Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Wednesday update

We don't know how your week is going, but ours is going well.  We received an e-mail from Abby's new home, they say (in part): 

She is doing really well with Romeo and I think they both have a crush on each other. She has been practicing walking using the "Gentle Leader". At first she shakes her head, but after a few feet her walking (pulling) has greatly improved. Abby has also made friends with both cats. She brings them her tennis ball and stuffed squirrel for approval. And they seem to really like her too.   We feel so blessed to have Abby in our lives. She is the perfect dog.
It is so nice to hear from our old friends from time to time.

Tonight we take Honey and Butter over to meet their new Forever Home.   We are meeting at "Rescue Central" to fill out the paperwork and hand over two friends.    We are trying to keep Honey dry, she has tried to climb into the fish pond twice already.   It is a very hot day and she has a heavy coat. 

We will give you an update on Honey and Butter after they meet with their Forever Home people. Remember, Honey and Butter may decide not to leave if the situation does not meet their standards. We have already received an e-mail promising to buy a wading pool for them so they can beat the heat in New Mexico. There still is no update on the thickness of the dog beds and the quantity of treats that are being offered. Toys and balls are also important. So Honey and Butter will be taking a close look at the home being offered before they accept.

Then on Friday the chauffeur says we have a big carpet cleaning machine coming in.   He says it is even bigger and makes more noise than the hated vacuum cleaner machine.    To make being outside better, he may open the pool while we are locked in the back yard.

This weekend will be the weekend of the loud noises.    We don't mind, we have been to a firing range, we know what loud noises are.    But many of our canine friends are very scared of fireworks and the loud bangs.   Make sure your pets are safe, check your gates and fences.  We don't want to lose a reader because someone ran away from home to escape the loud noises. 

Mogley G. Retriever

Sunday, June 27, 2010

How to Celebrate!

We had to do something special to celebrate our 50th foster friend.  I started the family tradition by being the first foster, later I became a "foster failure" when they refused to allow me to leave for a new home.   Bella and I have since provided homes, training and comfort to 50 fosters, helping them move on to a new and better life.  To celebrate we invited some friends in for swimming and opened the pool.  Later we were even promised ice cream after dinner.   Above and below, photo of Honey on the left, Butter on the right, and I am left without a ball. 
I think we created more than a monster today, we created two monsters today.    If you have been following my blog you know that we have Honey and Butter, two very well behaved, calm and well trained foster Golden's living at our house.   No bad habits, just two lovely ladies that show us all what a perfect Golden Retriever is.   They set a standard for the rest of us to follow. 

Not!  You must be confused, today Honey and Butter were taking a vacation from their normal behaviours.   They went native.   You can understand, they obviously thought the party was for them, they are the 50th fosters.  The human needed to give Honey and Butter baths, but they wanted to save a trip to the groomer so the swimming pool was opened for Golden swimming.    At first Honey wanted no part of the pool, she checked it out but would not get in.   Butter watched me swim and chase balls, pretty soon Butter was on the top step.   Then Butter was on the second step.   Then when a ball was thrown, Butter jumped in after it, into deep water.  In a few minutes she was chasing me for the balls and showing her great swimming form.   Honey could only watch this action for a few minutes, then she was in as well.   

Above, Sarge and Sorcha enter the pool in a big splash, they don't waste time being on the shore, they fetch the ball, hand it to a human to throw, then run and jump back in.

Butter discovered something about herself.   She is a golden and she loves water.   She swam, she swam and she swam.   Honey loves the water as well, she had a great time in the pool, she actually pushed other dogs under the water to steal their balls.  But watching Butter in the water was like watching someone come home.   In the pool, Butter was home.   Butter did not want to come out, she did not want to stop.  If there were no balls in the pool, Butter still swam in circles, just for the joy of swimming.   Butter found herself today, she found the hidden golden, a water dog, inside. 

