Monday, February 9, 2009

Assistance Dogs, Sandy and Abby

Sandy and Abby, our new foster sisters are very special dogs. We knew they were being offered for adoption together because they have lived together and they are closely bonded. Now we have learned that they are special therapy dogs, trained in a new type of therapy, trained to help humans in a totally new way. They should be very easy to place in a new forever home, they offer a very special opportunity for some human in need.

Offering these two wonderful girls to be adopted together is like buying one winning lottery ticket and discovering that a second winning lottery ticket was stuck to the first one.

Sandy and Abby are special intervention dogs, trained to treat a new addiction syndrome that we have recently identified. If you are addicted to Golden Retrievers, Sandy and Abby are specially trained to help you. If you have a two dog a day addiction, they will come to your home, live with you and treat your addiction. If you have only a one-dog-a-day addiction, they will help you recover twice as fast.

You may suffer from Golden Retriever Addiction Syndrome or the more serious affliction known as Golden Retriever Deprivement Syndrome if you meet any of the following:

  • Do you find that most medical treatments leave you still craving more Golden Retrievers?
  • Do you attend long, expensive, therapy sessions with no progress?
  • Do you hate those heavy medications that most Doctors prescribe to treat Golden Retriever Addiction?
  • Does your back hurt from laying on the hard couch in the psychologist's office?
  • Do you want to buy dog toys instead of paying your money to Doctors?
  • Do you have to go to the door and bark at visitors yourself?
  • Do you throw tennis balls and then have to chase them yourself?
  • Do you have a closet full of old Frisbees that you never play with?
  • Do you find yourself walking around the block pulling an empty leash?
  • Do you need a reason to go for a run in the dog park?
  • Do you borrow friends dogs to go jogging with?
  • Do you feel guilty when you ask for a "doggie bag" at the restaurant?
  • Do you bring a steak bone home from a fancy restaurant meal and bury it in the back yard yourself?
  • Do you turn to "comfort food" like cake and ice cream because you don't get comfort from a warm dog?
  • Do you find yourself looking for love in all the wrong places because you think you are too old for "puppy love"?
  • Do you have one dog and one cold foot? Most of us have two feet which is why two dogs are essential for good health and warm feet.
  • Do you find yourself petting a dog with only one hand and you wonder what to do with the other hand?
  • Do you need to be greeted at the door by two special friends?
  • Are you disappointed when you vacuum your house and you only use one vacuum bag?
  • Do you automatically use a lint roller on all black clothes only to find it was not necessary?
  • Do you drool at puppies in the pet shop window at the mall?
  • Do you have a hole in your heart that is too big to be filled by just one Golden Retriever?

Then you may suffer from Golden Retriever Addiction Syndrome or its more serious version, Golden Retriever Deprivement Syndrome. For treatment we prescribe Sandy and Abby. Sandy and Abby will to come to your home and do a long term intervention. They are available for adoption if you qualify. Go to and read about Sandy and Abby. Help them find their perfect forever home.

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. Oh I do hope you find a good home for those girls, they would definitely heel anyone with those issues. for sure. =)

  2. Mogley -- this has to be one your all time best blog posts! You sure understand the GRA and GRD syndromes!! Sandy and Abby will be a huge help to their furever humans! Keep up the wonderful work.

  3. Mogley -- this post was soooo good. You're the best. We wish Sandy and Abby a blessed stay with you; and we hope it's only a short time before that poor "sick" person with GRA and/or GRD finds them and takes them home!

    Riley and River

  4. OK Mogley, we're a pretty critical bunch here, but even us, the great Bumpass Hounds, give you an A+++ on this blog posting. We bit on the opener, hook, line and sinker. Duh! A very ingenius approach to help out the girls; way to go guy. Here's hoping that they find a really nice furever home. Don't forget to keep them entertained, and don't ignore Bella.

  5. I also bit as this being a real addiction need. Then I sheepishly laughed. And then I realized this is indeed a very serious affliction. Only a Golden can fulfill this very real affliction!!!
    Love to all,