Friday, February 27, 2009

Good Friends

After three weeks, Abby and Sandy have become very good friends. Sandy is responding to the vitamins and glucosamine, her joints are loosening up and our 11 year old friend is playing, romping and running like a 5 year old. This has caused some problems. There is only one tennis ball thrower in the house, and four retrievers. Abby is a very skilled retriever, she and I have some strong competition for thrown balls. Sandy tries hard, but she is slow and she can't beat Bella, Abby and I to the ball.

Sandy has taken over my softest bed, the one by the rocking chair where the hand reaches down and pets my head while he watches TV. Now its her head that is often on the cushion, waiting for the hand. Sandy-Abby both chew up my toys, they have no respect for my seniority here. Being a foster brother is not as easy as it sounds.

We are still actively seeking a forever home for Sandy-Abby, it is hard to find a home for an older dog, and to find a home for two at once is proving difficult. The rescue is receiving many new dogs and there are so many young Golden's for two older Lady's to compete with. We will find the perfect home, but in the meantime we have some wonderful friends to play with.

We went to the drive through dog treat dispenser today, everyone received a treat. The chauffeur says that the place is called a bank and he has to give them large money in return for the treats. This is much like the pet store, the chauffeur gives them smaller money and they give him treats to take home. So why doesn't he take the big money to the pet store instead of giving it to the bank? We could have many more treats that way. Humans! They just don't think sometimes.

Mogley G. Retriever

Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Day in the Park!

What is the sound of four dogs running? It is panting. Lots of panting. The resident chauffeur took all four of us down to the park to run and exercise. There is a lesson here for my regular readers, if you make enough noise and romp in the house, they will take you out to run and work it off. A quiet dog is a dog that does not get to go play. Abby is joining in play time with Bella and I, with three dogs roughhousing in the house we should get a lot more trips to the dog park.

Sandy and Abby had to drag their leashes for a short time after we arrived at the 9 mile park. Foster dogs always have to drag their leashes till we are sure they will come back when called, it is a very big park if anyone decides to run away. Sandy and Abby passed the test quickly and we all were free to play. Sandy surprised everyone by running with us. At 11 years old, we expected her to be slow and stay close. Instead she ran across the fields and mixed with the rest of the dogs at the park. She did have a hard time getting back up into the SUV when the trip was over, and she spent a long time sleeping when we were home.

We have no prospects to adopt Sandy-Abby and provide them with new forever homes. Sandy-Abby don't care, they have settled in. The resident chauffeur worries about them settling in too well and not wanting to go to a new home. That is what happened to our cousin Molly. Molly simply refused to go when a new family came to adopt her. She had settled in and refused to leave, she had to be adopted where she was.

Sandy-Abby will make someone a wonderful addition to their home. They are so much alike that we think of them as one dog. They are very calm, quiet, well behaved and loving. If you have a home that is a few pounds short of love, we offer two 65 pound packages of affection.

Mogley G. Retriever

Sunday, February 22, 2009

What is in a name?

Above, from left, Sandy, Bella, Mogley and Abby.

Below, we are waiting patiently for dinner. Why does the human make us wait so long? If we ate both meals, one right after the other, we could get it behind us and not have to wait all day for the humans to get around to dishing out the food. That would leave more time for treats all day long.

The resident chauffeur has it all mixed up. He calls Sandy, Abby, and he calls Abby, Sandy. To make it less confusing, he now just calls "Here Goldens" when he wants us to come. Sandy and Abby have been together so long that they think their names are "Sandy-Abby". They don't care what they are called, they just come running.

Sandy-Abby are well settled in. This was not supposed to happen, they came to us from the rescue as foster friends, we were to provide them with a transition home, evaluate them, then send them on to their new forever home. The problem is that they have not yet found a Forever home. At first they kept their bags packed, ready to go at any moment. Now, after three weeks, they have unpacked their bags and settled in. According to statistics, dog rescues are up, dog adoptions are down. Luckily, Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies (GRRR) has many foster homes so that our Golden friends don't have to live behind chain link. The latest issue of our newsletter said we rescued 396 Goldens, and others, last year.

