Saturday, August 27, 2011

So much news, where to start?

Above, Beth checks out the camera... 
The Paw Challenged One (PCO) has been hogging the computer for something he calls work.   It looks to me like he just runs away from home and takes his computer with him to the nearest coffee shop.   Meanwhile we have been busy.  

Beth left for her new home.   A very nice couple wanted to foster Beth, but we suspect that Beth is going to become a foster failure.   A foster failure is when someone takes a dog to foster and then refuses to let it go.  Last Tuesday we took Beth back to get her two week check up, she had some more work done on her teeth, but she had gained 1/2 pound.   When you only weigh 27 pounds, 1/2 pound is a lot.   She was doing better and showing some energy.    The family came by with their three elderly Goldens, all three were happy to meet Beth.   After spending some time together in our back yard, Beth decided she could accept their invitation.   Two humans who are home all day, more time to spoil a dog she said.   Beth sent a follow up e-mail, she said she went for her first walk and that she is getting spoiled, just as she expected.   Just as she deserves.   Below, Beth and her new family get aquainted.

We are happy to see Beth move on, we are sad to have her go.   After 75 fosters, we are used to coming and going.   But Beth had a special place in our hearts, we hope she finds happiness in her new home.   Our house tends to be pretty hectic, busy and noisy.   Beth was worried when Bella and I would bark at the neighbors and wrestle and growl while we played.   Beth needed some quiet to regain her composure.  Keep us informed Beth!

Below, Boo Boo checks out the back yard.
Then today a call came in for a real rescue.   A mother had to move without time to make arrangements and she had left behind her wonderful 9 year old golden named Boo Boo Bear.   The son called Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies and asked if we could take him, soon!   He was moving also and needed to find a home for Boo Boo immediately.    We ran to pick him up, and in moments, Boo Boo was at our house.   Boo Boo is very mellow, he is a big, handsome and very people smart golden.    When a smart golden has spend 9 years living with humans, he has learned how to be the ideal companion and friend.  Boo Boo is very talented at being man's (or woman's) best friend.   He had a broken rear leg 3 years ago, he limps a little, the leg is crooked so he is not good at running or jogging.   He is still good at giving love and he brings his perfect manners and calm demeanour to a new home.   He will find a new home very soon, he still has a lot of good years in him.

Mogley G. Retriever

Sunday, August 21, 2011

A very important news flash

Above, Beth does her morning stretch, or what passes for a stretch when you are old and stiff.

They did not tell us.

For weeks now Fiona and Abby, two golden doodles over at Another Tequila Sunrise, have been attending a treat class.   They discovered that if you behave badly and ignore commands, the two legged ones take you to pet store, enroll you in a class, and a trainer teaches your owners how to give you treats.    Yes, it is true, and they did not share this information with us.    Go to and read all about it for yourself.    For the last few weeks they have been blogging on all the treats they get, even real hot dogs, and they get to walk up and down the isles of the store and pick out their own treats.    They get play dates with other dogs, treats by the pound, lots of pets and attention, all for just being bad.

And they did not tell us.

A store employee teaches owners how to give treats properly and frequently.  How to bring your best friends to the pet store and treat them.    How to pet you, how to buy you new collars, and how to spoil you.   All for just ignoring a few commands.   

And they did not tell us.    They just ate the hot dog treats, played with their friends, then went home and ignored more commands.

What a deal.   And they did not tell us.    You would think that we would get some kind of news flash.

I hope you all go to their blog and leave some nasty comments.   Tell them that with news like that, they need to get the word out.    This is something that is important to all of dogdom.    They held out on us.    Spread the word.    All this time we have had it backwards, we thought we got treats for being good.   Now we have discovered that being bad is what brings in the loot.    And they did not tell us!

Meanwhile, Beth is doing fine.   She is gaining a little weight, and she is learning her way around fast.  Beth is pretty hard of hearing, but she hears a little.   She has bad vision, but none of that is slowing her down.   She has taken possession of the bed beside the bed upstairs.    Her hips seem to hurt when she walks.   We have another vet appointment on Tuesday to check her teeth again and to see how her hips are.  She gets up stairs, but not easily.   She responds to hand signs pretty good.  She is fast becoming a member of the pack.    When they were drilling Roxie on her commands a week ago, they looked around and found that Beth was following the commands, mostly the hand signs. Beth has been trained at some time in her past, which makes her being abandoned on a rural road all the more disturbing. Someone loved her enough to work with her, then dumped her. Why? 

Mogley G. Retriever

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Home for Roxie and update on Beth

Above, from the left, Roxie, Beth and Nala in the car at Rescue Central, waiting for the meetings with possible new forever homes for Roxie.

