAPW (Those Who Are Paw Challenged), did not call it a Dog Romp, that is my term.  They called it a Spring Fling, Cinco De Mayo party.  That is why we had a best decorated sombrero contest and tacos for lunch.    It was only 70 degrees, but I still got hot, that is why I am in the wading pool. 

Yes, those are horses behind the fence, we all got to go sniff the horses, some of the more impolite visitors even barked at them.   Since the horses were letting us use their field for the day, it was very bad manners to bark at the hosts.
Anywhere there is a field, there is soft dirt and easy digging, who knows where they buried that pot of gold?   There is a rule you know, white dogs always have to dig in the mud.  

Below, the line up of winners for the best decorated sombrero contest.   Yes, that is our very own Abby on the left with the green scarf on.   Abby and Mary took 4th place in the contest.  The green scarf said "Adopt Me".   Abby was to busy to stop and talk to any possible new families, she had tennis balls to fetch.   There were people who were designated to spend the day throwing tennis balls to keep us out of the food tent, Abby was not going to waste an opportunity like that!   Tennis balls everywhere.
The party was so much fun that even people that don't have Golden Retrievers will be adopting one so they can attend our next event!  One person said they were going to spray paint their Dalmatian so they can attend the party next time.   As you can see, we did have some "Honorary Golden Retrievers" in attendance.    Two Basset Hounds attended and won the contest for "Best Low Rider".   Thanks a lot to the volunteers that put the event together and a double thanks to our hosts who donated their pasture for us to tear up.  

We measure a good time by how tired we are, all four of us slept all the way home, we slept the rest of the afternoon, and after dinner we went to sleep again until this morning.   It was a very good party!

Mogley G. Retriever

Good news, Bad news, and Ruby comes home.

The good news is that we had a fantastic party on Sunday.    About 100 Goldens came, some brought their bi-peds with them, and we all had a wild time.   The Golden Retriever Spring Fling and Dog Romp was a total success.   I will post more about the party and everything that took place later.    I wanted to put some photos up but when it came time to download them we discovered we did not have the correct cable for the camera.   So our cousins will drop the right one by and we will get the photos up.   I spent the day running after tennis balls, they finally put a leash on me as they were sure I was going to hurt myself if I did not rest.   Abby ran, fetched, ran, fetched, and ran some more.   Abby entered the Best Sombrero Contest, along with Mary from the rescue, they placed fourth with a borrowed sombrero.   Daisy stayed near the food tent, with equal time in the big tent where she was the object of attention and affection.   Daisy said there was food enough spilled that she got full.   Daisy had more attention in one day than she has had in her whole life.  She would lean on someone and they would pet her, when they slowed their petting, she would go lean on the next person.   Daisy had a wonderful day.   Several people met her that may want to add a Golden Friend to their home.  

The bad news is that Ruby came back this afternoon.   Ruby was our foster from the puppy mill.  She was so scared and timid that the rescue felt it would be best to foster her at a home with several well adjusted Goldens so she could learn about The Golden Way.   When we took her to the vet because of her heavy coughing, we were afraid she had kennel cough.   She was pronounced well, her problem was a sore throat due to her tube in her throat during her spay operation, the new family wanted to take her in, so they picked her up and gave her a new and very loving home.  She spent a week trying to settle in to a new home, but she could not make the transition.  Ruby does not know how to be a dog.   She was so isolated in a breeding cage at the puppy mill that she does not know how to respond to people or dogs.  The 15 year old boy dog that was to help her transition into her new home tried, but he was not up to the job.   He tried to play with her and tore his ACL, so he can't even provide her an example, he is now limping and sore.   The humans tried, they really did, but Ruby has to run with our pack for a while so she can learn how to relax and how to relate to humans and to dogs.    It was interesting to watch her arrive, she picked up her favorite toy on her way through the house and then waited by the open back door for the rest of the pack to go outside before she went.   She took a run upstairs to see if her crate was there, she laid down in it for a while, it is her Secure Place, then she came down to explore the back yard.  She has been following the pack in and out ever since.   When a jogger in the park needed to be barked at, she was right in the middle of the pack, tail high, barking at them through the fence.  She definitely needs to have some experienced Goldens to follow.    She follows Abby around and she wants to play with Daisy when Daisy rolls on her back in the grass.  We are sad that her Forever Home did not work out, but we are glad to have her back with us, we will teach her all she needs to know about being a Golden Retriever.  