Sandy and Abby are wonderful friends. They are very calm and polite. They don't chew on inappropriate items, they don't bark, and they don't snore at night beside the bed. Sandy is 11 and Abby is 6, this makes it harder to adopt as few people want to take two dogs at a time, and with one older dog there is even more hesitation. They have been together so long and are so attached that it would be a shame to separate them. They are becoming our friends as well. Bella and I start romping and soon Abby, then Sandy will join in the fun. Sandy is older, but she is the more adventurous of the two, she is the first to run to the door when the door bell rings, followed by Abby once Sandy has blazed the way. Abby leaps into the back of the big SUV when it is time for a ride, Sandy has to take it slower and climb in as she does not jump well. They are "Hand Hogs", they crowd in when it is time for attention. When we have fosters staying with us the resident chauffeur makes certain that we get adequate attention. With Sandy and Abby it is tough because they push in and are not shy about claiming their right to be petted or to get ears scratched or a tummy rub.

We will continue to work hard to find these two wonderful friends a new home, in the meantime they are doing fine with us. The humans say that the two visitors are so well behaved that it is like not even having another dog, except that the odds of tripping over a dog has increased greatly. Go to to read more about us and other homeless dogs. You too can be a foster parent and help an abandoned dog find a new home.

Mogley G. Retriever

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Motivational Posters

In these times of financial stress, the resident chauffeur has decided to start a dog training and motivational school. He posted the following picture on the refrigerator and now requires us to look at it every day before we get our treat. He says with four of us here now, he needs some help around the house.

He thinks its pretty funny. I think I will call the Dog Whisperer and have him come whisper something nasty in our chauffeur's ear.

Mogley G. Retriever

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine Dog

Being the only male dog in the house with three females is fun most of the time, but on Valentines day I have a lot of presents to buy and a lot of cards to send. Did you know how hard it is to buy proper valentines day cards in the pet shop? They only sell cards for people, not dogs. I looked for a card that would express sentiments in a way that dogs can relate to. I wanted to buy a nice card that said something like "Roses are red, Violets are blue, Your tail wags nice and your butt smells nice too". You know, something that says Happy Valentines day, but with proper dog wishes instead of that messy stuff people write.

A little know fact is that Dogs are getter poets than people. You may never have considered this, but things rhyme better in dog than they do in people. Everything dogs say rhymes with "Bark". That makes romantic poems easy. When a dog writes a poem it always rhymes. For example, take the old classic: "Bark, bark, bark." It has perfect timing and rhythm, with a very sincere message.

Sandy and Abby will mark their first week's anniversary on Sunday. They are such nice room mates. When the rescue asked us to take them we were told that having both of them would be like having only one dog. They were right, except that you can not trip over one dog in two different places at the same time, but you can with Sandy and Abby. Sandy and Abby are very quiet and very well behaved. They have come from a happy home, they were not miss treated or abused. They are Valentine dogs, they are wonderful lovers and great companions.

They are playing with us now, when Bella and I go into "full romp" mode, they join in and instead of sounding like a small herd of elephants, we sound like a large herd of elephants a play. We have about 8 tennis balls in the house, at any given time, four or more are in play. Abby likes soft toys that she can carry around. Sandy likes tennis balls the best, but we all play with all the toys just to have fun.

We have not heard from anyone who wants to give Sandy and Abby a forever home, but we hope they are out there, maybe they tried to call when the humans were out to dinner. If you did, please call back. Sandy and Abby are ready, they keep their travel bag packed with all their things, ready to go home with you when you are ready to adopts a pair of wonderful friends and life companions.

Happy Valentines Day to all of our readers.

Mogley G. Retriever

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Nurse Sandy and Nurse Abby

Our two foster sisters are ready to begin looking for their forever home. With the economy dropping, jobs scarce, more people than ever will be needing therapy. Coming to your rescue, like a St. Bernard with a brandy cask in a snow storm, is Sandy and Abby. In the prior post we outlined the diseases and syndromes they have been trained to cure. If your Doctor has ever told you; "Go home, take two Golden Retrievers, and call me in the morning," then you need Sandy and Abby.
Since these two special therapy dogs are being offered for adoption as a team, we want to outline their needs. Here is what they would like you to know about them.

