Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Stella's Vet visit.

Our newest foster, Stella had another appointment with the vet today.    The last visit resulted in her swollen mammary gland being drained and treated, and her heart checked.   It was confirmed that she had a heart problem, she and I have the same medication, she just gets a much smaller dosage than I do.  They tried to take some x-rays, but she would not hold still to get some decent x-ray's of her hips.   From the way she walks they suspected that she had hip dyspasia.    She also needed to be spayed, but they wanted to be careful because of her heart problem.   So we had a second visit today.   Stella won't forgive the chauffeur for a long time following this trip.   Stella already was buddies with Mrs. Chauffeur, Stella likes women, especially when the chauffeur has taken her to the vet twice.   We know which side of the bed Stella will be sleeping on. 

When we picked her up at the vet office, she was still very quiet, she was no longer the whirling dervish that we had come to know.   We talked about her post operation treatment  and were given some tips on how to help her recover.   The initial look at the x-ray showed that she has bad hips.    They need to send the photos over to a specialist to make sure, but it looks like her hips will need some extensive work.   For the time being, she is not in pain, she runs a little stiffly but she does not slow down because of it.   But before too long she will need to have surgery to fix her hips.   The rescue will pay for the operations, but it will also take a lot of personal care for her to recover. 

For the time being, she will be allowed to enjoy life and run with us.   Having a good life is what being a Golden Retriever is all about.    So we will encourage her to play, swim and in general enjoy life until the hips begin hurting her.   We did get some pain medications just in case.  Once she shows signs of pain or slowing down, we will have to let her get her hips repaired.

Now that we know that she does have long term hip problems, we can talk to potential forever homes so that they know what they are getting into.   It is not the cost of the operations, the rescue will help with that, but the post-op care will be a little difficult for both Stella and her humans.

While we seek a new home for Stella, we will be helping her to enjoy life until necessity demands she have surgery done.    Wish us luck with Stella, we hope we can give her a good life while she is looking for her new home.    If you know of a special home that can make room for a young lady that will need some special care, tell them about Stella.     This young lady deserves a home that truly cares for her. 

Mogley G. Retriever

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Foster Stella, a Saturday update

Above photo, Stella at full speed.  Just try and catch her standing still!
Friday morning we took our newest foster, Stella, to the vet.   She had not had her check up since she came in.  She had a large tumor like thing on her chest, and we were worried about it.   Sure enough, it was an infected mammary gland, it had swollen and just needed to be drained and she needed some antibiotics.   Then her heart was checked, she is on the same heart medicine that I am on, only 1/3 the dosage.   Sure enough, her heart murmur was very tiny compared to mine.   She will go back this coming week for another check up and follow up.    Stella had just gotten to the point she would relax and love on the chauffeur, in general she is timid towards men.   After being taken to the vet, she is avoiding him again and it will take another day before she is ready to forgive him for the trip to the vet's office. 

For the time being we are thinking of renaming her either Whirling or Dervish.   Either one would convey the idea that she is in constant motion.   Constant motion that is unless she is snuggling.    Snuggling seems to be the only thing that slows her down.   She weighs 53 pounds, but Stella thinks that is the ideal weight for a lap dog.   She is such a happy dog, she does a dance to greet anyone that comes through the door, she is just so excited to see them, but she does not jump on people, that does not mean she can't jump close to them, and she does jump all around to greet new people.   Its a wonderful dance that brings smiles as we share in her joy of welcome.

Mogley G. Retriever

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Stella, a quick update.

Earlier today we told you about a new foster at our home.   We had a play time after dinner and we took some photos that we could not wait to share.    In only a few hours, Stella went from tails down to tails up and she even joined in our play.    We are going to enjoy having her stay with us.

Mogley G. Retriever

Foster Stella!

I don't know if I should be angry or happy.    The chauffeur came home with a new foster named Stella.   He then told me that Stella is just like me.    You can see the photos, I don't look anything like Stella.  Then he explained that Stella takes the same heart medication I do and she is three years old, just like me.   In the above photo she is getting a first look at her new home, her tail is still down, but it will be up as soon as she has time to learn her way around. 