The Paw Challenged One (PCO) has been working on something he calls work, which apparently demands that he hog the computer.    But we have a few items to report that are important.

On Sunday the PCO loaded up Nala, Roxie and Beth for a trip over to Rescue Central.   Several people had asked to meet with Roxie, and the PCO wanted to show how great Nala and Beth were doing.     Nala had not been out for a trip since her spring visit to the vet, she was pretty sick and  they were even talking about how long she had to go before the Rainbow Bridge.    Now Nala is making her Christmas wish list and planning next summers picnics.   Beth went along to show how well she is doing and how strong she is now that she is getting three meals a day, and lots of attention.   She wanted to show off a little.    Below, Beth shows "Tails Up" as she heads off to help Bella tree a squirrel.

Roxie had her first meeting with a couple that decided Roxie was a little too much energy for them.   They lived a quiet life, without jogging or running, and Roxie was a high energy lady.    They will meet some more laid back Goldens and find someone to give a great home to.   The second meeting was a great match for Roxie.   They had several teen age children, a family that jogs and hikes in the mountains.  They promised that Roxie would go to bed tired on a regular basis.  They have a dog door, so she can run in the yard whenever she wants.   They even have a swimming pool.  There were 8 hands and only two dogs, that is an 8 to 2 ratio, she should get a lot of attention.     Roxie accepted the offer of a new Forever Home, and she says we should end her story with "And they lived happily ever after."
Below, you know Beth is spoiled when she gets dinner in bed.  

Meanwhile, we have a gratuitus puppy photo.    Puppy is the name of a young lady that was there to go to her new forever home.   She is off to a great life, and she sure was happy to meet everyone and to be the center of attention as she started her journey.  
Mogley G. Retriever

Saturday, August 13, 2011

A very sad Saturday

I signed on the computer to write a blog about Beth and her progress.    But more important items need to be covered. 
First, we ask you to go by  Life at Golden Pines and leave your well wishes for Kim.   Rudi has passed on, Rudi was one of our long standing Golden blogger friends.  There is a wonderful tribute to Rudi, and a wonderful story about the journey of a rescue dog.  Help them to make the final journey and give them your hands and paws.

Then please go give support to Trudi at .    Her wonderful Golden lady, Lady, is in the emergency hospital.   She needs your support at this time.

Meanwhile, we will give you and update on Beth later. 

Bella, Nala, Beth, Roxie and Mogley G. Retriever

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Another day, another Beth

Above, Beth curled up for her afternoon nap.  We are so happy when we get to see Beth move forward in life.    She is becoming a spoiled brat, she gets three meals a day, they want to put some weight on her skinny bones.   She is getting around better and she feels good enough to be underfoot most of the day.   She has decided she likes this papering stuff, she will take all of it she can get.   The big news is that her tail is coming up from time to time as she takes interest in what is going on around her.   It probably helps that she has gone off her heavy pain pills, she is less loopy when she walks and she has more energy.   We finaly have some photos of her with her mouth closed.   Below, Beth has already learned the classic "Scratch my tummy, please" look.   Come on, just a little scratch?

A closer physical exam shows signs that she was abused more than we thought.   Her ears show signs of damage, one has lost its tip, she is missing a good inch of ear with scar tissue on the end from an old wound.  The other ear is a little jagged on the top and a very large piece of scar tissue is in the middle of the ear, making it too stiff to flop around.   Her nose, her front teeth and gums look like someone bit her very hard on her muzzle at some time when she was young.   The photo below is not so much about Beth, it is a reminder to the Paw Challenged One to pull some weeds and mow some grass. 

She is still a very happy lady, her tail wags when someone walks in the room, she jumps up to greet everyone.   She follows humans around, and she is well on her way to becoming a Velcro dog.   She does not like being alone and she is rapidly accepting her place in the pack.   She lines up for meals and she is learning how to get along with everyone.   The humans were terribly impressed when they let her outside, and a few minutes later she was scratching on the door, asking to be let in.   They were almost estatic when she followed them out into the garage through the dog door, she is clearly feeling more comfortable with her new home.  She likes Nala best, Nala is very slow and quiet.   When Bella, Roxie and I are running and playing, she gets a little nervous.   Below, finally a "tails up" moment, she found the squirrel path and she is following it to the base of the pine tree.

Mogley G. Retriever

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A daily dose of Beth

People think we do nothing but rescue dogs around here.   Above, I am climbing the apple tree looking for a ripe apple.    They are still a little green, but they are good.   Not enough are falling on the ground so I have to take matters into my own paws and shake the tree, and climb it from time to time to get my afternoon snack.   In the background is Roxie, taking lessons.

