Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Welcome Lion...So much to tell.

Lion arrived this evening, now we have two wonderful dogs living with us as fosters, seeking new forever homes.  The Paw Challenged One left in a hurry shortly after dark and arrived back with Lion.   Lion is an 18 month old male golden who is suffering from attention deficit disorder.   He has been deficit in getting attention for some time.    He is the product of a divorce, his family moved into two different apartments, and left him alone in the house.   He spent up to 20 hours a day in a crate, with only a short time out morning and evening.  

When Lion arrived, he came in the front door, out the back door, and ran straight into the water on top of the pool cover.   He came out soaked.    He sure did enjoy getting dried off.   He is busy being under foot and under hand, he will make someone fall over him but he does not care.   More attention, please.   We tried giving him treats, he either did not know what they were, or he was too excited to stand still long enough to eat one.    After he was dried off, he ran and ran and ran in the back yard.   He just had fun being a dog in the big yard.   Bella, Lanai and I ran with him, he wore all three of us out.   Now we will start calming him down for the evening.    He has met the cats and he is fine with them.   He is ready for a new home, he would love to have a family and a home that can give him love, exercise and attention.   Attention, please.

Since our last post we have been so busy that we are still spinning.     First, just before Thanksgiving, our cousins mom (the paw challenged ones daughter) received a job offer in Tampa Florida.    Now we don't know what a Tampa Florida is, but apparently you don't need snow shovels there.   Since he is a pilot, he can fly from anywhere, so they decided to "run to the warm". 
The days before and after Thanksgiving were filled with helping them pack and filling up a rental trailer so they could take basic living needs with them.   Then Saturday after Thanksgiving, they packed up and left.    Their house is on the market, and they have rented a new house down there.    All very confusing to our golden minds.     He is still flying in and out of Denver so he gets to come pack up and get ready for the real move.  

Since they were traveling with my three Golden Cousins, The Paw Challenged One thought it would be a good idea to keep Sara the cat here.   Traveling across country, pulling a trailer with Molly, Piper and Emma on board was going to be excitement enough.    So Sara came to stay with us.   But that night she disappeared.   Lost cat signs went up around the neighborhood and nasty remarks were made about leaving the dog doors open at night.  Then a call came that a similar cat had been spotted.    They ran out and rescued it, but it turned out to be a different cat.   So now they have lost Sara, but they have a totally unknown cat in the back bedroom.  New Cat is somewhat battered, he either had a run in with a car, dog or coyote.    He is missing some fur and has some bad scabs where something took off a lot of hair.  Talk about confusing.
Lanai is still here, she is looking for her forever home.   She says that she is happy with our back yard and the squirrels keep her entertained.   Lanai does enjoy having her own cat to pester, Mini Cat does not mind and they run together.   Lanai has not met New Cat yet.    Besides, New Cat is hopefully, in transit.   In transit to where we don't know.   With Lion here to play with, she will have a better time while she waits for the right home. 

Mogley G. Retriever

Friday, November 18, 2011

Napping made easy, lessons from a golden retriever

Warning, this blog demonstrates advanced napping techniques by trained and experienced golden retrievers. Do not try this at home!

The Paw Challenged One is always talking about how hard it is to sleep.   Lanai is giving napping lessons, right here in our home, for no additional charge.   She is shown in the photos demonstrating some advanced relaxation methods.  

TPCO was running around the house last night painting everything in the house with orange and blue paint.   Something about Thursday night football and the Denver Broncos apparently won something, for a change.   He has been practicing making Tim Tebo moves all over the place.   He is talking about organizing a group of people to campaign for "Tim for President".     He figures that if prayer can do that much for a football team, think of what it could do for our country!

I watched part of the game.   I was not impressed with their ball handling skills.    All I saw was a big green field, a bunch of tall one's in funny outfits playing fetch without a single dog to help them.   It must have been amateur football, if it had been professional football, golden retrievers would have been fetching the ball, we could have done a much better job. 

Mogley G. Retriever

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Update on Lenai

It was a busy weekend.    On Sunday we had an appointment for a family that wanted to meet Lenai.    We took Lenai over to meet with them, early in the morning.   She did us proud, she showed off and loved up to the family, she even ran and fetched a little just to let them know that she had talents.   She was not just another pretty face and coat.    They were impressed.    There were two young boys to give her attention and play with her, two adults to spoil her rotten.   She put on her best show.   One other golden and a golden-doodle were competing with her for the one home available. 

It was for naught.   The family had not had breakfast yet and they decided to wait until after breakfast.  They left, but did not come back for her.   Obviously they had no taste in best friends.    Lenai was left at rescue because two more families had called and were coming in, Lenai fit their profile as well.   At the end of the day, Lenai was still at rescue, she had lost out on three potential homes.   She had been passed over for younger and more cuter dogs.    Experience, obedience and great looks will win in the end, just not today.   at 6 years old, she is no longer a spring chicken, so she has to make her choice of family carefully.  It is forever, you know. 

