Sunday, March 18, 2012

The wild bunch is united again.

Above,  Molly is at left, rear, Piper in front, Bella front right, Emma in the rear, and I am on the far right, keeping everyone in line for the photos. 

It is true.   You have probably heard the rumors or maybe you felt the earth shake under your feet.   The gang of five rides runs again.   Warn the neighbors, they had better watch their tails.

For those who may have lost track of us since we have been missing so long from the blog, our cousins packed up and went to Florida.   Last Friday they came back, telling us tails tales about their running in the ocean and playing in the sand.   They will be staying with us, as will their parents, while they look for a new home.   Or they can just wait till their renters move out of their old home.   But it will be fun while it lasts. 

We will be blogging more often, because there is going to be lots of excitement now.   

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. That is a beautiful bunch there. We missed your blogging!

    love & wags,

  2. Welcome back, looks like a great pack!!

  3. Happy that you are all together again, wall to wall Goldens what every home needs.

    Hamish & Sophie

  4. Even though you were all missed, it looks like the wait was worth it to hear of all your packs new adventures!

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