Sandy and Abby have very few demands. They would like a nice dog bed, at 11 years old, Sandy does need some protection from the floor at night. Sandy likes to sleep close to her patients and close to Abby. Abby likes her bed soft and right beside your bed where she can be ready to administer first aid if you should panic in the night. Sandy likes tennis balls, she can be seen with one most of the time, throw it and she will fetch for you, thereby providing both of you exercise. Sandy has a very soft coat, she feels like a Kashmir sweater when you pet her. They are both cat friendly and are willing to share a home with a cat or three if necessary. Both Sandy and Abby would like a fenced yard, please. They can go to the potty when walked on a leash, but it is difficult to get them coordinated. They both like to wander and explore on their own. A fenced yard would keep them happy. It does not have to be a huge yard, just readily available. Squirrels in a tree would be a bonus. They are water dogs, given the chance, the first day at our house both of them were in the Koi pond, even though it was very cold. The rescue says that Sandy is 11 years old, we don't see it, she runs and plays like a younger dog. She has the exuberance and the joy of living that goes with a much younger dog. Sandy will not slow you up on your walks, she will make you hurry to keep up.

Two older dogs are such wonderful companions. The two of them are mature, they are past their chewing stage, your slippers are safe on the floor. They don't jump up or get pushy when you have visitors. They will bark to notify you when your visitors arrive, but it is only in case you did not hear the door bell. They keep one another company if you need to leave them alone for long periods of time, no separation anxiety, no sulking or chewing on couches when left alone.

Sandy and Abby are just wonderful companions, they will move into your home, into your heart, and be an inseparable part of your family in hours. If you can promise to love honour and groom these two wonderful ladies, they will promise to make your life a little better every day. Love times two!

Mogley G. Retriever

Monday, February 9, 2009

Assistance Dogs, Sandy and Abby

Sandy and Abby, our new foster sisters are very special dogs. We knew they were being offered for adoption together because they have lived together and they are closely bonded. Now we have learned that they are special therapy dogs, trained in a new type of therapy, trained to help humans in a totally new way. They should be very easy to place in a new forever home, they offer a very special opportunity for some human in need.

Offering these two wonderful girls to be adopted together is like buying one winning lottery ticket and discovering that a second winning lottery ticket was stuck to the first one.

Sandy and Abby are special intervention dogs, trained to treat a new addiction syndrome that we have recently identified. If you are addicted to Golden Retrievers, Sandy and Abby are specially trained to help you. If you have a two dog a day addiction, they will come to your home, live with you and treat your addiction. If you have only a one-dog-a-day addiction, they will help you recover twice as fast.

You may suffer from Golden Retriever Addiction Syndrome or the more serious affliction known as Golden Retriever Deprivement Syndrome if you meet any of the following:

  • Do you find that most medical treatments leave you still craving more Golden Retrievers?
  • Do you attend long, expensive, therapy sessions with no progress?
  • Do you hate those heavy medications that most Doctors prescribe to treat Golden Retriever Addiction?
  • Does your back hurt from laying on the hard couch in the psychologist's office?
  • Do you want to buy dog toys instead of paying your money to Doctors?
  • Do you have to go to the door and bark at visitors yourself?
  • Do you throw tennis balls and then have to chase them yourself?
  • Do you have a closet full of old Frisbees that you never play with?
  • Do you find yourself walking around the block pulling an empty leash?
  • Do you need a reason to go for a run in the dog park?
  • Do you borrow friends dogs to go jogging with?
  • Do you feel guilty when you ask for a "doggie bag" at the restaurant?
  • Do you bring a steak bone home from a fancy restaurant meal and bury it in the back yard yourself?
  • Do you turn to "comfort food" like cake and ice cream because you don't get comfort from a warm dog?
  • Do you find yourself looking for love in all the wrong places because you think you are too old for "puppy love"?
  • Do you have one dog and one cold foot? Most of us have two feet which is why two dogs are essential for good health and warm feet.
  • Do you find yourself petting a dog with only one hand and you wonder what to do with the other hand?
  • Do you need to be greeted at the door by two special friends?
  • Are you disappointed when you vacuum your house and you only use one vacuum bag?
  • Do you automatically use a lint roller on all black clothes only to find it was not necessary?
  • Do you drool at puppies in the pet shop window at the mall?
  • Do you have a hole in your heart that is too big to be filled by just one Golden Retriever?

