Friday, February 26, 2010

Aspen's turn!

Aspen has been our guest for a week already.   Her stay here has been overshadowed with news about Angel and Lady.   As our regular readers know, when Aspen found her forever home her family had already made arrangements to help a medical mission to Guatamala.   We offered to provide Aspen with a warm home and a soft bed while they were gone. 

We received this message from Guatamala
Hello to Aspen and Bella and Mogley and her terrific bipeds,I am trying to adjust to writing on a spanish keyboard so excuse me. We have been very busy and we also felt two earthquakes today but they were what the Guatemalans call, ´tremblors´. We are fine but very busy and delighted to find out that Aspen has made her self at home. We hope she doesn´t get too commfy as we are looking forward to taking her back to our house when we return. Give an extra pat to Aspen from her bipeds. 
Above, Aspen is forced to roll in fresh snow while her family is enjoying the tropical warmth, but Aspen does not complain, she perseveres.  Aspen has been toughing it out here, waiting for a chance to return to her real home.  Aspen wants to assure you that she looks forward to going home.    She says that the Hand to Dog (HD) ratio is very low here.   With only four hands and four dogs, she is not getting as much attention as she is used to.   Also, she is not given treats in the kitchen when it's cooking time.   But it is fun to have friends to run and bark with and she enjoys lying in the warm morning sun in the front glass porch.   She can lay in the sun and pretend she is in a warm jungle!

By Mogley G. Retriever, on behalf of Aspen.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

An Angel's Story

When our foster sister arrived last evening, she was too upset to talk with us, but now Angel is ready to tell her story. She says it is a fairly common story, common that is if you are a rescue dog. Her first home could not deal with a high energy Golden/Doodle.   As she grew in size , she grew in energy, the response was to lock her outdoors for longer and longer times. A neighbor became concerned and finally suggested that Angel be surrendered to Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies (GRRR). Angel only spent a short time at GRRR before being placed with a new home where she was chosen to be a play mate for a 1 1/2 year old Lab/Doodle. This lasted for a week and GRRR was asked to take her back.  Although this is seldom done, in this case the two dogs were fighting and the owner was fearful for their safety. A happy home for Angel became the most important consideration. GRRR did not rescue her from one bad situation only to place her in another bad situation.

Since arriving here Angel has proved herself to be a good citizen.  Angel has had plenty of chances to chase the cats, she has only walked over to sniff them. She is "cat curious", showing no signs of being cat aggressive. Mini Cat even relaxed in front of Angel, showing total trust. Angel has had no training, "sit" is the only command that she knows by heart. The next few days will be spent working on "come", "down", and leash training. She pays attention to commands and wants to respond, she just needs to practice. Bella and I will work with her to teach her what those unpredictable bi-peds want. We have already guided Angel in and out of the dog doors. 
Welcome Angel to the pack, we hope her stay will be short and that her next home is a extra special Forever Home, she deserves a very special home. Someone that will train her, give her lots of attention, and someone that jogs every day.   We would love to find her a home like the one Lady went to, seven acres of land to run, deer and bunnies to chase, several energetic buddies to stretch her legs with, but those homes are very rare.   Angel reminded me that she loves to cuddle and would love to find a home that needs a 70 pound lap dog. Help us find her a perfect home!

Mogley G. Retriever

First look at an Angel

Here is a quick picture of Angel, our 3 year old, 70 pound, Golden/Doodle foster.    We think she is so nice and good looking that it will not take long to find her a forever home.    What do you think?
We are learning more about her as she settles in, but one thing we have learned already is that she has more energy than Bella and I combined.    She has her "sit" for treats down pat, but she does not do any other commands.  She is a work in progress and will need lots of training.     Like many non-purebreds, she is terribly smart and will learn fast.   Bella and I will teach her what she needs to know to be a perfect "Forever Home Companion".  

Mogley G. Retriever

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

An Angel dog!

The bi-peds did it again.   The left for a few minutes this evening and came home with a new foster from rescue.   We now have a new foster sister to help find her way to a new forever home.

