Thursday, June 21, 2012

National Take Your Dog to Work Day!

We have important news today.   Friday, June 22 is National Take Your Dog To Work Day.   Our parents are retired and work at home, so it is no big deal for Bella and I.   But Emma, Molly and Piper's mom and dad work outside the home so we want to see how they handle the day.    Their daddy is a pilot, their mommy is traveling, by plane, to different medical facilities around the country.   So we are watching closely to see how they participate in this important holiday.  Maybe Molly could put on an assistance dog harness, her daddy can wear dark glasses and carry a white cane, and pretend she is helping a blind pilot down the isle.    It would give passengers something to talk about.  

Meanwhile, we are back on board the rescue wagon.    We had a call last night that a little Golden lady, Polly, is in need of a home extraction and a cat scan.    Mini Cat, Tiger Cat and Sarah Cat are all three qualified to perform cat scans after living with 5 to 7 goldens for a year.  Polly is coming by here to determine if she is cat friendly.    If she passes her cat scan, she can go to a home right away.   If she flunks her cat scan, then she will have to be transported to a foster home across town.

We will let you know how everything works out.   Be sure to let your people know about National Take Your Dog to Work Day, so you don't miss out on the fun.

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. I tried so hard in my office to bring Sam, but they told me no.



  2. BOL - I think I had the wording all wrong - that's what I get for trying to multitask!


  3. I was having our boy Josh all groomed so I could take him to work, and my boss said no...I just don't get it...

    I hope all goes well with that cat scan, let us know!! Take care!!

  4. Well our Mom & Dad are both retired so our day will be the same as all others, but that's OK because we love them and they love us.

    Hamish & Sophie