We will try and have a little update on Beth each day.   Beth is feeling much better today.    She ate her breakfast, lunch and dinner with enthusiasm.   The rest of us are not too happy that she is the only one that gets three meals a day, but I suppose she needs them.   She is so thin and so weak, we will let her eat her noon meal in peace.   She is getting all kinds of supplements to help her get stronger.  She is walking better and she is feeling a little more like exploring, she checked out the whole back yard today.   She is funny, when she first arrived she was carried in and outside to go potty, she was carried up and down the stairs, and she was carried around just so she could be in the middle of the action.  She has decided that being carried is a pretty good deal.   She waits now to see if she is going to get a ride before she walks out the open door.   She learns fast.   We will try and keep you informed about Beth's progress.

Below are two photos of Roxie.   One photo of Roxie dry, and one photo of Roxie wet.   We had the kids over to swim on Tuesday, and Roxie jumped right in to joint them.   She had a fine time swimming with the children.    She misses the children from her old home, so she played with our visitors and entertained them well. 

So say hellow to Roxie, she is a great lady with a great story as well.   It is just that Beth is an emergency, so we have tended to focus on Beth.   Roxie is worthy of her own story.

Mogley G. Retriever

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Beth the story of a rescue

Today we have photos for our readers, both Beth and Roxie posed for photos today.   Beth did not like hers, she says she needs a few more days before she will feel well enough to perk up and look good for the camera.    Today she still looked like a dog under the influence of many drugs.   The Paw Challenged One (PCO) said that she had some good stuff, he was going to take the drugs down on the corner and sell them, but Beth said she needed them.

Beth came in from a shelter.   She had been picked up on the street, dirty, hungry, with several health problems.  She was supposed to be named Handsome, her transfer papers listed her as male.  Her coat needs work, her nose is almost bare of hair.  She had large tumors on her stomach which may have been why she was listed as a male.  Her teeth were in terrible shape.   Her eyes are cloudy with cataracts, and her coat is coarse and thin from living outside.   Every rib and bone in her body is visible.  She is estimated to be 10 years old.  Her visit to the vet was a long day, when she arrived here last night, she was still under the influence of her drugs.   This morning she was not much better, she was still being drugged pretty heavily to help her heal without pain.  In the photo above, she was busy searching for a good potty location.  She has not straightened up since she arrived, she is still feeling the effects of the surgery.   Below, Roxie and Beth get acquainted while exploring the back yard.

What makes her so special is that through all of this, she still wags her tail and looks for attention.   She crawled over looking for a head pat and a very careful tummy scratch when she was still too tipsy to walk.  Most of the day she was laying beside the computer chair, where a hand could reach her from time to time and remind her that she was among friends.  She is so skinny that petting her is like rubbing a wash board, her coat is coarse, thin and still pretty dirty.   Then there was the problem with her eating, she was just to sick to eat.   Since her pain pills needed to be taken with food, it was difficult to keep her on schedule with pills.    She quickly learned to spit them out like a pro.   By morning she was hiding them in her mouth until she could find a place to spit them out.     All day long we tried to get her to eat, no results.  Cheese, hot dogs, peanut butter, everything was tired.   Cat food worked for a few bites, only.  Finally this evening she gave in and she ate 1/2 of a can of her food.   The funny thing is she would only eat it off of the Paw Challenged One's fingers.   They had to feed her from their fingers or she would not eat.    But the hunger strike was over, the pills were down, all is well in the dog house.    Once she had eaten, the tail came up.   That is the sign of a dog on the mend.   Tails up!  We have a special bed for her to sleep on tonight, right beside the bed.   No more outdoor nights for this lady.

Stories like Beth may help you understand why we work in rescue.   If you have not volunteered to help, just follow Beth and her story for a while, then go down and offer to help out.   We will be following her on the blog, and she will be the subject of lots of attention. We will be spoiling her silly.    It will be a while before she goes up for adoption, she has a lot of recovering to do. 

Mogley G. Retriever

More dogs are in the dog house!

