Saturday, July 7, 2007

Forward by a Human, why Mogley is special!

The official Blog of Mogley, the Golden Retriever

Forward, by the Editor (a human):

It is very important that sweet little Mogley never ever find out what nearly happened to him. At only 6 months old, Mogley was brought to the shelter by his family to be euthanized. The reason they gave was that he had been diagnosed with a heart murmur. Mogley’s life was going to end right there in the shelter. In fact, the staff had already started to carry out the family’s instructions when the shelter manager happened to walk in. Mogley was on the table and had been given the initial sedation. She immediately asked why this was happening. When she heard the story, she had them wake him back up while she went to call Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies (GRRR). She knew GRRR would want to try to help him by giving him a chance for a proper medical evaluation. Her timing couldn’t have been more perfect. Just a few seconds later Mogley would have been gone. A happy, bouncy puppy would have lost his life without a fighting chance. He would have never known the joy of a walk in the park or a hike in the mountains or a swim in a lake. He would have never known the commitment, security and unconditional love of a family who really treasured him.

Thanks to Marti Mills and her “rescue truck transport service,” Mogley was soon on his way to a loving foster home. Marti came back from southern Colorado hauling a precious cargo of Mogley and six other dogs. The four Golden’s were all happily wrestling in the back while her three shelter rescue kids rested quietly in the cab with her. Can’t you just imagine them all heading down the highway with their new friend, Marti, all bound for new homes?

Mogley was immediately evaluated by one of the best heart specialists, Dr. Loyer at VRCC, who confirmed Mogley has a heart condition called subaeortic stenosis. There is no medical treatment that can help him, and he isn’t expected to live beyond three years. What really matters is that he can pack a lot of happiness into those years if he can spend it with a loving family to call his own. And those three years is a lifetime he wouldn’t have had without our help.

Mogley is playful and happy and starts each morning with a smile and a wag. He eats well, knows how to have a good time and gets along great with other dogs. Would you like to be the person who becomes a real family to him? You’ll never find a more grateful and deserving Golden, and he has such a big heart and endearing personality. You can make his dreams come true and bring yourself a lot of happiness, too.

Mogley is wondering if you would like make a donation to help pay for his visit to the heart specialist and his medications. Although he will never know what almost happened to him, he will surely understand that all of us at GRRR – through our donations and determination -- loved and cared for him and gave him a new beginning. Every day of his life will be a gift – to him and to his new forever family.

Mogley has been writing a daily blog to let his friends know about his life in his new foster home. Please follow his adventures as he lives his life.

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  1. your link was posted on the GRF and I was fortunate enough to see it. Mogley sounds like a joy. Thank you for posting his story and escapades. I will enjoy reading them and watching Mogley's life in pages.