We were squeaky clean after almost two hours of constant swimming and jumping in the water.   After drying in the sun, we were put back inside before we could roll in the mud.    Don't tell anyone, but dogs are not allowed on the furniture.  We have told Honey the rules of the house.   But as you can see below, she was testing the limits today, still damp, she wanted to see if she could get away with it. 

We have a message for Honey and Butter's new family.  Plan on a wading pool at least, you have two water dogs here, not two couch potatoes.   Watching a golden that has discovered their inner water dog is like watching a child on their first Christmas, it is a special feeling to see them light up as they learn what their heritage means. 

It was a very successful celebration, now it is time to start on the next 50 fosters.   Thanks to Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies, they make it all possible.   There is a great team of people working together to rescue close to 400 dogs per year, without the wonderful team we could never do what we have done.   Thanks again to all the volunteers at GRRR.  You all deserve a very special reward for all the dogs of all breeds that pass through the GRRR system.  

Mogley G. Retriever

Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Sunday Morning News

Above, Honey and Butter find an empty water bottle is fun to play tug-O-war with, it crinkles and makes great noise. 

We have some good news to share to start your new week.    First, Abby sends her regards and she had her humans post a response on her blog post that announced her new home.   We put the post below so that you can all enjoy her new life with her at her new Forever Home.
Abby says (as dictated to Paul 'cause she can't type very well): "Today was a good day, although I miss my foster dad. My new humans cheered me up with a walk in Park Hill this morning. Didn't see any squirrels, but I did bark at a snooty Bijon Frise. Napped mid-day, then went to Washington Park for another walk. After that, I went to the South Pearl shopping district and sampled the strawberry-lemonade sorbet at the Pajama Baking Company. Oh, and I also went shopping at a high-end Cat and Dog boutique and my new human bought me a a cow cheek chew bone. PS. Romeo is very handsome."

We are happy for Abby, we hope she gets lots of special treats and many ear rubs.   Practice that typing skill, then you won't have to wait for a human to type for you.   Stay in touch with us, we miss you. 

In the meantime we have been E-mailing with a couple in Albuquerque, New Mexico.   They were looking for two golden retrievers to fill a big hole in their lives.   When they learned that Honey and Butter were available, they had to know more.   We sent them detailed information and photos.    They asked us to hold Honey and Butter for them till they can make the trip up to Denver to pick them up.   

The Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies has volunteers in New Mexico, references were checked and volunteers went by to inspect the home to see if it was suitable for a pair of lovely ladies.   The report came back with praise for their home and their dedication to their Golden's. 

Butter and Honey are excited, they are ready to meet their new humans and make the trip to their new Forever Home.  "Road Trip", they are ready to go for a ride, any time, any car.  They are able to relax now, they are playing with Bella and I, they are running and enjoying life now that their future is no longer up in the air.     They enjoyed life a little too much today, they both jumped in the Koi pond, they came out dripping and smelling like fish.   Luckily it was 90 degrees so after they were given a bath with clean water, it took almost no time to dry out in our dry mountain air.   Maybe before they head for their new home we can get them into the groomers and send them home looking their best.

One of our readers asked how many rescue's we have had with Honey and Butter?   They are numbers 49 and 50.    We had wondered if we should have a celebration when foster number 50 arrived, Honey and Butter have suggested that serving bowls of ice cream to everyone would be a good way to celebrate, with a swim afterwards.   The problem is that while it was 90 today, it may not get into the 70's on Sunday which will make it hard to stay warm and dry off after a swim. 

Do any of you have a better idea of how to celebrate foster placement number 50?