Her name is Angel, she is about 3 years old.  She is a 70 pound Golden/Doodle. 

Other than those items, we don't know much about her.    We will try and tell her story tomorrow when we learn it.   In the meantime, help us make her feel at home.

Mogley G. Retriever

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

How to cure Writers Block

Above is one more picture of the cause of my writers block.  I asked Mini to move so that I could type my blog, you can see her answer!

The question is, how do I cure my writers block?   I have developed a few ways to cure it.   First, I can go into the kitchen and bark like a can opener.   That usually works, especially around meal time.  If my writers block is especially stubborn, then I bring in the heavy guns.  I hide behind the chair and I make a very faint squeak like a mouse.   If I still can't get to the computer, I can lie down behind the couch with just the tip of my tail hanging out.   Then if I stay very still and just twitch the end of my tail, Mini will usually pounce on it.   We can wait till the resident bi-ped sits down and makes a lap, then we go to get a head scratch, Mini will normally try to get her share of any attention. 

If you have your own way to cure your writers block, or suggestions as to how I can cure my writers block, leave a comment.

Mogley G. Retriever

Monday, February 22, 2010

What Writers Block looks like!

This is a photo of what a real writers block looks like.   I have heard that people sit at their keyboard and complain that they have "writers block" just because they can't think of something to say.  That is not writers block.   I have something to say, it is just that sometimes it is dangerous to say it, Mini Cat does not like to be disturbed when she is napping on a warm computer.  This is real writers block! 

Maybe you did not know how real and tangible writers block is.    If you have wondered why I don't blog daily, now you understand.   I have a lot to say on line, I just have to contend with a very bad case of writers block. 

Mini Cat is a real writers block.   She waits till I turn the computer on, then she takes her nap on the nice warm computer.  I have tried asking her politely to move, she reminds me that my nose is very tender.
Mini does not like snow days and nights.  She likes to spend her time outdoors, she uses our dog doors to come and go.   On these cold days, she gets bored and terrorizes the rest of the household with her sharp claws, then she takes her nap on a warm computer.  I hope it warms up soon so she will spend more time outside. 

You would think she would show me more respect, I am the reason she has a warm home and a full food dish.     One evening two years ago, I was watching the rain turn to sleet, then to snow outside the front sun room.  I heard this tiny meow coming from under one of the bushes in front of the door.   I started barking to let everyone know that something was outside.    The bi-ped came to the door, but did not see anything.   I kept barking, assuring him that something was there.    He stepped out into the cold and then he too heard the tiny voice of a very cold, wet and hungry kitten.  He picked up a kitten that was so weak and limp that he was not sure she would make it.  He brought her in and dried her off, then gave her some food.   She was so tiny that they just called her "Mini Cat".  Within days, Mini thought that the house was hers and we were interlopers.   No "thanks" from her!

Mini Cat causes writers block almost every time I try to write my blog.    Mini Cat is a black cat, she crosses my path hourly, if black cats do cause bad luck when they cross your path, I may be doomed. 

Mogley G. Retriever

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Good news and Good news!

Above, Lady takes a tour of our back yard.

A few blogs back I mentioned that Aspen was coming to stay with us for several weeks.   Aspen was a foster here, she went to a very nice family, but the family had planned a trip for February and they were hesitant to take Aspen if she might have to be left alone in a kennel while they traveled.   We offered to keep Aspen so that she could have her perfect forever home immediately.  She arrived Friday afternoon, in the middle of a snow storm.    Her family will be in Guatemala on a volunteer aid project for two weeks.   Since I can't volunteer to go along and help, the best I can do is give Aspen a happy home so that her family can help without having to worry about leaving Aspen behind.   Arriving in a snow storm hurt a little, we tried to convince them that several Golden Retrievers would help the project a lot in the warm jungle.  Instead we were given large chew bones to keep us busy.   Aspen took up where she had left off several months ago.  She had left two stuffed toys with some stuffing left in them, she immediately went to the toy box and found them, then proceeded to finish the job she had started months ago.   She remembered everything, where the beds were, where the water dish was, where her feeding bowl was placed.   She settled in to await her family's return.