Stella has a very sad story.   A divorce forced her to move out of a small apartment in order to leave more room for her mom and two young children (5 & 8), several cats and Guinea pigs.   She used to sleep on the bed with her family, now she will have to sleep on the bed she brought with her, but on the floor beside the bed.   She came with all of her earthly belongings, a very nice bed, a tennis ball and a small bag of food. 
She says she will adjust, after all, a lady has to move on.   She is busy exploring our back yard and the house.  She has checked out the dog door, but she needs more practice with it.   She has already passed the cat test, ignoring them as she sniffed out the corners of her new home.  

She explored the back yard, but is not comfortable in the big outdoors yet.    Stella has not lived with other dogs before, so she will be learning how to play with us and how to share toys and games.    She has not met many people, she is not comfortable with strangers.  She needs socialising with other dogs to learn how to be a dog, and she needs to meet people to learn to trust again.  She will be settling in for the next several days, getting acquainted with a new life style.  Stella will make a visit to the vet on Friday to get a check up by our Golden Retriever specialist.  Stella has a small tumor on her chest that will need to be looked at.  Stella will be writing her posting for the golden.match.com posting.   She says her requirements for a new home will be very particular.   She wants to find a special home, a Forever Home, one that she can be happy in for many years. 

Help us welcome Stella to our home and we want everyone to start looking for a perfect Forever Home for a very special and deserving lady.
Above is one last photo of Butter.   Butter moved on to a new Forever Home on Saturday.   This photo shows that she was truly a double threat, not only could she fetch tennis balls with the best of them, she could also fetch Frisbee's.   Enjoy your wonderful new Forever Home, Butter!

Mogley G. Retriever

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A sad announcement about Molly A.

We received word this evening that Molly A.  had to be set free.   She was struggling with auto-immune reaction and she was no longer able to fight to stay with her family and loved ones.    She passed away with her friends and family with her, including our cousin.

This is not the Molly F. that is one of our current cousins, rather this is a former cousin.  Molly was one of our cousins fosters that was in danger of becoming a permanent member of their home when she was adopted out to another home nearby.   Their family needed a house of golden love and Molly attached herself to them.  Her family were friends of ours and we were in regular contact.   We are sorry to report on the loss of one of our friends and 2nd cousins.    Her home was just a block from Butter's new home.     Molly had one talent that was worthy of note.    When you pointed your finger at her and "shot her" she would roll over and play dead.    She also would roll over and play dead when you asked her "which would you rather be, a dead dog, or a Democrat?  You could never guess her political affiliation. 

Sunday evening our cousins had a close call with Molly F.   Molly F. managed to get her mouth around a Buffo toad in the back yard of their home.  Buffo toads are poisonous and Molly had held the toad in her mouth long enough to get a lot of the poison secretions in her mouth.   It was a very tense night as they monitored her to make sure they had washed her mouth out adequately.    A full story will be posted soon on how to deal with this problem, but thank heavens for the Internet, you can find critical information in moments and deal with unexpected cases of poisoning.

We went through the diary today and discovered that Butter was our 56th foster.  It seems that only a few days ago we were celebrating our 50th, Honey and Butter, the pair that found a wonderful home in New Mexico.   My how time flies.  We are cleaning the house and doing some chores, but we will be getting more fosters as soon as the house is clean again. 

Mogley G. Retriever 

Sunday, August 22, 2010

All gone!

Bella and I tried to tell them it was going to happen some day.     We tried to prevent it.

Finally it has happened.   The rescue took all of our fosters away.    All of them!   In one day! What a blow!

Saturday morning we took Coraline across town to meet a possible new home.   She met them and she completely sold herself to them.   They had several other goldens to look at, but they scarcely even glanced at them.   Coraline was in charge.  She was a lot like the movie, she was Gone in Sixty Seconds.

Then we came back home for a while for a short nap before our regularly scheduled nap that we take before the afternoon rest we have to prepare ourselves for the late afternoon nap to get energy enough for our evening nap before bedtime.    Of course we do slip in an occasional rest after our evening dinner, but that is just to rest up for our next nap and it scarcely qualifies as a nap.  But I don't have to tell you all about that, you already know.

