Monday, December 17, 2012

A Christmas Letter....

Photo of Mogley the Paper Dog, making his morning delivery.  It has been a long time since I have blogged.    The Paw Challenged One (TPCO)  blamed me for the fleas in his computer, he called them Bugs and Viruses, but he looked straight at me when it stopped working.   He says that Golden Hair on the keyboard does not help any either.    For a while I was not allowed on the keyboard, even to nap.   I think it was the flea powder he sprinkled on the keyboard that caused all of the trouble.   But finally, things are back to normal.

We lost Emma, our cousin in October, that was a blow to us all.   She was the Senior Golden Retriever In Charge, or SGRIC.   When Jenny came back from college, she got her own place and one of the first things she wanted for her new home was a Golden Retriever.   She found Golden Retriever of the Rockies, and then took my family to one of their meetings.  That was the beginning of the Golden Days at our home.   The adoption of Emma led to Bella, then Molly and Piper and I being adopted.   And of course the over 100 fosters that have been through the house.  

We still get to see Molly and Piper, Emma's "sisters" on almost a weekly basis.    Their parents travel a lot and Molly and Piper stay overnight frequently.    That helps to keep the spirits up and the excitement going. 

I still have important work to perform every morning.    I have to fetch the morning paper from the front driveway.    My work load has doubled, they now take a second daily paper, but I have not seen an increase in treats.    My work load has doubled, but no additional compensation?  Maybe some of you can help shame them into increasing my allowance?

Since my heart problem worries everyone, except me, TPCO covers me up when I nap so I can keep warm.   I like that, it is sure comfy.    The problem is that during the night when I get up to make my rounds of the backyard to be sure no intruders are in the park, I lose my blanket.    When I come back in from the cold, no one is there to cover me up.    Maybe I just need to come back inside a little louder?

The basement is full of fish.    Apparently there is a law that once you have over 50 aquariums, you have to go in for mandatory counseling.    When someone asks how many aquariums are in the basement all they get is a mumble in reply.     He is still raising many "extinct" fish in the basement and is starting to ship them all over the world.   He has almost 1,000 angel fish ready to go to local pet shops in time for Christmas.   He says angel fish and bristlenosed plecos are his "cash crop", the rare fish take longer to grow.   He has a new line of transparent guppys, you can see through them, he thinks he can sell them to schools.  I thought that all fish swim in schools, so what is the big deal?   Apparently they are a scientific curiosity.  Anyway, it takes a lot of time and keeps him busy.  

Bella and I want to be sure that Santa knows we have been good dogs, we hung up our stockings on the fireplace mantel, hoping that we get goodies again this year.   Maybe I will get something extra for having to bring in two newspapers every day.

Below is a photo of Sarah cat.    She came as a visitor when our cousins moved to Florida for a few months.   Sarah hated Molly and Piper at her home, they were young and tried to play with her (chase in cat terms).   Here, she thinks she is just one of the dogs.    So she is staying here permanently. 

Have a Merry Christmas.

Mogley, Bella, Sarah, Mini and KeKe cat.