Then you may suffer from Golden Retriever Addiction Syndrome or its more serious version, Golden Retriever Deprivement Syndrome. For treatment we prescribe Sandy and Abby. Sandy and Abby will to come to your home and do a long term intervention. They are available for adoption if you qualify. Go to and read about Sandy and Abby. Help them find their perfect forever home.

Mogley G. Retriever

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sandy and Abby

It was very boring around here for a while. Bella and I discovered that if we are pests the chauffeur will drive us to the big dog park in hopes that we will run our energy away. The picture above shows Bella and I spending another exciting day sleeping in the morning sun on the couch.

Suddenly it became an exciting day. I heard our personal chauffeur talking to Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies (GRRR) on the phone. That can only mean one thing; New Fosters! Then he took the car (without Bella and I) and left. When he came back he had two new friends for us to play with. We are foster parents again, we get to help two more dogs find their forever homes. What a wonderful day. Below, Sandy on the left and Abby on the right.
Below Sandy is checking out her new yard and looking to see if there are any squirrels in sight.
Below is Abby, looking for her buddy.
Sandy (11) and Abby (6) are life long friends. They are very nice, calm, mature Golden Retrievers. They are questionable because they made friends with the cats right way, any dog that does not chase a strange cat is a little suspect. They apparently have lived with a dog door before, they went in an out in the first few minutes they were here.

We all sat to get treats together, that is how we are properly introduced. Dogs that get treats together are friends together. Or at least that is what the our chauffeur thinks. It is as good of a reason to get treats as any reason. Maybe if we act like we are strangers they will introduce us again?

We spent some time outside running before it gets dark, they are still a little shy about playing with Bella and I, but they want to play so it won't be long before we are all romping together. They run together and if one goes out, the other goes out, just like two long time friends. They have been together so long that the rescue would like to place them together.

We are still getting acquainted so I will write more later. In the meantime, their partial stories are posted on the Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies web site.

Mogley G. Retriever

Monday, February 2, 2009

GroundHog Day

According to the world wide web, Colorado does not have any ground hogs. Groundhogs, or marmots are pretty much Eastern animals. We have prairie dogs, we have rock chucks up in the mountains, we have all kinds of animals, but not ground hogs. That ruins my plans for the day.

Bella and I wanted to go scare the groundhogs back into their dens so we could have an early spring. Now it looks like the decision as to whether or not to have an early spring rests entirely in the hands of our Easter brothers and sisters. We send this message to all of our blogging dog friends back East; go out today and scare a groundhog back into his den before he can see his shadow. We don't want six more weeks of winter.

Bella and I are trying to talk the car driver into taking us over to the big park and let us look for groundhogs. Maybe one got lost and strayed out into the big park.

We have been begging him to take us out to the running area where all the prairie dogs are, but they won't let us go there. Something about us getting fleas and disease from the prairie dogs. He claims that the prairie dogs have fleas and the fleas carry bubonic plague and rabies. We can't understand why they call them prairie dogs anyway. They don't look like dogs, they can't blog and they can't fetch. Last time we were allowed to run in a prairie dog town we tried to dig one out of its burrow and we got all muddy. When we tried to chase them, one would pop up on one side of us, we would run towards them and they would disappear into their burrows just as one came back up where we were before. I think we lost five pounds that day. I think the real reason the car driver will not take us to the prairie dog town is that we scared him a lot when we would not come back, we were so busy chasing these little scurrying rodents that we ignored him a long time when he called us back. Honest, we will obey better next time.

Happy Groundhog day to all of you. Do your good deed for the day and scare a groundhog before he can see his shadow and bring us more cold and snow.

Mogley G. Retriever