Then we took Butter over to meet a family that was having a golden crisis.   They had not had a golden in their home for several months.   Since Butter was not sure she was ready for a new home yet, we left her with them for a few hours to see if they could get acquainted.   She met the cat, and decided he was a bore, no chasing or anything, so Butter moved on to explore the rest of the house and the accommodations for a nice lady.   When we returned later, she was asleep on the rug in the living room, but she woke up long enough to play ball for a time.   She decided that being an only dog offered a lot of opportunity for attention.   The house is in an area with a nice pond nearby where she can wade if she gets hot during her walks.   She has her own dog door so she never has to be confined again.  Butter, you have a wonderful home and we are so happy for you.

We are all out of foster play mates and we are looking forward to getting a new friend in the next several day. 

Mogley G. Retriever

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sad announcement

We are sad to report that Aspen passed away yesterday.   She went peacefully with her family holding her.  Aspen was our foster, then adopted by a very nice family.  Her family took a trip to Guatemalan to help as volunteers, instead of leaving Aspen in a kennel they brought Aspen back to stay with us.    She was a sweet lady and we know she was loved and pampered during her last year.   She truly had a "Golden Year" in a very loving home.  

You may go to our February 26th blog to read about Aspen when she was staying here.     Also see our October 13, 2009 blog where we reported that she had been adopted into a new home.   On October 8, 2009 our blog has some very good photos of Aspen as she hogs all the toys in the house.    She was a great lady and a good companion. 

When someone adopts an older Golden, they know that their time and joy with them may be short, but they adopt anyway.    They take in these older gentlemen and ladies, knowing that they will have heart ache, but also knowing they will have love as only an experienced senior can provide.    Our special thank you goes out to all the wonderful people with huge hearts that give our senior friends one last chance at the good life.   This is what rescue is all about, this is why we do what we do.   One last chance is all they ask for. 

Our sympathy goes out to her family.   More than sympathy, our thanks go out to her family for giving Aspen a wonderful home and making her life better.  You lost Aspen, but you gained some wonderful memories.    

Mogley G. Retriever

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The case of the empty toy box.

Above, Toy box before being vandalized.

By:  Mogley G. Retriever, chief investigator.   This is another true crime adventure. 

Tuesday, August 18th.   We had a complaint that there was a series of crimes being committed in the family room.  For the last week, every morning the toy box would be filled, and by evening the toy box would be empty.   The toys would be gathered up in time for the morning vacuuming, and by evening they would be scattered all over the house, again. 
Above, Toy box after being vandalized

We had our suspects, but no proof.   The nose prints were indistinct and besides, we don't know if nose prints will hold up in court.   We needed something more.   We needed eye witnesses or photos of the crime. 

We set up a surveillance camera, part of the Jr. Detective kit I had ordered on E-bay.   It was not hard to set up, providing you have opposable thumbs.   With only paws and claws, it took me several days to get the camera installed in the right place.   
Bella and I tried to do a stake out, we watched the toy box most of the morning, except for that short nap, and when we awoke the toy box was partly empty.    Then after our afternoon nap, the toy box was totally empty.  We checked the hidden surveillance cameras and this is what we found.

We immediately brought the evidence to the attention of the resident humans, they laughed and said that they had long suspicioned that these two criminals were at work.  So before the vacuum comes out tomorrow, these two may have to be confined, otherwise the task will never be done.  A couple of hours of confinement in the dreaded crate should teach these two a lesson. 

Case solved.   This has been another true detective mystery, solved by:   

Mogley G. Retriever

Monday, August 16, 2010

A Saturday Party Just for Coraline and Butter

Treats?   Did someone mention Treats?
Saturday we had a big Golden Retriever Rescue party.   Since Coraline was going to her first party, she decided the party was just for her.   Some people worry about taking their canine friends to an event with an open, off leash dog park and a picnic all in one.   They  worry that their canine will get lost or won't come back.   Coraline had arrived only 5 days before, and she did not even know her name yet.   She comes running only when we call "Treat", but that gets her back when she needs to come back. 
It was fun watching Coraline take lessons from a lot of experienced Goldens on how to enjoy life.   She ran, she romped, she splashed in the wading pools, she begged food off of the table, she chased balls.  But her big contribution to the party was how she ran from hand to hand, getting petted, getting loved, licking hands and stealing food from unguarded plates.   Before the evening was over we had two people that were interested in adopting Coraline.   By the end of this week, we expect to meet with some families about a forever home.  