Lenai was left with Mary for the night, the last appointment was running late.    Lenai came back home this noon.   The family had called to see if she was still available, but they could not get free till the weekend.   Lenai was depressed, two days at rescue and she was still not adopted.   She just wanted to relax and gather her thoughts.  
Lenai has a habit that makes everyone love her.    When she is ready to lie down, she grabs a big mouthful of her bed, then lies down with her paws holding the bed down.   Then she goes to sleep in that position.   When she first grabbed the bed, everyone thought she was going to tear it up, instead she just dropped down, closed her eyes and went to sleep.   The tears in the bed are not her fault, they were there long before she arrived.   She takes good care of her bed and toys.  Well, all toys except for stuffies, she can unstuff a stuffie in seconds. 

We will put her write up on the web, then we will begin booking appointments for this coming weekend.   She won't last long once people learn what a wonderful lady she is.    We just have to help her get back to her normal cheerful, happy and loving self. 

Mogley G. Retriever

Friday, November 11, 2011

Climb back on the horse! Or dog, as the case may be. Lenai

After losing Boo Boo, The Paw Challenged Ones (TPCO) were going to take a vacation from the stream of fosters that had been coming through the house and just have Bella and I.   But then new arrivals at Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies (GRRR) made them rethink their plans.    Maybe the best thing they could do in memory of Boo Boo and Nala would be to help another dog in rescue.
They had gotten word that another worthy rescue lady had been named Nala in honour of Nala who had recently passed away. Nala had already found a foster home, and has already been adopt. Great news. Now Lenai was in need of a home. Lenai arrived home last night, she was ready to find a place to settle in for a short time while she waits for her new forever home to open up. Lenai is the victim of the economy, as are so many dogs that arrive in rescue these days. Downsizing a home is human speak for "lets send the dog to rescue". Lenai was in a home with children, cats and a loving family. Then came the downsizing. Now she is moving around from place to place, trying to figure out what is happening to the world and people she loved.      Below, Lenai demonstrates the finer points of begging. 
Join us in welcoming Lenai to The Dog House. She will be staying here while we are looking for her new Forever Home. We think she will not be with us for long, she is very good looking and very well behaved. She is getting along very well with the other dogs over at rescue and she has settled in well with Bella and I. She was curious about the black cat when Mini ran across the floor, but once they were introduced, they get along just fine. She has ignored Buddy, the big white cat, Buddy ignores Lenai and Lenai ignored him in return. She loves attention and she would love to find a new home with lots of activity and lots of hands. The hand to dog ratio is going to be important to her, she wants lots of hands, lots of attention.     She is a little overweight, but an active home with lots of walks and runs will soon take care of her figure. 

Stay tuned for more news as we go back to rescuing again.    Lets see, is she number 78 or number 77?   Either way, she is a wonderful lady to share our home with for a few days. 

Mogley G. Retriever

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Rest in Peace Boo Boo Bear

This afternoon Boo Boo Bear was laying under the computer table, right by The Paw Challenged One's (TPCO) feet, when Boo Boo began coughing and breathing hard.  They looked down and Boo Boo was bleeding from the nose and coughing up blood.    They loaded him in the car and were off in minutes.    Boo Boo laid behind the seat where he cold be petted all the way to the Vet's office.  By the time they arrived, there was a pool of blood beside Boo Boo.   
The vet examined him and told TPCO that it was time for Boo Boo to take his trip to the Rainbow Bridge.   He was not breathing well, and he was losing blood rapidly.   Boo Boo left on his final trip with TPCO holding his head and Mary from GRRR petting him.    Moose was there to give his respect and comfort to help Boo Boo on his journey.

For a few days, Boo Boo had a little discoloration in his mucus.   When his nose ran, they would wipe his nose with a napkin.   It looked like he had a puncture wound inside his nose, a little visible swelling, perhaps a hole from a cat claw when he took the mouse away from Minni Cat on Friday night?   The vet told us it was far more than that.   Boo Boo had a huge tumor in his nose, it had burst, bleeding badly and it had swollen so that it blocked his breathing.   All in just a few minutes.  He had been laying peacefully beside the computer desk at 3:00, then he began coughing, bleeding and  being unable to breath, by 5:00 he had left us. 

It is a total shock.    We were ready to see Boo Boo slowly become more disabled from his bad hips and knees, slowly losing his mobility.    We were not prepared to lose him so suddenly and without warning.   
Boo Boo can now run free of pain.   He can now chase the squirrels at full speed.   He can play fetch and chase blowing leaves.  He can join so many of the wonderful rescue's that are waiting for all of us on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.   We know that he is free of pain now, but we were not ready for it quite yet.   We will remember you as a wonderful companion, one that lived in pain but brought so much love and comfort to everyone else.   Thank you for spending time with us, Boo Boo.    Run free, you have earned it. 

