Sunday, February 13, 2011

Rescue Central on Saturday

Roxanne has been living with us as a foster since last weekend.  The first few days she was very timid and nervous.   She had been through a lot since she was surrendered by her family of 6 years to become a homeless dog.   A growing family, active children and an energetic Golden Retriever lady was more than the poor family could cope with.   Then Roxanne made her escape to the wild, and the next 11 days, loose in the big park,  dragging her leash, were days of fear, hunger and cold.  She was happy to come back in from the cold, but she was dirty, tired and hungry.   She made her trip to the vets office, there she got her check up, and she was spayed, a few years late in her life, she is 6 years old.   Then after a couple of days of recovery she came to live with us until she could be placed in a new home.   Part of the task for us is to evaluate a new foster and find out her personality so that she can be placed in a home that fits her and where she can find her new life with a new forever family. 

Friday we had sent in a bio on Roxanne, it was posted on the web, outlining what we had learned about her during the week.   What we learned was that she was nearly the perfect family addition.   She was old enough to be calm, experienced enough to fit into a home without problems.   She was very well housebroken, she was good with the two resident cats, she was polite, she got along with the other three canine residents and she was a good house guest.  She did not chew on things, she did not bark at strange sounds.  She knew her basic commands and obeyed them immediately.  Her bio on the web was great, so she was going to have a lot of good offers of new homes.     Roxanne was settling in well, and she was prepared to stay as long as needed, until the perfect home came along.   Often we have a list of demands for a new home.   Roxanne had few requests.   She wanted a chance to chase tennis balls, and lots and lots of attention.  She was a Velcro dog, she wanted to stay at the humans ankle all day long.  Just a place to nap near the family rocking chair was all she needed.  She was a very easy going lady, she would fit in about anywhere.   Someone was going to get a very wonderful addition to their home. 

Saturday afternoon we had an appointment at Rescue Central to introduce Roxanne to several possible new families.   Because it was a nice day, everyone was allowed to pile into the SUV and go for a ride.  At first the chauffeur was going to leave Nala behind, but when we charged out the front door to jump into the car, Nala was front and center in the pack.   She could not jump up on her own, but with just a little boost she managed to climb in.   It has been a long time since we all were allowed to go together to visit our friends at the rescue.   Part of the fun of being there is meeting other new rescues and meeting all the people.   There is always lots of people, lots of coming and going, lots of new friends to meet.  People bring their own dogs to meet and play with the fosters.  They want to make sure a new golden will fit in with their current dogs.   Seniority in a family has its advantage.   First they may take a walk to see how their new family will work on a leash.  Then they will go to the play yard to see how the dogs interact on their own.   While Roxanne was off with other families, we were allowed out of the car to visit and sniff the official rescue mail box post. 

When we arrived, the two families we had come to meet were busy meeting other fosters.  A family that had come to meet several other fosters saw Roxanne and wanted to meet her.   After a walk and some play time, Roxanne was on the list as a possible for them as well.  But two other people had requested to meet Roxanne, so she went on walks with them and then spent some play time in the play pen with possible new brothers and sisters.    Roxanne flunked the first play date, she and the resident golden both went after the same tennis ball and ended up having an argument over it.   Her second play date ended in Roxanne ignoring her possible new brother.   In the meantime, the first family had fallen in love with Skittles and were already filling out the papers.   Then her other family took Hank for a walk, and fell in love with the big, red male.   Hank was a good looking boy, he was just getting over his kennel cough and was just now coming up on the available list.   They were runners and Roxanne was not a long distance lady, she was panting after a short run.   Hank was a long distance champion, lots of energy and long legs.   Two families came by and apologised to Roxanne, they felt badly that they could not take her home, but she came in second on running, and second on getting along with a tennis ball obsessed golden. 

On the way home Nala fell asleep, she was tired and the long day had worn her out.   Nala did enjoy the attention she gets when ever she appears at a rescue event, she is the senior and one of the favorites because of her wonderful personality.  Roxanne was feeling a little let down, she thought she was going to find her new forever home immediately.   After talking it over, we decided that taking it slow so that she gets the best forever home is a better goal for her.  Wish her well, she will be meeting new families this coming weekend.    But this time she will know what to do better.     Sunday morning was the first day that she felt comfortable enough to play with Bella and I.  We ran and played in the snow together, we even played chase in the snow.   It usually takes a week to settle in enough to begin playing, so Roxanne is right on schedule.   We will enjoy her a few more days, then she can go looking again. 

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. As 'they' used to paw on The X Files, Roxanne's home is out there -

    or something like that

    PeeEssWoo: After all, it is all about the fit!

  2. Hi Mogley
    It takes time to find the right family & Roxanne is in great hands with you and yours.

    Wishing you all the best,
    Nadine & Neeli
    Angel doggie Apples (1994-2010)

  3. Dang. This just means a more special family will come soon!

  4. Well it just means that her perfect family is still out there!


  5. I am glad Roxanne is able to take her time. She needs to make sure her forever home is as loving and perfect as her foster home!

    Wags N Kisses,

  6. She'll find a good home. We know she will.


  7. She sounds perfect, and she's so lucky to be with you in the meantime. Her forever family is out there. I know it!

  8. We understand your dilemma about Roxanne. Like mommie told us right from the beginning she knew us rescues come with a heavy package, she will just have to be patience till we get used to live without the burden. Just like Roxanna, she has a lot to carry right now. But you, Mogely and Bella, will help her overcome what ever it is that weighs her down. And then that forever home will just fall into place.
    Keep the news coming.

    Lady(senior), Sandy Paws, Oliver