When the time came to go home, I was tired and I looked for the humans, they have the car keys.  Dogs need pockets, then we could drive whenever we wanted, all we need is control of the keys.    While I was going to the car, Coraline came running, she was tired too and she was ready to go home also.   No need to call her, she knew where her home was and how to get there.  She jumped into the car like a champ, usually she has to be picked up to get in.
 Below, the dogs and humans gather for a few words from our leaders.
In the meantime, we had all been introduced to Butter.  If you read yesterdays post, you remember that Butter was just turned over to the rescue at noon, then taken to the party.  She was getting a very wild and fast education in being a golden.   After years of confinement in a small enclosure, Butter went wild at the party.   She was free and she was enjoying all that we had to offer.   She chased balls, she licked hands and she enthralled her fan club.  They just let her enjoy it all, she even was given bites of chicken to welcome her to the new life.  When the people heard her story, they spoiled her rotten.  Butter was the last one in the car to leave.   She had her first taste of freedom and she was going to play till she actually dropped, and drop she did.  She was tired, she had to be picked up and helped in to the car.  Everyone crashed in the back of the SUV and slept all the way home. 
Below, Coraline relaxes on Sunday and just lays around the house chewing sticks. 
Below, Coraline tells Mini Cat about the party.   She was unimpressed.   Cats, you can't live with them and you can't chase them!
Mogley G. Retriever

Sunday, August 15, 2010

A real rescue story, Butter the Golden Lady.

Above, Butter, voted "Most Fetching" at the Golden Retriever Picnic.
I promised my readers that when I have a "handkerchief story" to post, I would warn them.    So this is a warning, one "handkerchief story" coming up.  No, make that a "two handkerchief story" coming up.   Bella and I don't understand this weepy eye stuff anyway, we are so happy for Butter we can not understand why anyone would cry. 

What a good time we all had at the Golden Retriever Rescue Picnic.    It was so much fun to run and play with all of our old friends again and meet new friends from the rescue community.    We have lots of photos and many stories about the dogs that we met and the balls that we fetched.    Bella, I and Coraline ran, played and had more fun that we can describe.  Coraline deserves an entire  blog story to detail her wonderful adventures, and the picnic itself deserves a blog of its own.  But this blog has to be about Butter, it was her day in the sun.
Butter was surrendered about noon on Saturday to Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies.   The story that came with her was that she would not bond, she was fat, lazy and she had spent the last year and a half in a small pen, crate or run.  She went from the surrender directly to the vet, then to the party.   At the party she became the instant star of the night.    She is a world class tennis ball fetcher.  She is also a world class lover and snuggler.    She spent the rest of the afternoon and evening making friends with every human and dog at the party, and trying to fetch every ball that was thrown.  She ran so hard that she ended up falling down, as the evening progressed she fell more as she tired from what may be the first activity she has seen in years.  
Our official Golden Retriever vet was at the party and he pointed out that Butter had many signs of a long confinement.   The sores on her front legs are signs that she spent hours in boredom, nothing to do but lick herself and open up sores.  The black scabs on her knees and elbows were from laying on hard concrete for days on end.   Her extra long, thick coat was from being outside in all weather and spending a Colorado winter in the cold and snow.   Our vet pointed out that she was very overweight, had no muscle tone and almost no muscles, so her running from person to person seeking attention and her ball fetching was putting a strain on her body that she had not experienced in a long time.   As she tired out, the ball throwers slowed down and threw the ball only a couple feet in front of her so she could continue to play without wearing herself down and falling more.  Before the evening was done, Butter had her own fan club.  Everyone was petting Butter and tossing her ball for her. 
Above, Butter in "Full Fetch" mode.
Butter did not yet have a place to sleep that night, she had to be assigned to one of several families that were willing to take this lovely lady as a foster.  Since we have an active household and a very large yard, plus three friends to run with, Butter was asked if she wanted to come stay with us while we work on her weight loss and her muscle tone.  She replied with an enthusiastic "Bark".   When we arrived home, we had dinner, then we all went to sleep.   At 10:00 we had to get up and go outside to go potty, then back inside for a long nights rest.    Boy did we all sleep, it was nothing but silence all night long.
Just one more toss.........
Help us welcome 5-6 year old Butter to our rescue family.   She has won our hearts already.   She certainly does not have trouble bonding, she is now the resident Velcro dog.    She woke up this morning, promptly retrieved a tennis ball and began begging for someone to throw it for her.    At our house, fetch before sunrise is frowned upon, but this morning an exception was made.   Fetch in the bedroom is also frowned upon, but she had a work out before anyone was even up.      At least she will be easy to exercise!   We moved the fetch game outside in the early morning light to take some photos and enjoy our new friend.   
Above, Come on, throw it for me.....
Saturday was her day and it truly was "the first day of the rest of her life".   We will be telling you much more about this lady as the days go on.    She will be up for adoption soon, if you want to help us find the perfect home for Butter, stay tuned.

