Thursday, April 14, 2011

A rainy morning

Nala is patiently waiting for the sun to come shine on her favorite resting place.  Bella is sleeping next to her to keep her company.   I am sleeping on the couch.    What else is there to do on a rainy day?

We have not had any rain or snow for so long that we had to go outside and investigate it.   It was funny stuff, water from the sky?   Who thought of that idea?    Anyway, we checked out the big outdoors, we got wet, and we came in to dry out and enjoy being house dogs with a warm house to lay in.

Life is quiet.   Our computer is back and it is working faster than ever.   By removing everything and starting with a blank computer, we picked up a lot of speed.    The new computers all come with tons of junk on them that slows them down right from the start.   No fleas on this computer.......

The paw challenged one says he has blocked the racy "French Poodle" web sites that I liked to visit late at night when everyone else is asleep.  He thinks that is where the fleas came from that infected the computer and took us off line for a while.   I wonder if he blocked the "Golden Retrievers Gone Wild" site?   I will check tonight.  Since he signs on the foster dog adoption sites, I can still visit the local shelter web site, it has a lot of racy photos of dogs, some in very suggestive poses.   

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. Hmmmm, how did your dad know about all those 'adult pup' sites? I think you should ask him! )

  2. Mogley, I don't know if you saw that you won one of the Kong toys. I need your address honey!

  3. You guys all look so relaxed. Gotta be sure you virus protection is up to snuff on your computer.
    Don't stay up too late tonight on the computer....

    Hamish & Sophie

  4. Hi Y'all,

    Racy French Poodles? Is that why you look so wistful, Mogley?

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka Browndog

  5. Oh my goodness, how sweet! I found your site by visiting Kim and her furry friends...I think your goldens are beautiful!
    You will definitely enjoy my book about our golden retriever :)

  6. Uhhh, Mogley, I never knew this about you. Racy poses? Suggestive poodles? I guess boys will be boys, huh?


  7. Do woo need my notes on SPONGING up the rain?

    If so, please paw me!

    PeeEssWoo: I hope woo don't blokhk Whitney's Whikhked Whednesdays!

  8. Mogley, thank you for your update. Nala and Bella look so comfy, and you look as debonair more than ever. Enjoy your rainy day.

    Stay off those racy Poodle shows, they may make you blind. Golden Retrievers going wild is okay, mommie said so.

    Lady(senior), Sandy Paws and Oliver

  9. Even though everyone is gorgeous...hands down this is my very favorite picture of handsome and reflective..beautiful eyes..very nice!!!

  10. One of the joys to Apple - pretty resistant to those nasty bugs.