Sunday, August 19, 2012

Blue vs. Green, Then vs. Now

This is what the pool looked like one week ago.    One week ago our cousins, Piper and Molly,moved back into their own house, leaving Bella and I to play by ourselves.   In the excitement and attention paid to moving, our Paw Challenged One forgot to add chemicals to the pool for a week.   Today Piper and Molly came back for a visit, and instead of a blue pool, we had a green pool.    We don't understand why they did not want us to swim, the water is still the same.   

Today instead of chasing tennis balls to fetch in the pool, they threw green apples into the water and we could fetch and munch at the same time, if we could find them in the green pool.    The apples are still falling in the back yard and we all enjoy an unlimited amount of snacks, all day and all night long.

Soon the pool will be back to blue again, but then it is getting close to when they will cover it for the year.   So we will enjoy it while we can. 

Mogley G. Retriever

Monday, August 6, 2012

Rocky, the Wonder Dog!

Meet Rocky, the three legged wonder.....

We had a wild party Saturday, it was a great time, a wet time, and a wild time.   There were 10 dogs to enjoy the water, lots of kids and best of all, we got to meet Rocky.

Rocky is a new foster with Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies, who is living with Colleen, Sarah, River and Riley while he is interviewing humans to decide who he wants to adopt and where he wants to go for his forever home.    Rocky has one front leg that was damaged at birth, and is permanently doubled back.   It slows him up a little, but not much.   We wondered how he would do in the water, no problem, he took to the water immediately and he swam like a rabbit.   Like a rabbit because he swams in jerks since he could only stroke with one front foot.   Still he swam with good speed, and he swam with joy.   He is a real water dog.   No, we don't have any photos of Rocky dry.   He came in, saw the pool, and was in it in moments.   

Below, Piper and Rocky bring a toy back.   Rocky plays well with others and he was sure fun to have at our party.  

 Rocky also knows he can get away with more than the other dogs can get away with. He knows he can lay on the furniture, take toys, steal treats, and because he is so cute, no one tells him "no".

Riley is practicing to be a Dock diving dog.   Maybe we can get a new category at the annual Golden Retriever Rescue Reunion Picnic for dock diving dogs?   Below we see Riley getting some big air!

Boy did we have fun.   And you missed it!

Mogley G. Retriever

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Wet carpets? Blame the fish!

Some of you may be wondering how we manage to have daily golden retriever swim parties and not get into trouble when we "accidentally" run into the house while we are wet.    Remember, there are almost 50 aquariums of extinct, rare and exotic tropical fish in the basement, so we believe in spreading the blame.   Here is how we do it. 

It works like a charm, there is always a fish to blame.

Tundra is one of our favorite comics, if it is not in your local newspaper, you can go to and see the real thing.  Browse the archives if you want to have a chuckle.  If you don't have Tundra in your local paper, complain.

Mogley G. Retriever

Friday, August 3, 2012

Important Notice!

The word is going out.   Saturday we are having a "Golden Retriever Swim Party".    If you are in the Aurora area, be there or be dry.   We have a special occasion to celebrate.   Our cousins, Molly and Piper will be going back to their own home this coming weekend, so this will be the last time we are all together for a while.     The renters are moving out and our paw challenged ones daughter will be back in their own home.  

That does not mean that we won't get to swim, I will still be here to swim, and Piper has her own little pond at her house so she can still swim, it just won't be as much fun without the whole crew.  Also, since Piper and Molly's parents travel a lot now, they will be staying with us a lot during the week.  But it is not the same without the whole crew. 

So if you are in driving range, come on down and bring your dry retriever.
Come on in, the water is great!!!

Mogley G. Retriever