Below is a teaser, one photo of our picnic.   More to come.    Wait till you hear about Coraline's adventures!
We need to add a note that this blog is not part of Golden Retriever Rescue.   Golden Retriever Rescue is careful to never criticise anyone that surrenders a dog to rescue.    The goal of the rescue is to get owners to surrender dogs without any accusations or recriminations.  Please do not fault the rescue for our blog and any statements in the blot that may make the owners uncomfortable or hesitant to surrender.

Mogley G. Retriever

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Adoption update!

It has been a busy Saturday at Rescue Central.    We took Emma and Coraline over to meet possible new forever homes this morning.    I got to ride along because I am experienced at this and can help them with how to impress humans.    The first meeting went well, the couple had come down from the mountains with their Golden Lady to meet with Emma, Coraline and Minnie.  Minnie was five years old, so she claimed seniority, besides, she was nice and calm with an older couple.   Minnie was chosen and we wish her a happy life in her new Forever Home.  They have a wonderful place in the high, cool Rocky Mountains for a Golden to spend her life.   They even have a small pool for an occasional dip in the water.    You hit the jackpot, Minnie! 

The next meeting was Emma and Coraline meeting a couple that volunteer at the rescue.   They come in to meet and walk dogs when they have to spend the night at the kennels.   They help comfort and exercise those in transit.  They were looking for a more vibrant lady, after playing with them both for a long time, they made a hard choice.  They took Emma home with them.     Emma won a wonderful home as well, she has a new Forever Home with a couple that really know how to pamper a lady.   They have a toy box filled with dog toys and a nice soft bed waiting for Emma.   They like to job and Emma is going to have fun running the trails. 

Coraline was happy with the outcome.   After leaving the rescue, she went to the hardware store, she went to the pet shop and then she went to another store.    Later today all of us will go to a Golden Retriever Rescue party.    We will get to run and play with dozens of other rescue friends.   Coraline said that it was a good trade.   Emma got a forever home but she got to have fun and meets lots of new friends.

It has been a good week.   Rosie went to Aspen, Emma found a loving home and Coraline had a chance to learn to socialise.    A very good week!

Mogley G. Retriever

Friday, August 13, 2010

Happy & Sad for Rosie

Buddy Cat was very angry when he read the blog yesterday and saw all of the photos of Mini Cat.   He said he had not gotten his share of credit for helping the dogs learn to be cat friendly.   Above and below is Buddy in his patch of sunshine where he waits for Goldens that might need more training. 
We are both happy and sad for Rosie today.    Shortly we will take her across town to the spa, she will be getting a make over in preparation for her trip to Aspen, Colorado.     She is going to make the trip this evening with a foster family who will take her to Aspen to help her exercise and lose some weight, and see if we can find her a Forever Home with the rich and famous.   Rosie has spent the last several days shopping on line for new diamond studded collars.   She says she will charm the "Beautiful People".    We are happy for her to be going, but we are sad to be losing a good friend.   She has been a delight to have with us.   No bad habits, no demands, she is just an easy going, loving Golden Lady.

Good Luck Rosie, we know you will do great.    We hope more of our fosters can follow you up to Aspen and find forever homes.    We will have our paws crossed for you.

Meanwhile, back at the pack, Coraline(above) and Emma went to a busy office yesterday, part of their training to accustom them to new situations.   Emma passed the test well, Emma was quiet, loving and very loved by all of the humans.   Emma showed how a good Golden behaves in public.  Coraline licked her way to attention, jumping up and putting on a wild dog show.   Coraline said her motto is "let no hand go un-licked".  We expect more trips for Coraline before she is ready to go to a new home, she needs some calming influences.   Coraline says she is OK, it was just that the office we took her to was a political campaign office and she was just showing her enthusiasm for the candidate.   Coraline said it was easy to see that it was a dog friendly campaign, there was a large dog bed in one corner and a bowl of water in the entry.   Coraline is a great lady, she is still a 9 month old puppy and she tends to get over excited. 