Mogley G. Retriever 

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Honey and Butter

Our two newest fosters are settling in and getting acquainted.   Honey and Butterscotch arrived last night, much to our surprise.  When the chauffeur left with Abby, we thought Abby was just going to inspect a possible Forever Home.   Not only did Abby get her Forever Home, but we have two new house guests.  Honey is a curly coated female, about 3 years old, Butter is a smooth coated female, about 2 years old.  Both are very well behaved, both are large Golden's, 65-70 pounds, both are very well trained.  Someone has invested some time in obedience classes for these two.   They are well bonded and they will be placed as a team.    We don't have their history yet, but we will share it as soon as we find out how such wonderful dogs came to be in rescue.    Below, Honey checks out the Koi pond early this morning. 
Below, Butter surveys her new world.  She wanted to take an early morning swim but when told "No", she decided against it, for the moment. 
Our impressions of them to date is that although they are a team, they are also double threat Velcro dogs.   They love people, they are always seeking attention and since there are two of them they keep both hands busy petting.   They do obey well, when told no, they freeze.   When they arrived they had choke collars on and both were coughing, apparently from being reigned in.   Golden Retriever Rescue sent us new collars, we put the break-away collars on them and had no problems walking them on a leash.   That part is a little baffling.    They may have been overstimulated in transit and been hard to control, but they are relaxed and in control this morning.   Below, Honey shows her beautiful curls. 
It can be a little confusing, Butter looks so much like Bella that there have been several cases of mistaken identify.  Below, all four of us sit for our morning treat. 

We will be asking for your help to find new homes for these two outstanding Golden's.  How they came to be in rescue may be a mystery to us, but it is no mystery that they will be wonderful additions to someones life and home.  Stay tuned for further developments!

Mogley G. Retriever

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Abby has a Forever Home

This is a hard blog to write but it had to come sometime.   Abby has a brand new, forever home.   Abby has been with us since March 9th, she settled in and had become a member of the family.   We really did not try to hard to adopt her out, just in case you were wondering.  In fact, we kind of steered people to other dogs, explaining to people that "Abby is not quite the right dog for you".   She was just to great to hurry along.  No matter how much we loved having her here, she deserved a forever home of her own.  She probably set the record for having been in a foster home the longest. 

Abby went to a new home where she will have a 10 year old golden friend, Romeo, to play with.   There are lots of tall old trees, not as many squirrels as she had at our home, but still a very nice place for her.   She will have two people that will dote on her and she will be the queen of the house.  We wish Abby the best, and we know that the transition will be hard for her, we all had grown too attached.   Abby, we wish you the best of luck and have a long and happy life.

While the chauffeur was out, he picked up two new fosters, Honey and Butterscotch.  Honey and Butterscotch are 2 and 3 years of age, a male and female that have been together and will be placed as a pair.   They are well mannered, very well trained and good looking.   We will tell you more later, that is all we know about them at the moment.   They will be very photogenic when morning comes.   We are not too sure where they came by those names though. 

But wait, there is more news.   We have someone interested in adopting Nala.   The person was visiting at our cousins house (actually our humans son-in-law and daughters house where Emma, Molly and Piper live), and sat on the couch.    Sitting on a couch near Nala is dangerous unless you like 60 pound lap dogs.   Nala climbed up on the couch and proceeded to work her magic on them.   There are some hurdles to cross, but they are certainly interested.   Nala has to finish her medications first, then she can look for a new forever home.   She has to meet their dog and show that she is going to get along well.  The people have to fill out an application form and show Nala that they will provide her with all the care and attention that she has been missing out on for all these years.  It is certainly exciting that someone is interested in her so quickly.  

That's all for tonight.

Mogley G. Retriever

Nala, p.s.

We forgot to include one of the worst things that happened to Nala.   When she was surrendered to GRRR she had a large swollen "thing" on her face.   It turned out it was an infected tooth that had come through the lip.   When she came to rescue, she was in pain from all of her problems, but she was wagging and happy to meet new people and to go forward with her new life.

More and more we see surrenders that have medical problems that are allowed to go too long without treatment because of the poor economy and the financial weakness of owners.   We can only encourage people to surrender their dogs sooner rather than later, it saves them a lot of pain and saves the owner a lot of worry.

