Friday, February 27, 2009

Good Friends

After three weeks, Abby and Sandy have become very good friends. Sandy is responding to the vitamins and glucosamine, her joints are loosening up and our 11 year old friend is playing, romping and running like a 5 year old. This has caused some problems. There is only one tennis ball thrower in the house, and four retrievers. Abby is a very skilled retriever, she and I have some strong competition for thrown balls. Sandy tries hard, but she is slow and she can't beat Bella, Abby and I to the ball.

Sandy has taken over my softest bed, the one by the rocking chair where the hand reaches down and pets my head while he watches TV. Now its her head that is often on the cushion, waiting for the hand. Sandy-Abby both chew up my toys, they have no respect for my seniority here. Being a foster brother is not as easy as it sounds.

We are still actively seeking a forever home for Sandy-Abby, it is hard to find a home for an older dog, and to find a home for two at once is proving difficult. The rescue is receiving many new dogs and there are so many young Golden's for two older Lady's to compete with. We will find the perfect home, but in the meantime we have some wonderful friends to play with.

We went to the drive through dog treat dispenser today, everyone received a treat. The chauffeur says that the place is called a bank and he has to give them large money in return for the treats. This is much like the pet store, the chauffeur gives them smaller money and they give him treats to take home. So why doesn't he take the big money to the pet store instead of giving it to the bank? We could have many more treats that way. Humans! They just don't think sometimes.

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. That does make more sense to take the money to the pet store rather than a bank. I am sorry you have had no luck finding forever home yet but the perfect one is out there somewhere waiting to be found. =)

  2. Hey Mogley,
    Sounds as if y'all are getting along just fine out there in Aurora Borealis. Things are good here in Bumpass also. Dad did a rescue transport yesterday and he says that AHGRR now has 60 dogs which puts them at capacity so they'll need to use foster care for new intakes. They did have two dogs adopted yesterday. Someone came to adopt one pup but looked around and left with a friend of the dog they originally came to adopt as well. Our dad suggests that if you and Bella and Abby are so quick to retrieve that there is a possibility that you can be faked out and run out before the tennis ball is thorwn and then maybe Sandy would be first to a "weak" short distance throw. Otherwise maybe you 3 can stay in for a little bit while Sandy gets her exercise. Homer J. and Jubal are on glucosamine because ther are getting older, Shiloh, who will be 2 in April, gets it because she had OCD in both of her front shoulders. Doc Witter though she might need surgery, but she seems to be outgrowing it but dad gives her glucosamine just as a precaution.