Mogley G. Retriever    

Thursday, August 12, 2010

"Cat lessons, taught by an expert cat!

Hi, Mini Cat here.    One of the very best ways to get a foster dog adopted into a new home is to add to their resume the words "Cat Friendly".   Many people want assurance that a new dog will not harm or chase their cats or other animals in the house.    While Mogley and Bella get all of the credit for re-homing fosters, it is my work behind the scenes that assures success.    I, along with my friend Buddy Cat, the big Flame Point Persian, are in charge of teaching proper cat behaviour to new fosters and giving them their "Certificate of good Cat Companion".    We have taught over 50 Goldens how to respect a cat.  When a new foster arrives, Buddy and I just yawn, stretch and sharpen our claws.  We are fully armed which is a big help when we are teaching but the student does not get the point of our lessons, if you know what I mean.  In the photos, on the left front is Foster Rosie, our 9 year old lady, under the bench is 9 month old Foster Emma, she has already passed the cat tests, the one at the rear and side of the photos is 9 month old Foster Coraline who is newly arrived and still learning her manners around cats. 
Here are photos of a lesson in progress.  In the above two photos, the dogs are too attentive.   I have to swat a couple of times to make them learn the proper distance they must keep.   Then I have to test them by tempting them to see if the lesson held.   
If you look real close, Coraline has a small red spot on her nose from yesterdays lesson.    It appears that she learned well and the lesson took, she did not have to have a reminder today.   All three passed the test and all three will be receiving their  "Certificate of good cat companion", complete with a paw print signature. 

In the final photo, they have passed the test, they ignore me while I roll over and play, trying to tempt them to react.  They are now ready to move on to new homes, you can be sure they know the proper way to address a cat.   My favorite movie and play is "Cats".  We play the music frequently to make sure the dogs realise that no hit Broadway play has ever been named "Dogs". 

Thanks for checking in,  if you like this post, share it with a friend.   There are too many dogs on this blog, cats are the real heros when it comes to re-homing foster Goldens. 

Mini Cat

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Coraline is her name!

Above and below, Coraline poses for her first official photo as a "Lady in Waiting". 

This morning we picked up our new foster, 9 month old Coraline at the vet's office.    Coraline was at the vet getting her spay operation and a good check up.  She was supposed to come home last night but she needed more recovery time so she spent the night under observation.  Now that she has recovered a little, she is running a little bit with the pack.    She is a voluntary surrender from a military couple who felt that keeping her in their base housing without a yard or room to run was not fair to her.    She is a small (50 pounds) active young lady.   She has not had much training, but she does have the basics down.   She will sit for treats, she would probably come when called if she ever left to begin with.   She has been the ultimate Velcro dog since she arrived.  She does not have a lot of familiarity of treats, she does not know what to do with them.   She is learning rapidly by watching the rest of us.   She is not very socialised, she does not play well with others yet.   It isn't that she does not want to play, she just does not know how to play yet.  It will take a day or two before she learns to play with the pack. 

Welcome Coraline to our happy home.    Our newest "Lady in Waiting", waiting for a new forever home!

We have a correction on Emma.   We said Emma was 18 months, she is now thought to be only 9 months, the same age as Coraline.    So far they are not playing together, but give them some time and they should become the best of friends.    Below, Emma is carrying her stuffed turtle. 

Our exciting news is that Emma has an appointment to meet the people from the Service Dog organization.   Emma looks like a good candidate to become a working lady.    She pays close attention to commands and she likes being worked with.  She likes playing with balls which means she can fixate on tasks.  She has a high level of energy, but she also has a calm demeanour.  So Emma is not up for adoption untill the Service Dog folks can spend some time with her.   In the meantime we will work with her and try to help her pass her tests. 

Mogley G. Retriever

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

World, meet Rosie and Emma

Below, Emma and Rosie get acquainted.   Emma just arrived at our home and Rosie was showing Emma around the back yard.   