No!  She is not up for adoption and will not be until she is a secure, trusting lady.  With four of us to teach her, it should not take long. 

Mogley G. Retriever

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Party Time!!!

Above, Star exploring our back yard before she goes on to her new foster home.

TWAPC  (Those Who Are Paw Challenged) announced that there was a busy day scheduled for Saturday.  Alexa, Mia (our cousins two fosters) and Daisy had meetings scheduled with possible new Forever Homes.   TWAPC left early with the three to take them shopping for a new home.   When they returned, only Daisy came home.   Daisy said that the 2 new homes being offered were not up to her standards,  she decided to let Alexa and Mia have these homes, she wanted to look around a little more.   Daisy said that if they had squirrels she would have suggested they meet Abby.   Abby can't go to the adoption center, she becomes terrified and acts up something awful.   When a family meets Abby's criteria they will have to come by here and meet her on her ground.   Her criteria includes a good supply of squirrels, an active Golden companion, and most important, a couch to sleep on at night instead of one of those hard dog beds.   Abby comes upstairs with all of us at night, but when the lights go out, Abby goes back downstairs and sleeps on the couch in the glass porch.   She says it is only because that is the best place to watch from and after all, we do need at least one watch dog.  Now that she mentions it, those dog beds are kind of thin and lumpy.   

It was a good day at the rescue, while we were there, two other Golden's were adopted, so four Goldens found new homes, and probably several more by the days end.   

When TWAPC returned, they had Star in the car with Daisy.   Star was on her way to our cousin's house since they were out of fosters, both Alexa and Mia were adopted out.   Star will try and keep them from getting lonely while she waits for her new Forever Home.  Star was surrendered to GRRR after her family was unable to afford the cost of treatment for her right rear leg.   She was a compulsive licker and had worn a hole in her fur as you can see in the photo.   With more action and excitement in her life and a few medications, she is on her way to recovery.   With a few household companions, she has no time or need to lick, she can run and play instead.  Our cousins house with Emma, Molly and Piper is a wild house, Star will have no time to worry her leg. 

Now on to the party!   Sunday we have our annual Spring Golden Retriever Picnic and Dog Romp.  It was rescheduled from several weeks ago when the snow blew back into town.  The weather forecast is for 70 and sunny, so we should have a good time running in the sun.  So heads up all of you Golden fans, there will be 100 Golden's playing in the paddock tomorrow.   If you don't belong to Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies, it is not too late to join.   Our cousins will be there with Star, as well as Emma, Molly and Piper, we (Bella and I) will take Abby and Daisy along as well.  Best of all, it is a Taco picnic.    Remember how I told you that TWAPC ones can not eat tacos at a picnic without spilling?    It should be a fun and yummy picnic!

Mogley G. Retriever

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Another day, another snow storm

We may end up having winter all the way till fall if this keeps up.   We had snow on the ground two days in a row, down on the flat land.    From several inches to several feet in the high mountains.   The Siberian readers can drool all they want.   

Ruby went to the vet, she was diagnosed with only "tube throat", no kennel cough or anything more serious.   She was given a clean bill of health, then her new family picked her up and she is now living in her brand new, Forever Home.   We want to wish Ruby and her family well and we hope they will keep in touch.   After a few weeks for Ruby to settle in and learn what a normal life is, she will be a wonderful addition to their home and family.  WE think she will have a wonderful life with lots and lots of attention. 

Now if spring will just come to the Rockies, we can get the swimming pool open and our summer of fun can start.   The resident pool cleaner remarked that usually the pool is uncovered by April 15-20th.   This year we get a late start, maybe we can go later into the fall.   Or maybe we will get to go to the mountains and swim in a mountain stream.  Wish us luck.