Mogley G. Retriever

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Nala, her story

Over the weekend, our cousins had a big party at their house.  That means that Emma, Molly, Piper and Nala came over to our house to stay overnight.  This gave us time for a swim party, and more time to get acquainted with Nala.    It was a real wild dog party.  Above, I am still dripping water, Bella is trying to get the ball without getting wet.   The pool cleaners get real upset when I get wet, then I go roll in the dirt in the garden, then I come back and jump in the pool again.   Below is a photo of me covered in mud just before I jumped back in.  I think that making black clouds in the pool is fun, but the human does not share my joy. 

Below are two photos of Nala during her visit with us.  Nala  has some issues, not with us, but some issues with her prior home.  We think that Nala is 12 years old.   When she was surrendered to Golden Retriever Rescue, the owner said that she had been an outdoor dog.   When we checked her over, she was deaf, she had heart worms, most of her front teeth were missing, and her coat was pretty matted.  She also has a kidney infection.  She does not know any commands.   Her coat and teeth tell us that she was probably confined to a chain link run, with little contact with humans.   

We had a good time with her, she is such a sweet and lovable lady.   She understands dog doors, but she was hesitant to use the dog door or the big door, even when it was held open for her.  She had spent so much time outdoors that she was not used to being allowed inside.  It has taken some work to get her comfortable being inside.   She is very anxious at first, she does not know she is allowed inside.   Once she settles in, she is a happy golden.   She really does like attention, she just is not used to getting  any.   She says she will relax once her new home makes her welcome and helps her settle down. 

Once we realised she was deaf it explained why she did not come when called.   She follows the pack, if we go, she goes.   If we get excited for dinner, she gets excited for dinner.  If we go in the house, she will follow us, pausing at the door to make sure it is all right to go in.    She is learning sign language and she is smart enough and she is motivated enough to learn them.   She woke the human up three times to go outside to the bathroom, she is still working on learning about schedules.    But she did wake them up to go outside, so she really wants to be a good house dog.   She does not want to make a mess. 

If you don't work in rescue already, then you won't know what a joy it is to help a dog like Nala on her way to a much better life.   You won't know how her face lites up when you invite her inside with a wave of your hand.  You won't know what a joy it is to see her relax and settle down under a humans feet in front of the TV.   You won't know what a joy it is to give her a treat and see her perk up, treats are something new as well.  She has had a rough time with humans to date, but she is ready to forgive and forget.   She is ready to give you all of her love if you will give her a chance.   

Nala, at 12 years old will take some time before we can find her a new home, people want to adopt young dogs.   They don't understand what a huge impact they can have on the remaining years of a lady like Nala.   If anyone deserves a wonderful home, Nala does.  She has paid her dues in life, now help us find a home where she can get some of the soft side of life.   Help her learn about sleeping beside the bed, getting treats for no reason at all, taking walks, napping in front of a TV.  Help her find out what "Golden Years" really are.

Help us find a forever home for a wonderful lady. 

Mogley G. Retriever

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Our cousins have a new foster golden, Nala.   We have no information on Nala yet, we have not even found out how old she is, but she is probably in the 8-10 year range.   She has the most luxurious coat, she is like petting a cashmere sweater.   She is very well behaved, as only an older Golden can be, many years living with humans teaches them to be very attune to their home and surroundings.  
Above, Nala helps in the kitchen showing her domestic side.

We think she may be deaf or mostly deaf.  She does not respond to any sounds, she barks with the pack when the pack barks, but probably from picking up on the excitement and the vibrations.  She ignores voices and sounds.   Clapping hands behind her head brings no response.   At least we should not worry about thunder fear.   She came to Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies as a heartworm positive lady.   She has been treated and is showing no long term effects from her treatment.   In Colorado we did not worry about heart-worm in the past.   But now we see more and more of it.   Bella, Abby and I are all on heart worm meds, we get our pills once a month with our treats. 