Sometimes our blog feels like the proverbial ketchup  bottle.   Remember?    Shake and shake the ketchup bottle, first none'l come, then a lott'le.
Emma (left) and Rosie examine a tennis ball. The ball passed inspection although it was a little worn and faded, not up to their usual high standards.

The Aspen Colorado branch of the rescue sent word that they were coming to town and needed a foster to take back with them.    Since Aspen Colorado is the best possible duty station for a Golden, Rosie raised her paw and volunteered to sacrifice her soft bed at our home in exchange for a chance to be adopted in the high country.    Rosie even got on the Internet and started shopping for diamond studded collars.   This Friday, Rosie will go to the groomer to get a make over, then she will take a ride to Aspen where she can be adopted by "the beautiful people".   In the meantime, Rosie will put her profile up on the web site showing her availability to any Hollywood Star or Millionaire that is in need of some real and lasting love.    With her heavy coat and mellow disposition, she should be in big demand in Aspen Colorado. 
Then we ran across town to pick up Emma.   Emma is 18 months old, and just had her spay operation so she is still not feeling well.    Below, she shows her good looks and perfect body.  
Emma came to the rescue by a circular route.   Emma was listed for sale on the Internet.    When someone arrived to look at her they found that she was in an unusual situation.     Her family called her "it" because they did not really care for her.   They let her in the house for only short times, then back outside.   They said she was too much trouble.   Rescues do not normally buy dogs, first it is a bad precedent and second, it is a poor use of funds that are badly needed for medical care for the fosters in our system.    Someone decided that Emma needed to be taken out of there, right away.   They paid the ransom and brought her over to Golden Retriever Rescue.   We met her Sunday afternoon at Rescue Central, we played in the play yard for a time to make sure we all got along.   But she could not come home with us, she had to go to the vet's office to be spayed and to get a check up.   So we picked her up this afternoon.   She is still not feeling 100%, but from what we see, she is going to be with us only a short time.   She is energetic, but also calm in manner.   She pays attention to commands and she tries hard to please.    We think she is pretty special and she will get adopted quickly. 

Then we learned there is another young Golden lady that was sent to the vet today for her operation and check up, she needs a new home as well.   She was not feeling well enough to come with us today, but we will pick them up tomorrow so she can be added to the pack.  This lady does not have a name yet, but she will have a new name to start her new life with tomorrow. 

Stay tuned for the next exciting installment of "As the Rescue Turns". 

Mogley G. Retriever

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Happy Sunday, Welcome Rosie

We knew it was going to be a good day.   Biscuits for breakfast, they come in packages of 10, but the humans only eat 8.   Lets see, 10, take away 8, leaves 2 left over, unloved and uneaten.     Bella and I each were given a biscuit for breakfast.      That is how I can tell it is going to be a good day, the day starts off with a treat. 

We were loaded into the SUV this noon and we were told we were going to the Spa, then we were going to pick up our new fosters.     They lied.   They took us to the Groomer over at Rescue Central, then they left us to be groomed, washed and dried while they went off to have dinner.    We thought it was going to be a day of pampering instead of a day of being locked in a crate with a big blower turned on us.    We did come out clean and dry, plus we got lots of attention.  We did get to go for a ride, it is always fun to go to Rescue Central and meet lots of other Goldens.   

We met Emma, a young (about 1 year) lady who has to go for a visit to the Doctor tomorrow for a check up and for a spaying operation.   We played with her in the play yard for a while to get acquainted, then Monday afternoon we will make a trip to pick her up from the Vet.   

We also met Rosie.   Rosie is older (8-9), larger, and very quiet.    Rosie came to Golden Retriever Rescue by a very round about way.    Her happy home was taking the grandchildren back in.   Because Rosie is large, the grandchildren's mom was not happy having Rosie in a small space with the children.  Rosie takes up a lot of room in any house.   Arrangements were made for Rosie to come to GRRR but somebody did not get the message.   Rosie was dropped off by mistake at the Dumb Friends League.   It took a week for the error to be corrected and Rosie was finally turned over to GRRR.    By then Rosie had caught kennel cough and she had to be kept with several other Golden's with kennel cough till it ran its course.     Today Rosie was sent home with us to begin her search for her new Forever Home. 

We will write more about Rosie and Emma later when we have them settled in.    Emma will be a quick placement, she won't be staying with us long, she is cute and young.    Rosie will take her time finding her perfect home, she is older and she says she will wait and make sure she gets the perfect home.