Mogley G. Retriever

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Ruby in limbo:

Yesterday we reported that Ruby had a forever home to go to.   That was a correct statement, they are still wanting to adopt Ruby.   But last night, Ruby spent the night coughing.   She had coughed a little prior, but we thought that was because she had been spayed and the clinic used a tube down her throat.  When they use the tube it is normal for the dog to have a sore throat for a couple of days.    However, that gets less and less over time.   Ruby's cough was getting stronger and more frequent.

Today we took her to GRRR central, where she is being looked after by experts tonight.   She will get another going over tomorrow at the vet's office, then we will know what is wrong.   We suspect kennel cough, but there could be complications because she has a difficulty breathing from time to time.

Stay tuned.  Her family still wants her, but we have to know what is wrong with her before we send her off. 

Meanwhile there is big news on the playing front.   The bi-peds have been looking for a place in the high Rocky Mountains.   Their criteria is that is must have several acres and it must have water, either a stream or a pond.   Today they found a 14 acre place with almost 1/2 mile of stream and a large pond, the pond was judged suitable for the Golden Swim Team.  The water is a little cold, there was still ice on the pond and snow was still laying along the stream.  It will be cold, even in the heat of July.   It even has horse facilities which by some coincidence means a fenced area.   In the mountains where the mountain lions and bears lurk, even big, brave Goldens are not allowed to run lose on the mountainsides.   Elk and deer have horns and little patience for barking dogs, so a protected play area is a must.  We are waiting anxiously for a decision.    Do we have a new place to play or not?   They say it will take time to tell if it can be done within the budget.

Mogley G. Retriever

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Saturday update

We have good news and bad news to report.

A very nice couple of humans made an appointment to see Abby and Daisy, seeking someone that needed a forever home.   They came by and decided that since their senior boy was 14 and he was likely to get bowled over by Daisy and Abby that Daisy and Abby would not do.   Then they met Ruby.    Sweet, quiet, shy Ruby. 

Ruby stole their hears and won them over.   She went for a walk with them, her first ever walk on a leash, she was wonderful.   The puppy mill dog has found her forever home.    We are excited because we were not going to let her go to any home unless someone was home all day long to work with her.  She needed to learn that humans were her friends, she needs time on the floor with a human, time sleeping beside a bed, and time just being a friend.    

It is a perfect match, both of the humans work at home, they have time to give a scared baby, time to move slowly with her and help her learn what a wonderful life they can have together.   They have been told that it will be a slow journey to move her out of her fears and into trust.    Time and attention is what is necessary to turn a frightened puppy mill refuge into a loving golden friend.

Ruby is still with us tonight, they will make arrangements to pick her up tomorrow.  Wish Ruby good luck as she starts the rest of her life.

What is the bad news you may ask?   We lose Ruby.  Moving on means leaving us behind.

Mogley G. Retriever

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Ruby the magician and Sugar the in transit foster.

The photo above is Ruby with her very first toy.   And her very first hole she dug in the lawn.   Two firsts for the puppy mill escapee. 

So much is happening that it is hard to keep up.    This afternoon the bi-ped could not find Ruby.   Ruby was missing.   The house was searched, the yard was searched, the gates were checked.   There is not even a space large enough for the cat to get through.  How could she escape?  She is small and very skinny, maybe she could squeeze out the space between the gates?

Our cousins were called in to help in the search, neighbors were asked to spread out in the area and look for her.   The bi-ped called Golden Retriever Rescue to tell them that Ruby had somehow fled.  Asked them to be on the alert if someone called in her tag number to GRRR.   Then Ruby came out of hiding, yawning and stretching.  But no one saw where she came from.  A short time later they had to search again, this time they found her hole.  She had a hole behind the apple tree, partly under the lilac bush, where she could nap undisturbed.   The search was called off and everyone was able to relax.  Ruby was brought inside and she was placed under close watch. 

Then a call came in asking if we could go pick up a 7 year old Golden from the Denver Dumb Friends league.   Sugar needed a new home, she had been at the Dumb Friends League as long as she could be and we were asked to take her.   The bi-ped jumped in the car and returned with a wonderful lady, Sugar.   Below is our first photo of Sugar. 
Tomorrow morning Sugar, Alexa (our cousins foster) and Daisy have to make a trip to the vet.  Then Sugar will either return or go on to a new foster home while she waits for a forever home, we don't know yet.   Our task was to get her out of doggie jail and move her into the care of Golden Retriever Rescue.

