Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Magnificent Seven, the remake!

Yes, we are introducing some new paws and tails today.    Meet Rusty and Johnny.    Rusty was our foster last spring, and he was adopted by some friends.    Johnny is a very elderly part greyhound, part Aussie. 

We are doing a remake of the classic "The Magnificent Seven".    The five in the Wild Bunch have been joined by two of our friends and now we are The Magnificent Seven.      Rusty and Johnny are spending a week with us while their family visits Micky Mouse in Florida.   If we had a wild bunch before, the house is now totally out of control.   The Dyson Special Pet Hair vacuum was waving a white flag when we plugged it in this morning. 

Today a visitor met the Magnificent Seven, and observed that "you have enough dogs to open a Vietnamese Restaurant".    Then after touring the basement aquarium shop, they pointed out that we could run a sushi bar and be the only restaurant in town serving extinct and endangered fish for lunch.   The advertising slogan of "Take an endangered species to lunch" would have a whole new meaning.

Rusty is no stranger, he was known as Sage when he came to live with us as a foster, looking for a new home on June 25, 2011.    He had incurred an ACL injury and he was not running well at the time.   Since then, he has been getting multiple doses of calcium and glucosamine.    He is running much better and he is showing almost no sign of his old injury.   He is keeping up with us pretty well.   He rarely shows any trace of favoring his old injury.   He does lift the foot from time to time when he is standing.   He spent time with us this last summer when we had swim parties, he did not like swimming too much, but he sure had fun playing with us.   Johnny is a great friend to have with us, he is in love with people and spends his time following everyone around.   Johnny may not look very golden, but he sure is a great member of the pack.  We will have a great week. 

It is a great time to be a dog.

Mogley G. Retriever

Sunday, March 18, 2012

The wild bunch is united again.

Above,  Molly is at left, rear, Piper in front, Bella front right, Emma in the rear, and I am on the far right, keeping everyone in line for the photos. 

It is true.   You have probably heard the rumors or maybe you felt the earth shake under your feet.   The gang of five rides runs again.   Warn the neighbors, they had better watch their tails.

For those who may have lost track of us since we have been missing so long from the blog, our cousins packed up and went to Florida.   Last Friday they came back, telling us tails tales about their running in the ocean and playing in the sand.   They will be staying with us, as will their parents, while they look for a new home.   Or they can just wait till their renters move out of their old home.   But it will be fun while it lasts. 

We will be blogging more often, because there is going to be lots of excitement now.   

Mogley G. Retriever