Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Hazel, seeking a forever home

Hazel has settled in and is ready to begin her search for a new home.  She wanted to share some of her history with you so that you would know her better.   She has not learned how to type, so she asked me to help her to tell her story.
Hazel said that in her old life, she was supposed to have lots of puppies for her owner.   She said he called himself a backyard breeder.  She spent most of her time in the chain link run in the back yard.   She says that she did not have time for socializing, she always had puppies to look after.  Sometimes it was very boring and she often chewed on the chain link fence or rocks in the run. 

Then one day they told her she was too old and she was going to be replaced by a younger golden.   She was taken for a long car ride and let off in a city.     They called it a street, and for several days she wandered.   Then the doggie police came by and took her to a place full of cages.    The accommodations were not great, but at least they gave her regular meals.   The doggie jail did not have room for her, so they turned over to a kind person that spoke softly to her and gave her lots of attention, and something they called "treats".  She was loaded into a car and she was on her way to Denver and the Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies. 
When she arrived at Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies, she was taken to a nice veterinary for a physical checkup.   They performed an operation on her to keep her from having more puppies, and they even gave her a tummy tuck.   For several days she did not feel her best, but then she recovered and began learning about what her future might have in store for her.    She was going to have her picture taken, then a story would be put on something called the Internet.   Then she would find her perfect forever home.

In the meantime, she would go to a foster home where she would learn to live in a normal home again, and learn to play with other dogs.   Hazel said she has been socialized with dozens of puppies, but apparently that is not the same thing as being socialised with other dogs.  She would be evaluated to see what commands she knew, and how well behaved she was.  So last Saturday, The Paw Challenged One went across town and brought Hazel to our house to stay until she can find her perfect forever home.   And that is how Hazel came to stay with Bella and I.

She has been through a lot, but she has a wonderful attitude. She is proving to us what a wonderful lady she is.   She is starting to play with Bella and I.   Hazel likes squirrel chasing, she dashes out to the apple trees in a flash when a squirrel is threatening the apples in the trees.    She gets along with all three cats, she even helped Mini Cat chase a mouse today.   Mini brought a mouse in from the field and Hazel kept it from getting away.  It was funny to see Mini Cat and Hazel both chasing the mouse and then being on opposite sides of a chair waiting for the mouse to come out.  She is certified as Cat Friendly.  Even Sarah, who hates dog, gives Hazel an A+.

Hazel has very good dinner manners, she eats her meals slowly and she does not come bother our dishes.   She sleeps beside the bed.  The first two nights here she had some bad dreams and woke everyone up, but now she is settled in and she sleeps the night through.  She explained that she was having nightmares about crates, kennels, and lonely streets. 

Hazel loves toys, squeaky toys, stuffie toys, bouncy toys, even an empty plastic bottle is a toy when you have not had any toys for a long time.  Hazel is living with Bella and I, and three cats.   She is getting along great with everyone.   She loves attention and she is a Velcro dog, she sticks to anyone that will give her a pet or a soft word.   She walks well on a leash, she even knows her basic commands and she obeys them.   She has a great "sit", a good "down", and she has a fair stay, providing nothing exciting happens to interrupt her.   She does know "no", and stops dead in her tracks when she hears it. 

Sunday when the rest of us were swimming and playing, Hazel stayed dry.   She got in the water up to her knees, that was enough for her.   The Paw Challenged Ones decide she needed a bath so they got out the shampoo and gave her a bath while we swam.   It took her the rest of the day to dry her off.  

We will work with Hazel to do a write up to put on the web site.   The photos above should help her find her forever home quickly.   Lets all try real hard to find this lovely lady a wonderful new forever home.

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. If you were not so far away, Beautiful Hazel, we would take you in a minute. I am so impressed with the dog you are, you are just what everyone wants!

    Good luck in finding that perfect spot!

    Stella, Mom and Zkhat

  2. I hope she finds a wonderful home very soon!! Well, another wonderful home - as she already has found yours!

  3. Wishing sweet Hazel a forever home soon. Have a terrific Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. When I think about how much Sam and Monty love being with people, it breaks my heart to think of a Golden not with people. We hope she finds her forever home soon.


  5. Hope it's ok...I just put a link to this post on my blog about Miss Hazel...I don't have a lot of followers, but it only takes the right one to see her story. She's a beauty!!! Hope she finds her forever home soon.

  6. What a lovely, lovely lady!! I'm always so thankful when these precious pups find their way to a wonderful life and amazing foster home like yours where they blossom and learn about all that life has for them!!!

  7. Mogley,

    Hazel, is beautiful, we hope she finds a forever home. Your write up touched our hearts and we have posted on our FaceBook page.

    Sheila & Bob
    Hamish & Sophie

  8. I hope she finds a wonderful home very soon!! Well, another wonderful home - as she already has found yours!

    Dog Treats

  9. What a sweetheart! Please update us...

  10. I admire what you do. Such a story helps to redeem the day for me.Helps me as well to again feel gratitude for the woman who saved our dog, then looked after her until she'd recovered from heartworm. And then wept her eyes out when we came to take Chelsea home with us. That was eight years ago, and we've never forgotten our debt to that fine person.

  11. Hi Y'all!

    Welcome Hazel! Oh my, Mogley, I've sort of fallen behind in my reading since my home page was changed. I'm here plaing catch up!

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  12. Hazel sounds wonderful, and I hope that she finds a forever home very soon. With your guidance, I think it'll be an amazing home!

    I recently adopted a rescue, a 9 month old who had lived her whole life in a crate. She wasn't actively abused but missed out all the important puppy lessons during her "socialization" periods. So, now I have a better idea of what rescue is all about... and it's incredibly rewarding to know that you're giving an animal a life that they never had before.

    You are such special and giving people! Here's to Hazel!

  13. I just happened upon your blog, and I love it! What an original 'perspective'!

  14. She looks like such a gentle beast! :)

    I think what you're doing here with your rescue (love the name btw - GRRR...!) and posting dogs that need homes is wonderful. I wish you and your organization the best of luck. These pups have no idea how lucky they are to find you!

  15. It's wonderful that u share this. yes, dogs are need a home to because they have a life.

  16. Really hope Hazel found a loving home! Just gorgeous!

  17. Hazel makes me think of Chelsea, our rescue. Hours from being put down (because she had been dumped at a shelter, and had heartworm), she was saved by a volunteer, who saw she got treatment, nursed her, and then selflessly gave her to us. That was nine years ago. Only "dog people" can know how much all this means.