Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The countdown has begun!

Roxanne went to visit a nice couple at their home earlier in the week.   We made special arrangements, most of the time a foster does not get to spend time in a prospective new home before she has to make up her mind.   In this case, since they lived nearby and we had a nice sunny day, we arranged to drop her by and after some serious questions, we left her to play for a while.   She liked the family, she liked the home, she liked the back yard, and she liked the way they threw the ball.   They liked her quiet manners, they liked her polite behaviour, they like her beautiful coat and her loving ways.    It was a very good afternoon.  They went for a walk to meet some of the neighborhood dogs, it was a good outing.     She particularly liked the hand to dog ratio, it is 6 to one.    She liked the extra attention.

But they had to travel out of town for a couple of days.   They asked if we would hold Roxanne for them until they got back.   Then they called from out of town to adopt her, they were afraid someone else might claim her while they were gone.   We told Roxanne the news, she was very happy.     They have had several goldens in the past and were just waiting to adopt in order to honour the memory of their last golden.   
This evening, they will come home and we will meet them again to leave Roxanne to settle into her new Forever Home.   They plan a trip to the pet store to buy the correct food, treats and a new bowl.   Roxanne gets to start with her own items, not used ones.   We will send her with a bag of tennis balls, Roxanne is a tennis ball fan. 

Say goodby to Roxanne, she is a foster, orphan, no more.   She is a lady with a home, a family and a future.   

Roxanne, we will miss you a lot, and we wish you a wonderful rest of your life. 

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. HOORAY Roxanne! Sounds like the perfect home for her


  2. Oh Mogley!

    Such wonderful news you made my Human cry tears of joy.

    Hawk aka BrownDog

  3. Oh Hurray for Roxeanne! I am so happy for her but sad for you'll because I know you will miss her terribly, but God had a plan!


    I'm so glad the hand to head ratio is great, that their ball throwing skills were up to par and that they LOVED her enough to call to make sure she didn't go to anyone else! PERFECT!

  5. Roxanne we wish you well. You must be very special to get a forever home so fast. Sounds like you are really wanted. Have a wonderful life.

    Lady(senior, Sandy Paws and Oliver

  6. Yea !!!!! We are so happy for Roxanne, she sounds like a great young lady and it sounds as if her forever home will love her very much.
    We just love Happy Endings.......

    Hamish & Rescue Sophie

  7. FANTASTIC - I hope Roxanne lives a happy Golden life in her new home!

    Wags N Kisses,

  8. WONDERFUL NEWS for Roxanne!! And another feather for your 'rescue wings' because you've helped another Golden find their forever family!! :-)

  9. YAY Roxanne!!!! Good work getting her ready for her Forever Home! (And how nice of you to give her some tennis balls so she won't forget you!) And we like that hand-to-dog ratio! (We've got a mere 2:1 hand-to-dog ratio, so we can't complain!)

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus

  10. WOO HOO
    Such great news, have fun with your new family Roxanne!
    The Crew in Conifer

  11. Sweet story, Mogley! Thanks for giving her such good back-up and getting Roxanne on her way.

    Until they all have homes,


  12. Oh Mogley, you made me tear up. I'm so happy for Roxanne - a real loving home, forever. You and your family are so wonderful for making this adoption possible. As a dog lover, I cannot thank you enough.

  13. GReat news for you Ms Roxanne - congratualations & best wishes!

    Nadine & Neeli
    Angel doggie Apples (1994-2010)

  14. So happy! But it made me tear up, too! I do hope Roxanne's new family continues to send updates about her. What a precious sweet baby!