We are keeping her under watch so that we can write up her background and behaviour for the adoption web site.   She is very energetic and she keeps up with all of us.  So far we know that she is a lover, she would love to be a lap dog.  She climbed on the couch between two visitors and did not want to leave.   She is housebroken, she is well socialized, getting along with other dogs and with the two resident cats.   So she passes all of the tests except coming when called.  She can't seem to hear her name or commands.    Either she does not hear, or she chooses not to hear.  She is smart, she learns by watching and observing.  We think she is pretty special and she should make someone a wonderful companion.   We should mention that while she tolerates men after a proper introduction, she likes women much better. 

Mogley G. Retriever

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Yappy Hour Photos

We present to you photos of the Yappy Hour fun raiser to benefit Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies and Safe Harbor Lab Rescue.  Yes, the tall, handsome golden in the center of the photo above is me, Mogley, with my cousin, Piper beside me with the blue scarf.  
Bedlam!  Pure bedlam!  Here is a quiz for you, can you spot any dog that looks like it might be having fun?   No?  Neither could I!

Two blogs ago we told you about a wonderful event we went to where there was over 100 dogs, and not a dry one to be found.   Well, maybe two, Bella and Emma did not jump in to swim, they got wet by proxy, standing too near the action.   

I have already told the humans if they want to leave me at the City Bark doggie day care, I would be more than happy to spend the day.    What fun we all had.

And some people feel sorry for dogs in rescue.   We think the golden jumping in the pool on the left in the photo above is Abby.  She had on a green scarf that said "Adopt Me".   She spent almost as much time in the pool as I did.   We had an Aussie and a Poodle in the pool with us as well.    What fun we all had!

Instead of playing "Where's Waldo", we think we can play "Where's The Dry Human"?   By the time we were done running and shaking, everyone was wet.    Oh, yes, we had some photos of the tent full of food and the kegs of beer, but who cares about that when the real fun was all in the photos above.    Thanks again to The City Bark for letting us borrow their facility for a wonderful party. 

Mogley G. Retriever

Ruby and Daisy, chapter 2 in a book of life.

My readers will recall that a very nice lady drove all the way up to Denver from Albuquerque, New Mexico just to meet Daisy, Abby and Ruby, and perhaps take one of them home forever.   To help her make the correct decision, she brought along her nephew and Lexie, her 14 year old rescued German Shepard mix.    Angus, her 4 year old Golden she adopted two years ago from Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies (GRRR) was left behind to keep watch over the house.   She is a serial GRRR adopter, (would you call her a repeat offender?) which is why she was given access to three of the best homeless Goldens GRRR had to offer, Abby, Ruby and Daisy. 

You know the outcome, she adopted Ruby and Daisy, both.   She agonized between taking Abby or Daisy, but she had no squirrels so Abby turned down the opportunity.   Everyone felt that Ruby would re-home easier with someone she knew, and Daisy was the lady for the job, she could provide some elderly wisdom and stability to a very scared puppy.    She was warned that Ruby would be a long and slow project, Ruby was still pretty traumatized following her rescue from a closed puppy mill.  Ruby was terribly shy and she would require a lot of close work.   That was an investment she was willing to make, as a teacher she was off for the summer and would have time to work with Ruby before school starts again in the fall.    It looks like the correct decision was made by everyone.    The following is an update we received to let all of you know how Ruby and Daisy are doing in their new home in New Mexico.