In the meantime, foster homes are getting crowded, so if you have ever wanted to foster a Golden Retriever, now is a good time to step forward.    Not just in Denver, where we are, but all over the country.   Shelters and rescues are full and help is needed.  

Mogley G. Retriever

Thursday, August 5, 2010

News Flash.... Extra, Extra, Read all about it !

Well, maybe we don't have that much news, but we do have news.   Last week end, our cousins, Emma, Molly, Piper and Foster Nala, came to stay with us.    They arrived on Friday and stayed through Sunday.   Three days of playing, romping, swimming, wrestling, digging, and driving the humans up the wall.    Bella, Hilary and I were in Dog Heaven.    The Pack of seven really had a fun three days.   Even the apple trees cooperated, a wind storm sent lots of green apples to the ground, we had all of the green apples we could eat, and all seven of us filled up on apples after every meal.  But then came Monday, what a let down.   No one to play with, nothing going on, no one to even dig with.

Then Tuesday morning they came back.   Their humans had a quick business trip so we were seven again.   But that did not last long,  later that afternoon there was an appointment at Rescue Central for Hilary and possibly Nala to meet a possible new family.    This was serious, Hilary was very excited.    The rest of the story is about her time before she arrived at our home.   She had been picked up, wandering with her best friend, Henry.   Due to conflicts, Hilary had to have an operation on a fatty tumor, Hilary and Henry were not kept together in foster homes.  When Hilary arrived here, she still missed her long time best friend, but we did not know about Henry yet.   A couple had read about Hilary and Henry on the web site, and they wanted to adopt two Golden Retrievers.    Tuesday afternoon Hilary and Nala went to rescue central to meet her old buddy, Henry, and a possible new home.    If the couple did not take Hilary and Henry, then the humans were going to bring them both back to stay with us.   Nala went along just in case they wanted her.

Only Nala returned.  Hilary sent her regards, she and Henry are together again in a new forever home.   She says her life is going to be wonderful, she is with her old friend again, and some very loving humans who understand how much it means to be with old friends. 

A special thanks to the couple that were willing to take two older Golden's into their home.   We think they did a wonderful thing when they reunited two lost friends by adopting them both.   Hilary and Henry looked so happy when they both jumped up into the back of a red van to go home together.   Now we will work on Nala's forever home.

Wednesday evening, the Magnificent Seven, which had become Six, became two.   Our cousins went home, taking Nala with them.   There is a hole in our home that needs a foster.   We have three beds that are not being used, we have food bowls that are empty at breakfast time.   There are still some things going on Friday, but over the weekend we will probably get a new foster.  So hurry with the new arrival, we need company again.

Mogley G. Retriever

Monday, August 2, 2010

Fun weekend

The Chauffeur took a trip and left us behind.   I suppose we could complain, but our cousins came to take care of us.   You know what that means don't you?     It means that instead of three of us, there were seven Golden's for three days.  Our house and back yard is larger and we have more activities which is why they came here instead of us going to their home.  Piper is our swim champion, there is no keeping her out of the pool.    Bella and I know that we are not supposed to jump in when the puny little fence is in place.     A little thing like a fence was not going to slow Piper and Molly up, they just went in anyway.   They finally gave up, moved the fence out of the way and opened the pool up for the week end.    We could get wet, and stay wet for the whole weekend.   Then we had guests in as well, so we had eight or more of us most of the time.    We did not get any pictures to show because we kept the humans too busy.   If they turned their heads we would come out of the pool and make a dash for the house.  As it was, there were wet and muddy tracks in the carpet for most of the week end. 

It was not all fun and games, we managed to do some real work also.    Several new excavations were opened up, and two of the existing holes were enlarged.   We are sorry about the flowers, but they were not growing that well anyway.   They needed the soil loosened up around them. 

Sunday afternoon, when it was time for our four cousins to go home, Piper was still in the pool.    It took some stealth to get her out and dried off.    We sure did sleep well Sunday night.   Even Hilary was worn out from running, playing and enjoying our visitors. 

So when can they take another trip?   We could live with the pool open all the time.   The humans worry about the carpet, but the carpet should dry out over the winter.   

Mogley G. Retriever