Above:  Peanut (Pete).    The Paw Challenged One (PCO) is busy on the computer, something about big market moves and he needs to make us some Kibble. So he won't let me on the computer except when he is in the rest room. So this is a quick update, with more to come.
Last night we made the drive over to the office of the Official Golden Retriever Rescue Vet. We had to pick up 10 year old Beth (Elizabeth) or Lizzie. He was an intake from a local pound, they had picked her up as a stray. She came in as Handsome, they thought she was a boy. She was dirty, bedraggled and hungry. Her ribs were showing, her teeth were broken and she had several large tumors on her tummy, and she was not spayed. When we met her, she was still groggy from having her tumors removed and several broken teeth removed. This morning Beth is still not feeling well, so we won't post her photos till she has a chance to put on her make up. Beth may be the smallest grown up Golden we have ever fostered. She looks like a 5 month old puppy, a 5 month old puppy that is just getting over an operation.

While we were there we picked up Peanut (Pete) and Roxie. Pete has been in GRRR for a while, we had his photos up on the blog two weekends ago. Pete won't last long, he is a beautiful boy and very well mannered. We only had him for a few hours, then another foster mom picked him up to foster. He will have a ball playing with Riley and River, two big golden boys.

Roxie is a new lady that just came in. She is the voluntary surrender from a home that lost their husband. With three teenage boys and two goldens, they felt they had to cut back on the household burden. So Roxie came to stay with us till we can find her a new home. Roxie is a wonderful 4 year old lady, she is so well trained and well behaved. She will not last long once we have time to post her photos and do a write up on her.

We will be back with photos and more, later. So the dog house has Nala, Bella, Mogley, Roxie and Beth at the moment.

Mogley G. Retriever

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Rocky, the Champ!

First, a few actual quotes:  "I would like to bust his face".    "If I could find him, he would not be able to breath through his nose for a year".  " I would love to find him in a dark alley".    We heard a few of those statements Saturday when we first met Rocky at the Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies after parade picnic.    That is where we took photos of Rocky playing in the cool off pool.   The quotes are directed to Rocky's former owner, whoever he is. 
Rocky earned his name because he had a rough start, but he will emerge as the Champion!   Below is the write up that is on Pet Finder to help him find a new home.  
18 Month old Rocky is so beautiful that he looks like he could be the cover boy for The Golden Retriever News. Yes, Rocky is wet in the photos, he found the swimming pool and he did laps. He is an Olympic class tennis ball fetching machine. He has only been with us a few days and already he has his own fan club.

Rocky had a rough spot in his life. He was found abandoned, with duct tape on his muzzle. That is why we call him Rocky -- he had a rocky time, but he is going to be a winner in the future. We can not imagine why anyone would tape his mouth shut. He is so much fun. He spends his days trying to get humans to throw balls and toys for him. He loves the water and is very athletic and has boundless energy. He can jump shorter fences with ease, so he will need a 5 or 6 foot fence. Rocky is very intelligent, he is very well behaved and quite mellow for a younger golden, he listens well and is eager to please.
 Because of what he has been through he will be slow to trust fully. His new family will need to be patient and able to give him outlets for his energy. He is looking for a home with a family that wants someone to jog or run, climb mountain peaks or play Olympic class "fetch" with. If you need an excuse to get your daily exercise, he will help motivate you! We think he is pretty special and he needs a forever home that is really Forever! We bet that you can't meet him without wanting to take him home.
Rocky was found by police on a street, dirty, muddy, hungry, with duct tape on his muzzle.   The Tech at the Vet's office called Golden Retriever Rescue and the rest is history.    Rocky is on his way to finding the kind of home that he has earned.    Rocky does not let his past trouble bother him, he just wants a family with a large yard, several tennis balls, and a strong arm.    We have spent time with him twice and we have found that he is just a wonderful Golden boy.    He is currently in need of a foster home, as are several other recent rescues.  
We plan to follow Rocky's path and make sure he gets the Forever Home that he deserves.   He may be the only rescue we have that is forming an official fan club, everyone wants to help him find his perfect home.   He is a sweet, sweet dog.
In the meantime, our resident paw challenged ones have a new task.    They volunteered to help write Bios and take photos for our rescue Goldens so they can be posted on the Internet on their way to finding a new Forever Home.    For the last few days, the computer has been busy with lots of new Goldens as they enter the system.   So watch for more updates.
We also have a Maddie update.    We had to drop off a sweater with her name on it, we had forgotten to send it along with all the other things Maddie took with her.  Maddie sends word that she is doing wonderful.  Maddie says she is chasing the rabbit, losing weight, and she has a full time, very devoted care giver.    She gets walks, she gets to go everywhere in the car, she is never left alone.   She gets brushed every morning and she gets treats several times a day.    She sends her regards, but she has no interest in coming back to our home.   No way!
We have had several swimming pool parties.   The kids come by and swim on hot days, and I get to play with the tennis balls in the pool and swim with the children.    This may go down as the best summer yet.
Mogley G. Retriever