Sunday we learned that Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies had received a donation in Boo Boo's name.   A donor had given a large quantity of glucosamine supplements and a walking assistance harness to fit Boo Boo and help him walk.   Thank you for the donation, it will go to another rescue that needs help.   We have too many older dogs in rescue these days, they will benefit from Boo Boo's donations. 

Everyone should get another pet this evening.   Chin Scratches for everyone and tummy rubs all around.  Everyone should get another treat this evening.   We never know how many pets and treats are left to us.  Enjoy while you can.

Mogley G. Retriever

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Some rescue news

Boo Boo wanted the photo above as proof that he is a very distinguished, elderly golden gentlemen.   He has asked us to call him Bear.     His full name is Boo Boo Bear, but he does not think Boo Boo is fitting him well.   What do you think?    Has he earned the name Bear or perhaps Mr. Bear? 

Well, it has been a quiet week end here at the dog house.    We looked up the diary of fosters that we have had in our home.    Boo Boo Bear is the 75th foster we have had.    Roxie, who was adopted out two weeks ago, was the 73rd, and since she came back and left again, she may also be 76.  We are not sure if we get to count her in the number of fosters since she was still only one dog but she went through twice and was adopted out twice.    This time it is going to stick, she is doing wonderful in her new forever home.    Rescue is still going strong, we understand that we have another lady who will be joining us shortly, so she will be either the 76th or 77 rescue in our home. 

We suspect that Mr. Bear will be here a long time.   With his inability to walk, he is not going to find many people that want to adopt a dog that can't go on walks with them or play fetch.   He says it is fine, he is happy here and he has unpacked his bags.    He is quite happy being a permanent foster. 

Bear has been entertaining the house by chasing mice.    Mini Cat catches mice in the field behind the house and brings them in to play with.   Bear tries to take them away.   It is amazing how fast Bear can move when Mini Cat plays with a mouse just under Bear's nose.  Mini Cat likes to show off, so she brings them in where everyone can see how great a hunter she is.  Somehow during the last exchange of mice, Bear got a claw to the nose and his nose is still tender and dripping from time to time.  There was enough blood that the carpet machine had to come out.   Noses apparently do not heal rapidly.   The mouse got away, and we are still looking for it.    Mini does not get upset, she said she can get another.   The Paw Challenged One's were a little upset though,.  

Mini likes to hunt in the field behind the house, but at night the coyotes hunt there.    Now that the nights are getting colder, the coyotes are hunting closer to the homes.  The dog door is getting locked at night so that Mini does not go out after dark.

The Paw Challenged One has been busy in the basement.   He has a large number of fish tanks down there, and he has been busy with some new fish.   He picked up some extinct fish and endangered fish at a recent fish event.    Extinct?  Yea, that is what we thought too....    It turns out that they are only extinct in the wild and there was a effort to have people keep them to spread the gene pool and not keep too many of them in one facility.   So he has dedicated several tanks to them and is keeping records on them.   So if you want to see some "extinct" and endangered fish, just call us.    In the meantime, there is no more sushi on the menu.  

One more important item for our local readers.    Murdoch's Ranch supply is having a grand opening in Parker, through the 13th, they are selling the large bags of Nutro Dog Food at "Buy two, get one free".   So stock up, a house full of rescues eats a lot of food.

Mogley G. Retriever

Friday, November 4, 2011

All the news that will fit on a fire hydrant

Above, Boo Boo and Bella are waiting for TPCO to open the door.    It is a good comparison between a normal set of rear legs and Boo Boo's twisted and painful legs.   When his legs healed, about 3 years ago, they healed crooked, that puts sideways force on his ankles, so they are now giving way, and the twisted bones are also causing his hips to deteriorate.  He is too badly twisted to do remedial surgery at this time.   His future is very little movement and lots of pain pills.  Watching him walk is painful to all of us, he shuffles along, dragging his rear legs forward on each step because picking them up is too painful.   You can see below, that does not dampen his spirits.   He has taken over the spot between the computer desk and the toy bin, so he can get attention and toys at the same time.    He is a great cheerleader, he barks and tries to help when Bella and I wrestle, but he can't join in, he would probably hurt himself.   He is finding the right level of activity and pain medications so that he can do a few things without hurting.   He has again started going upstairs to sleep with the rest of us, for a while he was hurting too badly to make the trip up the stairs. 

We have not been leaving messages for the rest of you to sniff.   The Paw Challenged One (TPCO) has been tying up the computer all day with his writing, and then all night long I have to correct all of his errors.  They think he is a writer, but I do all the hard work.   Working my poor paws to the bone.   He thinks spell checkers and grammer checkers grow on trees.  

We have received several e-mails from Roxie, she is doing well.    She has taken several trips to the lake, and she has gotten to run in the river, before the snow arrived.   She even gets to sleep on the bed, nice and cozy.   She says she is happy being an only dog and getting all the toys to play with.   Here are several photos she has sent us to prove that her new home rocks!


Way to go Roxie!

Mogley G. Retriever