Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Welcome Foster Pippa, our new family member

Above, Pippa waits to get dried off after chasing koi in the koi pond. 

 We should be writing about the fantastic party we had with the Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies Reunion Picnic.   Over 100 dogs and their owners played on the shore of Boulder Reservoir.    But that story will have to wait.   The big news is that the Paw Challenged Ones picked up a new Foster puppy, Pippa.

Below, Hazel, Pippa and I sit for our treats. 
We heard about Pippin at the picnic, she has the same Pulmonic Stenosis heart condition that I suffer from.   She even takes the same medications.   So we know what she needs to grow into a happy healthy Golden Retriever.  She is about 17 weeks old.

Below, Pippa meets Sarah the cat.   So far, so good.
The house is full again.   After Bella passed away, I moped for a long time.  Then Hazel came to live with us, she got me interested in playing a little again.   Today both Hazel and I ran in a couple of big circles with Pippa.  I think we will get along pretty good.   

Pippa was here less than an hour and she had already been in the koi pond twice.   Then it started raining, so after dinner when we went out, we came in wet again.  The carpet is almost as wet as it is when the swimming pool is open.

Watch for more news on the picnic and on Pippa.

Mogley G. Retriever 


  1. She is beautiful, she reminds me of a Golden/yellow lab mix we once had. She was so smart!



  2. Oh, Mogley, how wonderful it is to see that sweet face. I love a sugar face and how glorious it is to see you getting old enough to see just an inkling of sugar around your snout!!
    It seems that Pippa is meant to be in your household. You can certainly show her the ropes.Seeing her all wet reminds me of when you were just a little thing at the picnic all curled up in a chair resting from playing so hard!
    Again, I am so sorry for the loss of Bella.
    Gus' Mom

  3. Congratulations Mogley! You blog far too little now, and I miss your handsome face! We are very happy that you have new family members! We can't wait to hear about your adventures!

  4. What a beautiful little girl she is -- glad your house is filling up again Mogley!

  5. Mogley, we are so glad that Pippa has joined your household. We are sorry about her medical condition but she could not be in better hands.
    We miss Bella, but we know she left a part of her heart for you to always cherish. She would be so happy that forever homes have been given by you to Goldens in need.

  6. Hi, and congratulation on your new family member. Pippa looks in good shape.Its always good to have someone in life like pippa.