The other good news is that Lady has found her new forever home.    Bella and I even have a promise that we can visit her from time to time.   Lady has two nice goldens and one long haired miniature dachshund as new sisters.    She met them all in the back yard where she demonstrated how friendly she can be and how she can romp with the best of them.    The back yard is a large fenced area, but there are many acres beyond the fence to run in when she settles in.    They have to be careful because of the multitude of wild life, bunnies,  coyotes, deer and even mountain lions.    

Lady knows how to play an audience. She had her new family wrapped around her paws within moments.  She knew that she was in when she was allowed to climb up on the sofa and snuggle. Knowing she was not allowed on furniture at our home, the bi-ped says Lady stuck out her tongue at him when she settled down.

Her new family now has three Golden Retrievers, all three from Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies.  Her family even fostered several puppies, so they know how to spoil a dog.
Aspen, Bella and I wish her well and we hope to see her again since she is close. 
Mogley G. Retriever

Friday, February 19, 2010

The Lady and the snow.

It snowed last night, this morning we all went out to play.  You can see that Lady likes to play in the snow.

The Bumpass Hounds left a comment on our blog about Lady.   They adopted a blind Golden named Radar, they left the following message for us:
"Our brudda Radar's lower jaw is set forward and his right lower canine is always outside his jowl. Mom says that his condition is called a malocclusion or something that sounds like that. He always looks like he's grinning or getting ready to spit."
Here is a photo of Lady with her "ever-grinning canine" tooth.   Now we have a name for it.  We think it gives her some special personality! 
She says that having a tooth out means she is always ready to grab a treat.   Go ahead, try me and see!

We are having such fun with Lady, she is a true sweetheart and she behaves delightfully in the house. 

Mogley G. Retriever

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Lady, a lady with a future!

Above, Lady, Mogley and Bella get acquainted.
Two nights ago we wrote a quick "tease" that Lady, our newest foster, had arrived.   Lady had a very bad night with us.  She was 6-7 years old, and had just been spayed.   She was still reacting to the anesthesia and she threw up all night long.   By the next morning the bi-peds panicked when she could not even take a lap of water without throwing up.  Her stomach was making loud noises and she was very lethargic.   The Official Golden Retriever Rescue Vet opens at 7:00, they had her there for a follow up.
Lady spent the day and night with the Vet, then with Mary.   Her stomach seems to have settled down and she is eating and drinking without problems.   This morning Lady came back to us.   She feels better this time, she is even acting like a real dog, running and sniffing things, playing with us, and exploring her new home. 

She is such a sweetheart.   She was abandoned along a road in a rural area and she found a local farm house for shelter.   The farm family loved her, but they had several family pets already, but they did know about Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies (GRRR) and Lady was soon on her way.   Somewhere along the way she had become foster mother to three ten week old black lab/mix puppies, they were not hers, but they attached themselves to her.    The puppies went to a separate home that is better equipped to handle them.  

Lady has two very distinct features.   She is extremely skinny, from wandering abandoned before she found shelter, she weighs only 51 pounds.  She also has lower front teeth that come forward and give her a perpetual grin with a slightly threatening look as her teeth are sticking out front.   It does not seem to bother her, she can still chew treats with the best of them. 

She is well leash broken, she obeys commands, and she is well house broken.   She gets along well with other dogs and cats.  Like many abandoned dogs, we don't know her real name, but she responds to almost anything you say to her and Lady seems to be a good fit.  We will give her a few days to recover before we post her story on the adoption page, she has been through a lot lately and she needs to relax and grow stronger (and fatter).  

Mogley G. Retriever

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Welcome Lady

The resident Bi-ped left with his chauffeur hat on, then came back a few hours later with Lady. Lady is our new foster. We don't have photos to put up yet, Lady needed her rest. She had spent a long day at the Dr. today and she is still pretty groggy. Lady is 6-7 years old and was found as a stray on a rural farm. The farm family wanted to keep her, but they were up to quota on dogs already. She is skinny, but happy to be where it is warm and where she has a soft bed to sleep on.