Just a short update on Ruby and Daisy --

Ruby has decided that she really likes to eat, even though she has to sneak up on the bowl. She will take small snack bones but not big ones yet. She does have her "Frog shaped" wading pool, which she enjoys lounging in several times a day (it has been close to or over 100 degrees here for about a week now) but still does not enjoy the towel thing after her soak. She has made it into the house through the dog door a few times and used her safe spot on the couch to act as a towel. . .sigh. (I think she would have liked the pack swimming adventures at your house.) Her safe spot is right next to my chair so she has started to stand on the arm of the couch (her safe spot) and slowly walk over to the arm of my chair and halfway down onto my lap. She won't come all of the way onto my lap yet, but she is working up the courage to do so.
Ruby has delusions that she is a raccoon or raven, both being scavengers. She has the gift of stealth and rather enjoys stealing things. I followed your advice and purchased several toys and placed them in a basket. While she does take things from the toy basket when I am looking, she can snatch the remote control in lightening fast speed and make it out the dog door (when I am not looking) before I have returned to my chair. She doesn't chew things up, she just likes to take them outside and put them in a pile on the porch. She is particularly fond of electronic devices and tools.
When we first arrived back in New Mexico - the land of enchantment - Ruby took up residence in Lexie's bed next to mine. I have had Lexie for 14 years and she doesn't share her food and she NEVER share's her bed (other than to let the cat cuddle up on those long winter nights). For some unknown reason, Lexie voluntarily allowed Ruby to have her bed without even a dirty look. Three days ago, Ruby decided that she would like to lay on the bed with me and put her head on me while we both sleep. I believe we have bonded. Next we work on her tender feelings so she doesn't get them hurt so often.
Daisy fit into the household like a glove. She adapted to the routine quickly and made the necessary changes immediately -- like having her bowl placed on the floor first. I told you that Angus was a ball whore -- she is a car whore, insisting on going for at least one ride per day -- preferably as an only child, but if necessary, she will share the space with any other four-legged that insists. If it weren't so hot in the garage and I didn't insist she get out of the car I think she would stay in there all day, hoping for a second trip.
Daisy gives Angus a run for his money with the ball chasing on occasion -- only to annoy him and make him see her getting attention when she returns it promptly. He is a typical male and actually likes the flirting. She shares Ruby's wading pool but doesn't get as wet because she is a "walk-through" type of girl, getting only her feet wet and occasionally her face. She enjoys visits from my nephews who love her up while they take turns loving Ruby, oh so gently so she doesn't get scared. Daisy's name fits her perfectly -- she is happy, and bright and a breath of fresh air. We have not witnessed any seizures or any other problems and hope they are a thing of the past. She will be meeting Dr. Mike, our vet, next week for a complete check up. . .at least she will get a ride in the car.
Right now all four dogs and two cats are sound asleep on the floor of my office. I had better get everyone to bed.
When we take in a rescue to foster,  we only make a commitment to help them move on in a week or a month.   When you adopt, you have made a lifetime commitment to provide a home, love and care.   We love to get follow up messages from our former foster friends.  It reminds us that there is still a lot of good in this old world, and a lot of hope, even if you are lost and homeless.   Thanks to all of you who go to the "Used Dog Store" to adopt a "used dog" and have given them a wonderful second life.      

Also, go to: The Bumpass Hounds have a very good post today about dogs and the dangers of hot weather.   Besides, their blog is always worth a read.
Mogley G. Retriever

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Yappy Hour

When the chauffeur invited Abby, Bella and I to jump in the car, taking along towels and a cooler of pop, we knew it was going to be something fun.   It was a stormy evening, so we did not know if we were going to go for a walk in the rain or if we were going to a swim place. 

It was Yappy Hour at the City Bark, a fun and fund raiser for Safe Harbor Lab Rescue and Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies.  The City Bark Doggie Day Care Center (2000 West 8th, Denver, CO) has a large site with ample room for ball chasing and a real swimming pool for our enjoyment.   After having a party at this day care, we might not mind going to day care some day.

We had close to 100 humans, and probably more dogs.   We ran, we played, we stole food from the food tent, and we swam.   Boy did we swim.  Half way into the evening it started raining heavy, but no one noticed.   The humans did not know if it had started raining or if it was another wet dog shaking near by.    They served hot dogs, salad, desert, beer and soda to the humans and the faster dogs.  I was too busy swimming to get in on the spilled food action.   

