Sunday, April 10, 2011

The case of the missing note!

My last post was just a note to update on what is going on.    It turns out more, or less was going on than we thought.  We could not even post the last post. 

First, the last note was supposed to say that it was not my fault.    In the past when the computer has caught a virus, the human has always blamed the Resident blogging Retriever.   He walks around humming the tune "My Dog Has Fleas", accusing us of giving fleas to his computer.    This time it is his fault.   We were not surfing those x-rated dog sites again, he was listening to on-line radio.    He has a friend that has a radio talk show in Colorado Springs.  The house radios do not pick up the station, so he listens to the radio on-line.   It turns out that he had not updated his anti-virus data base for two days, he turns it off when backing up as it interferes with the back up program.    So a devilish virus invaded.   

Now the computer is at the shop, getting totally scrubbed and having a new operating system installed.    So Monday we may be back on line.    Today we are using the computer in the basement, the one with the hand crank on the side of it.   The one that has a plaque on its side that says "Historical Archeology Site, do not disturb!".   The museum curator will really get mad at us when they find out we used it.

We can't load photos on this computer, it thinks that photos are still made on tin.    In fact, we can't even use the computer if the wind is not blowing and the lightning is not striking.    We have to attach a key to a kie string to boot it up.    "How old is it, you ask?"   The keyboard only has the number 1 through 9 on it, the number 10 had not been invented yet when this computer was built. 

We will be back, with a new system soon and then we can resume blogging.    Please do not adjust your sets!

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. Mogley,
    You have us all in stitches. We will not change the channel and will be patiently waiting for your return.
    Please handle the artifact gently.

    Hamish & Sophie

  2. we know you guys didn't give the computer fleas!


  3. We were worried that we were the only ones missing the note on last post!!!
    Hope the computer feels better soon...we miss photos!
    Hugs and belly rubs!

  4. Hi Y'all,

    So glad y'all have an historical computer! It lets us know y'all are still havin' fun chasin' squirrels.

    Tell the Humans to hurry that new computer gizmo along 'cause we're starved for news about life in Colorado with the Golden crew.

    Hawk aka Brown Dog

  5. Did you say not surfing x-rated dogs sites *again*? Tisk, tisk.

    But we are very impressed with the old hand cranked computer. And pictures on tin? Now Mogly give us a break, the number ten was already invented in the last ice age.

    We were happy to hear from you again. Keep up the good work.

    Lady(senior), Sandy Paws and Oliver.

  6. I think that happened to our computer a while back, we just took it to a technician who fixed it for $100. This includes more memory which is a good thing to have when my personal memory is failing day by day.

    Good luck in the fix department.

    Stella's Mom

  7. hi, I'm a small time or lesser known volunteer with GRRR. If you need PC help let me know as I do it for a living.

  8. Oh no, a virus!

    Murphy and I can sympathize with your photo uploading issues. We have dial up internet at home, which is something that belongs in the museums with the computer you have in your basement. I guess that's what we get for living in the mountains :)


  9. Lots of love and good wishes for Nala that she perks up soon!

  10. You are sooooooo funny, I adore the paragraph about the basement computer :)