Tomorrow when she is feeling a little more perky, we will tell her story.

On Friday Aspen comes to visit. Aspen is one of our former foster friends, her new family had already made arrangements to go to Guatemala to help build a village. When they wanted to adopt Aspen, but they wondered if they should wait so that Aspen did not have to spend weeks in a kennel, we offered to give her a home while they made their trip so that Aspen would not have to wait for her forever home. Aspen wanted to go along on the trip, one of the tasks is cooking for a hundred people. What a kitchen that would have been to hang out in. We are looking forward to seeing Aspen again, she was a delight to have with us the first time.

Mogley G. Retriever

An old friend sends us photos!

Today I am posting an E-mail we received from Snickers who is one of our former rescue brothers.  It is always nice to hear from old friends!

Hi Mogley & Bella,

I hope you remember me. I am Snickers and I spent a couple of weeks with you in Dec 2008 - Jan 2009. I have now been at my new home for a little more than a year, and I am loving life now. It is a wonderful home, with two friends (Rosy & Bailey). Of course, they aren't goldens, but I guess not everyone can be as lucky as me (and you guys). But they are fun to live with (most of the time) and I do love my bi-peds. They are very good at spoiling me, and I'm really kind of enjoying being spoiled :). I have a nice yard to run in, and a nice house to live in, and also some really nice trails to take walks on. Also, I get lots of toys (which I do still love to tear apart) and quite often, I even get to have ice cream. You can see me & Rosy & Bailey eating some in the picture below. I am also sending a picture of me outside in the snow, looking very beautiful. Sorry if I sound conceited, but I do have to admit I do look pretty good in that picture :) !!

Guess I should go for now. I just wanted to let you know I am doing great and love my new home. I will keep you up to date on my life, and I will continue reading your blog to keep up with all the stuff you are doing.

Take care. Hope I can see you again some day.


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Dead Duck

The Duck is Dead, long live the duck! 

The Duck did not last as long as we thought it would.   I took the "Quacker" out a few hours after it was given to me.   I started checking out the duck's internal construction, Bella decided to finish the job for me.   It was a good duck, but they don't make ducks like they did when I was a pup.   A duck back then would last for a week or more.   I remember when I attended "Retriever School", I took "Retrieving Ducks, 101".   I had to make a duck last the whole week of the course.   I graduated "Suma-Barka Loud". 

Below, Bella naps after killing my duck. 
We had snow last night, when I went out to my bathroom this morning there was 3 inches of snow where my toilet used to be.    It was light and fluffy snow, it was fun to run in and roll in.   We decided to share the snow, we sent the storm on towards the East, it should arrive there in a couple of days.    No! No need to thank me, I knew you did not have enough snow so I thought I would share.   The sun came out later and melted most of it away here in Denver, maybe it will last longer for you. 

The Resident Bi-Ped (RBP) spent the day watching the Olympics on TV.   He got very interested in the Luge events.   We thought the Luge was dangerous following the terrible accident that had taken place.    But no, the the RBP says he was studying the technique they use.   He says he will work hard to perfect his technique and practice to be ready to enter the Luge in four more years when the next Olympics takes place.     We did not understand until he pointed out that the Luge is the only Olympic Sport that you do laying down, a position he seems to practice a lot.   If laying down is all it takes, then we have discovered a natural talent that should not be wasted.    We can't help but wonder what the practice sessions look like, and when they hold try outs, exactly how do you determine who the winner is if they begin and end the event prone?     Luckily we live close to where the US Olympic team spends its time in Colorado Springs, Colorado, so maybe he can take his Laz-e-boy down and participate in the try outs. 

Bella reminded me that there is a reason God gave dogs such lovely fur coats.   The Luge is done with the participant wearing a very tight suit.  The image of our RBP in a skin tight latex suit popped into her mind and if she can't get that image out she may not be able to sleep tonight.  At the very least we will both have barking nightmares in the middle of the night.   I suggested to Bella that she think about squirrels to get rid of the image, she says that she barks in the night when she dreams of squirrels also. 