I ended up getting put into time out.   I was playing so hard jumping in and out of the pool that I tore my toe nails and started tracking blood around.   The staff was there with styptic powder to take care of the bleeding, then they put me in a small room so I would not re-injure myself.   

Abby was the star of the show, she jumped in the pool, then went to the entrance to welcome people with a genuine shower of Golden Love, then she repeated the wash cycle.   Her motto was "Let no human go dry".   She made friends with a lot of new people, including several that were at the event to find a homeless dog to adopt.  

Abby, Bella and I slept all the way home, we had dinner, then went to sleep again.   It was a very exciting end to a boring, rainy day.   We are still napping Saturday afternoon.  

We took photos, but the camera did not make it home with us, so we will pick up the camera and post a photo or two later.   Thanks again to City Bark, for helping two rescue organizations raise money and for letting 100 dogs have a great time.

 Mogley G. Retriever

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Abby's shopping list

There are several homes that are currently looking to adopt.   Abby decided to set down some standards for a hew home, otherwise she won't go.   Abby wrote the following to let you know what she expects in a Forever Home. 

  • Squirrels, lots and lots of squirrels.
  • Trees, it is no fun to chase squirrels if they don't have trees.
  • Treats, here there are at least two treat times a day, so that is the minimum standard.
  • A good dog bed.  Very thick, chasing squirrels all day long wears a person out.  The bed should be beside the human bed, I don't like to commute for my good-night tummy rub. 
  • A dog door, this is negotiable, but what good is a squirrel in the back yard if I can't get out to chase them?
  • Tummy rubs, we get two per day here, sometimes three or four.  Top that and I will pack my bags.
  • Ear and jaw scratches.  One or two a day is the minimum.
  • Food, lots and lots of dog food.   Here they ration it, something about my waist line.   Don't worry, I will wear any excess food off chasing squirrels and balls.
  • A new collar, my old collar is getting pretty dirty.  A matching leash is nice as well.
  • Lots and lots of tennis balls.   If I drop one, I will need to pick up another one immediately and I don't like to have to go far without one in my mouth.
  • Stuffed toys, but only a couple.  I like to carry them around, I don't tear them up very often. 
  • A good throwing arm.   What good is a tennis ball if no one throws it?
  • Cats are OK, but not if they try to eat my food.   I just ignore cats, so it is no big deal.
  • A wading pool is nice, I am not a big water dog, I can swim if I need to, but I don't need to swim.
  • Regular walks and rides in the car would be nice.   I need to get out and see the world from time to time.  I do like to ride and I enjoy new places.    
  • Did I mention squirrels?  For the right person, I might bring one of my own squirrels with me.
  • A dog friend?   I can entertain myself with squirrels and tennis balls, but it is nice to have a friend if I am left alone very much.  This is negotiable if being an only dog results in more tummy rubs. 
If your home meets these criteria, then send me your application, I will get back to you after my afternoon nap.   I had a busy morning chasing squirrels and I am tired. 

Abby G. Retriever

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The day after

Above, Sunday afternoon, 8 pool dogs are waiting for more tennis balls in the pool.   The bi-peds were sometimes slow to replenish the ball supply in the pool.  We will work on training them better before the next party.

The pool party on Sunday was a huge success.    The temperature was in the high 90's, the pool was still chilly, only 70, it takes a long time for the solar heat to bring the pool up to temperature once the weather turns warm.  This coming weekend is forecast to be in the 60's, a cold front is coming in. 

This morning the pool was slowly clearing, we could see the bottom of the pool in the shallow end.   We think that means there is not enough dog hair in the filter.   If there was more dog hair in the filter the filter would clean better and the pool would be clear.  We think it is time for another party.    The resident bi-ped says that the pool needs more time for the mud to settle out.   He says that if we would not swim, then roll in the mud, then swim again, the pool would be clean and we could go back in.  He added lots of chlorine Sunday night, that has to dissipate before we can get in again.   We only get to swim when the chlorine is low.  He also keeps a portable fence around the pool to keep us out.   It works for Bella, Abby and I, we know we are not supposed to go in without an invitation.   But visitors sometimes jump over the little fence and go in anyway.   Then I can't be a poor host and not join them. 