Ruby is settling in, she is getting along well.  She is still terrified when a bi-ped approaches, she likes being petted but she has a hard time overcoming her urge to flee.   Sometimes she stops and braces herself to be petted, sometimes she just runs away.   We did find out how to get her to eat, she received three meals today, the rest of us only had two.   We did have a first today, Ruby played with her first toy.   She likes it, but she drops it and backs away when another dog approaches.   Maybe that is why she found a hiding place, but she is not learning to socialize when she is in the brush. 
Ruby had three meals today.  Above, Sugar took over my couch to nap on, it is the only place dogs are allowed on furniture, and Sugar took it.    Life is not fair.

Someone asked about how many fosters we have had so far, Sugar is number 48.   Can you imagine having 48 different foster's here since the start of this blog?    What should we do when we reach the magic number of 50? 

Yes, if you get bored, you can go back through the blogs and count the fosters, except for three that we could not write about.  One was surrendered by a spouse to get revenge, we could not put her on the web till the dispute was settled, one was an abused dog that we thought might be needed for a court appearance.  One was turned in by someone we did not think even owned her.   They just stayed here till it was worked out, these explain some of the long silences we had on the blog.   48 Goldens and counting.  It has been a wonderful experience, a trip well worth the taking, memories worth  the keeping.    

Mogley G. Retriever

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Rescued Ruby, and her rescue story!

I hope everyone will help us welcome Ruby to the pack.   Ruby arrived yesterday, Tuesday, afternoon.   She is about 1 year old, 30-35 pounds, and very scared.   She is one of the puppy mill dogs that Golden Retriever Puppy Mill Rescue Team (GRPMRT) bought at auction.   Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies stepped in to provide transportation and new homes for many of the Goldens.    We were feeling left out, our cousins picked up two fosters on Sunday, they were supposed to drop one by here, but they kept them both.   Now they have five Goldens, just like we do.  They have Alexa (not the same as Alexis we placed in a new home on Saturday) and Mia, we have Daisy, Abby and Ruby.   Our task is to turn Ruby into a happy, healthy, obedient Golden that we can place in a Forever Home.   You see, this little lady deserves a second chance in life and we are in charge of giving her that chance!

 If you ever wondered if  your donations to dog rescue groups are worthwhile,  take a look at Ruby, this is her story.   Some people disapprove of buying puppy mill dogs under any circumstances, even to liberate them.   If you want to help give puppy mill dogs a new life, donate to GRPMRT, help fund them and other breed rescue groups that are in the front lines of the battle to save these poor dogs.  Several people from their group attended a "going out of business" auction of puppy mill Goldens and 100 other dogs.   Other puppy mill operators were trying to buy at a bargain to increase their own breeding population, but the rescue groups were there to stop them.   Then shortly after this auction, another auction came up and 16 goldens were auctioned.  Many of the dogs, of all breeds, were purchased at a low price, but the rescue groups ran out of money and many of the dogs went back to another cage with another breeder.  For the want of a donation, a dog was lost, or in this case, many dogs were lost, back to the life that no animal deserves.
Grab a fresh handkerchief, then go to this link to start:

Then go to this link to see some photos of just some of the dogs that were rescued:

Then go to this link to see how these dogs were sold:

Ruby was one of the lucky ones, she was a young breeding female, she had already had at least one litter of puppies,  she was purchased away from the puppy mill operators and turned over to GRRR to start a new life.  She made a stop by our vet to get a check up and to be spayed.   Now she will be staying with us while she adjusts to a new life.  She was so scared and timid when she arrived yesterday that it was hard to get a picture, she kept hiding under things and behind things.  Her tail was curled all the way under, a sign of fear.   She was scared of every new noise and she was scared of other dogs.  She even had food fear, food had been thrown at her, or she had to fight other dogs to get it, so she was afraid of food.   We had to put her in a room by herself before she would eat, even then she was not sure it was safe.   We can't give her treats, she runs from them so she won't be  attacked.  Everyone, human and dogs, are careful to give her special attention to help her settle in.   We unpacked the crate, she was more comfortable in it with the door open than she was running loose. 
Above, Ruby checks out the view from the front porch, safely hiding behind me.  After a night of sleeping in her crate in the bedroom, surrounded by all four of us Golden's, she has learned that we are friends and not a threat.   This morning the tail is out a little more and she is following us around and learning from us.   Abby and I are her trainers.   She follows the two of us around constantly.   Bella is playing her Alpha Female role, being intimidating, Daisy plays by growling and barking, which is very frightening to Ruby.   Ruby likes the petting from the resident bi-peds, but she is also scared of them.   She has the classic hand fear, which seems to be typical of puppy mill alumni.  She has found a second safe place under some willow bushes and quaking aspen trees where she can hide in the back yard.

Above, Ruby and Bella get acquainted.   Enjoy our photos, we will have more about Ruby and her past in the next blog.  We will try and get her to "Tails Up" before we post her on the adoption web site.   She still has to learn to trust people and other dogs before she can move on.   It will be a few weeks for Ruby to become a happy and loving Golden.    Take a moment to remember those dogs of all breeds that won't ever have a happy home, they will live their life in a cage, producing puppies until they are no longer useful, then.......   Support your specialty breed rescue, help break the cycle.

The Golden Retriever Puppy Mill Rescue Team (GRPMRT) has a web site where you can learn more about them and make a donation to change a dogs life.  Go to:
Mogley G. Retriever

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Adoption Central!

Above, Alexis looks at the squirrel Abby has treed.

Today our home became Adoption Central for a few hours.   A couple had applied to adopt a Golden Retriever, they had been approved, and the Golden's they wanted to meet were Abby and Daisy.   Our cousin brought Alexis by so that everyone would be available if they wanted to meet them.   We did not know how Alexis would respond so it was a good time to find out.    We have given up on adopting Abby out at Adoption Central, every time Abby goes near the kennels she goes berserk with barking.   She says she has bad memories there because that is where she was dropped off by her first family.    So Daisy and Abby will have to meet possible Forever Homes at our place.   

The couple was a very nice couple, Abby, Daisy and Alexis all worked hard to impress them.   They took all three of them for a walk in the park to see how their leash manners were.   They played with all three, and then decided it was going to be a hard choice.   Daisy claimed them, she did her best, but they had some worries about her health.   We have one more visit to the vet before she gets a clean bill of health.    Abby was so busy chasing squirrels that they decided it would be unfair to take her because they did not have a squirrel in their yard.    That left Alexis.   She was on her best behaviour and she got picked for a Forever Home.     Alexis had spent the first four years of her life on a long tie out chain in the back yard.   She did not know about warm houses and laps.   In her short stay at our cousins house she had to learn to go outside to go potty, she had to learn how to behave in side, and she had to learn how to socialise.   She took to her new life with gusto.   She did a wonderful job of adjusting, she was ready to go to a higher level, and she got the chance today to move up in her life.    

Have a happy life Alexis, we wish you a wonderful journey and we hope to see you at our Golden Retriever Reunion party.    Her new owners promised to stay active and go to our events.   

Our cousins came along to see the action, in truth, when Alexis ran out to jump in the car, they ran out to and would not get out.    So while the new couple met Daisy, Abby and Alexis, Piper, Molly and I ran and played.    So it was a good day for all.

Above, Daisy, Bella, Molly, Mogley and Piper in the background, waiting while Abby and Alexis went for a walk with possible adopters.

We may be getting one more foster Golden tonight or tomorrow.   Two new rescues need homes.  Our cousins may take one and we will add one more here.   Stay tuned.     Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies has been busy, a puppy mill was closed down by the authorities and we ended up with older females and some puppies.   If you have ever wanted to foster a Golden Retriever, now is a good time to volunteer.   Sending money is nice also, puppies are expensive to raise to adoption age.   

Mogley G. Retriever