Mogley G. Retriever

Friday, February 12, 2010

New Duck

It has been boreing around here lately.   The resident chauffeur has been busy being a chauffeur.   He is helping some teenagers get back and forth to school for another week.   We do get to stop at the dog park on the way by and run for a while each day so all is not lost. 
To keep us happy, Bella and I each received some new toys.   The Duck is mine.   Bella took hers into a dark corner and hid them.  She tried to take mine also, but I defended my duck.   Maybe some photos will emerge of her toys after she tires of them. 

Tomorrows blog will be "Dead Duck", if it lasts that long.

Mogley G. Retriever

Saturday, February 6, 2010

No snow here?

We have been watching the weather channel on TV to see how the snow is treating our friends back East.   The Bumpass Hounds had a tree fall down and take out part of their fence.   The Siberian's are bragging about their snow and how much fun it is to run and roll in.     Almost all of our snow has melted and we have bare grass.   It has been in the 50's during the day and the 30's at night.   The photo shows what I think of the cold weather.    I like getting covered with the blanket when its TV time in the evening.    "Chillin out" is not my thing! 

I have been getting out more often to the big dog park, but I don't run as fast or as long as I used to.   Twelve miles of dog park is wasted on me now.   My bi-ped says that my heart problem is showing up stronger.    I run a block or two, then I have to slow down to a walk to rest before I can run again.  Still it is lots of fun to get out more often now that it is warmer during the day.   Even if I can't run as fast and as far, there are still lots and lots of other dogs to greet and scents to check out.   

We are waiting for our next foster visitor to arrive and for our boarder to come see us.   Keep warm while we wait is my philosophy. 

Mogley G. Retriever

Monday, February 1, 2010

Paper Dog

Every morning, at Zero-Dark-Thirty, I have to go out and bring in the morning newspaper. Here I am waiting patiently for the door to open so I can get back inside with my delivery. This is the Sunday paper which is very heavy and takes a good grip to keep from losing some of the contents. I got into trouble one morning, it was dark, cold and I grabbed the paper and rushed back inside with out getting a good bite on it. There was a trail of paper up the driveway in the fresh snow. The resident Bi-ped had to put on shoes to rescue his precious paper. Bella has been taking "Paper Fetch" lessons and she may be able to help out if I sleep late some day. If both of us go out to fetch the paper, then one of us can sniff around the walkway while the other one of us keeps the human busy. Some mornings we can distract him and spend a few minutes checking out who is using the trail to the park.

Then I get breakfast, and my morning pill. After this strenuous morning workout I take a short nap before the rest of the homes wake up. Once the sun is up, the squirrels start looking for snacks in the back yard. I have to keep an eye out at the back door, ready to alert Bella if a squirrel trespasses. When I alert her, we both have to run through the two dog doors, into the back yard and chase the ferocious squirrels out of the yard. Sometimes we both hit the door at the same time and we get stuck trying to get out. Bella is the chief squirrel chaser, I am not as fast as she is where squirrels are concerned. Most times I can leave her in the dust, but not if there is a squirrel.

When it starts to warm up, people start walking with their dogs in the park, It is my responsibility to keep them from coming too close to our back fence. This requires frequent runs from the back door, out the dog door, into the garage, then out the end of the garage through another door, around the house to the back fence. By late morning I am tired again and a second nap is called for.

Then shortly after noon, the whole process will repeat. It is a tough life, but somebody has to live it. The hours are long, the work is hard, but the dog food and treats are good. We usually get several tummy rubs per day which helps us relax after our exercises. The resident bi-ped sits at a computer all day long, doing something he calls trading stocks. If the screen is green, I sit beside the chair and there is a good chance of getting a head rub or even a tummy rub. If the screen is covered with red numbers, then I run and hide.

Just another morning in the life of a Golden Retriever.

Mogley G. Retriever