Below, more wet dogs, there are never enough wet dogs. 
Apparently the bi-ped has forgotten the benefits of a good mud bath.   Most spas charge extra for a mud bath, we throw it in for free.   Swim, then a mud pack, then swim again.   Anyone up to another pool day? 

Mogley G. Retriever

Sunday, June 6, 2010

A Pool Warming Party

Above, five wet Goldens race to be first to fetch the tennis ball.  

We finally had our pool warming for the spring.   We invited several foster family's in to help us warm the pool up in style.   Would you believe 10 Golden Retrievers in the pool?   We had our cousins, Emma, Molly and Piper, then we had two more foster parent families, Sarge, Shorsha and Evelyn, and River, Riley with foster Sonny, and their cousin.  Below, I am trying to get a ball without having to jump in. 
What a great party we had.   We had to award the prize for the wettest dog to 8 dogs.   Bella and Emma did not want to get in, they were afraid they would mess up their hair.   They got wet, but it was second hand wet from playing with us when we got out and shook.   The rest of us got wet and stayed wet.   Piper might have qualified for the most time in the pool, she got in and then refused to get out for any reason, staying in the pool for the whole party. 

The pool started out fairly clean, but as the day wore on it turned a pretty brown color.    We jumped out of the pool and ran around, we rolled in the dirt in the garden, then jumped back in the pool.  The pool cleaner said he wanted us to not roll in the dirt, so we rolled in the grass instead, but that was not much better, he had just mowed and we just filled the pool with grass instead of filling it with dirt.   Below, Sarge ( or maybe that is River and Sarge is already in) jumps in after a ball while the rest of us try to beat him to it.    I am wearing a yellow swim vest.   Half way through the party they put the yellow swim vest on me, they decided that I was swimming too hard and I was in danger of wearing myself out.   I did not care much for the vest, but it did make me swim faster. 
Then there was hair.  We were all shedding our winter coat, so the skimmers had to be cleaned several times during the day.   Enough hair was in the pool filter that we could knitt several more Golden Retrievers.    We thought there was a cream/white Golden or two, but once they were wet and had rolled in the dirt, everyone looked the same.   Abby was especially dirty, she rolled in the dirt and then rolled some more, she was so dirty they washed her with a hose before they would let her back in.  Below, a good shake is all it takes to be ready to jump in again.
What fun we had, the humans put us on leashes to dry us off and keep us from rolling in the dirt again.   We managed to get away and jump in again until the fence around the pool was put up again.   We were dried off, then we took long naps before we had dinner.   After I finish my blog, I think I will take another nap.   It was a very wild and fun day.    I wonder if we could get 15 goldens in the pool next time?

Mogley G. Retriever

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Happy Saturday

Hey water dogs, the swimming pool is open, the water is fairly clear, the temperature is coming up and life is good.    The pool is heated with solar collectors on the garage roof, so it takes a long time to get the temperature up to people level, but it is at dog level all the time. 

An e-mail went out challenging some of the local Golden Retriever Rescue folks to a "Wet Dog Contest".  We will throw the gate open to the pool and see which dog can get the wettest.   I am going to bet on a ten way tie for first place.  

If you are in the area, come on by and get a wet head.

We do have a couple that are showing an interest in giving Foster Abby a forever home.  They live out of town and will have to make a drive in to visit.   Stay tuned, Abby may end up becoming a farm dog, with acres and acres to run on, she may end up with the best home of all.

Mogley G. Retriever

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sheila and Bob sent us this link, it should brighten up your Thursday.

Mogley G. retriever