Saturday, May 28, 2011

Crossing the Rainbow bridge

Rest in Peace, Gracie, 2000-2011. 
A wonderful lady has left us, there is a hole that only time can fill.

Today should have been a happy post, but some days never go the way we want them to.   Thursday evening our four cousins came by to spend a long week end.    Bella and I were looking forward to five days to play and have fun.    What can be more fun that having Gracie, Emma, Molly and Piper come to our house to stay?   Play Time!   Watch out, squirrels, seven goldens on duty now!

Gracie had been experiencing a little stomach trouble, she had thrown up before she left home.   Friday morning and Friday night, Gracie did not want to eat.    Finally the tall ones put extra canned food in with her dry diet and she cleaned up some of her meal, but not without some urging and a lot of time.   She was locked in the bathroom so no one would bother her while she ate in peace, even that did not get her meal eaten.    Later that evening she took her place beside the big rocking chair, right where a hand could hang down and give her a rub from time to time.    But her breathing was heavy and a little labored.   At 10:00 when the evening potty time was announced, she went out with us and quickly came back inside, then settled down for a long evening nap.   Everything seemed normal, except for her labored breathing. 
Saturday morning at 6:00 everyone was told to go outside for a morning potty run, Gracie joined us as usual, but when she came back in she laid down in the middle of the family room and did not move, she just watched us.   While the rest of us were bouncing around, excited about our dishes being filled and breakfast prepared, Gracie just watched.   Nala is always fed first, it takes her a very long time to eat, so she goes to her corner where no one is allowed near her.   When Gracie's dish was set down in her corner, she did not budge.   The paw challenged one came over to her and tried to help her up, she could get up on her front feet, but her hind feet would not move.    He called the rescue to tell them he was bringing Gracie in to the vets office, now!    He called a neighbor to come help carry her out to the car and they were gone.

She was loaded in the car at the rear of the Expedition, somehow she managed to crawl, using her front feet only, forward until her head was between the seats where she could get petted all the way to the rescue vet office, 30 miles away.   Once there she was helped onto a stretcher and quickly wheeled into the exam room.    It took only a few minutes to determine that her abdomen was filled with blood.   Her spleen had ruptured and she was bleeding out internally.  Her gums were white.   By then she was so weak that she could only pant harder as she tried to breath, she was not in pain, but she was slipping away.    With Mary from rescue petting her, Gracie laid her head on the paw challenged one's lap, and Gracie was sent on her journey to the Rainbow Bridge.  

Gracie was still listed on the rescue's page of available dogs, but just like Nala, Gracie had already found her new forever home.   Gracie was already home when she went to live with Emma, Molly and Piper, she slipped into a new life with lots of friends and lots of attention.   The following was Gracie's post on the "home wanted" section of the rescue book.  As you can see, she was indeed a special lady. 
The answer is Wine, Scotch and Golden Retrievers! The question was, "Name three things that get better with age"? Eleven-year-old Gracie is proof that Golden's don't get older, they just get better. She is a very quiet lady, with the manners of a queen. She is a wonderful companion. She has no bad habits -- no chewing on shoes, no barking at neighbors, no chasing cats. She is cat friendly. Tell Gracie to "Go Potty, Gracie" and she runs to the nearest grass. She uses the dog door when she needs to.

Gracie is slightly overweight, but that is easy to correct with a leash and walking shoes or just some regular ball tossing (she loves tennis balls). She is very affectionate. If you don't like petting a Golden head when it lays on your lap, if you don't like to scratch a Golden tummy, then she is not for you. If you are looking for a loving lady with great manners and a very calm disposition, Gracie will make you a wonderful companion.

Gracie's family went from a house to an apartment. This sweet and very special Golden was a loved and well cared for girl and was surrendered reluctantly by her family who wanted the best life for her. Give Gracie a second chance at a happy home, and she will show you that she knows how to be your best friend. One look at her sweet face, and you're sure to fall in love.
 We are so sorry for her passing.   At the same time we are so happy that we could have her for a little while and happy that we could bring some love into her life and she could bring her love into ours. 

Below:  Nala, left and Gracie on a better day.
It is a very hard thing, it was unexpected and we were unprepared for it.    We had just finished having a discussion about Nala and how we should watch her closely so that when her life became more pain than joy, we would know it was time to let her go.    Nala is getting stronger everyday and has more energy.   Gracie always seemed to have so much energy and so much love.   She was an attention "hound", if there was a hand available, Gracie was under it. 

Gracie was her lovable, sweet self right up to the time she passed on, she had no pain, only love.    Gracie left us with dignity, getting her ears scratched, her chin rubbed, and stroking the bridge of her nose softly.   Four hands were helping her relax and cross the bridge in comfort.

Rest in Peace, we will miss you.  You brought a lot of joy into many lives.   

Mogley G. Retriever 


  1. I've just shared this post with my khampers -

    Khousins Merdie and Harley all gave a special GOLDEN wag of their flags to GRacie -

    We'll keep her in our hearts during Sunday's run from Hagerstown to Harrisburg -

    I hope she won't mind riding along with Butchy - this will be his furst transport as an ANGEL too -

    On Sunday night as Mom thinks bakhk ovFUR the day, we'll light a khandle and think of the special GOLDEN games underway akhross The Rainbow Bridge - I hope my Golden Khousins Sierra and Lexie welkhome her!

    Khyra and Golden Khousins Merdie and Harley

  2. We are so sorry about the loss of Gracie--But I'm always so thankful that beautiful Goldens like Gracie are able to spend their last days with those who care the most about them and among those that they love! Tonight we'll light a candle for Gracie so she'll be able to find her way to the bridge where she will be met by some wonderful friends and wait for you....God speed Gracie....

  3. It's so hard to let them go. Poor Gracie. We are keeping you all in our thoughts, and sending hugs.


  4. I am so sorry to hear that Gracie has passed. She was a lovely, sweet little lady. I know that she was in the most loving hands, both in her last few months and with you today. Thank you all for loving her. {{HUGS}} to you all.

  5. Thank you for being there for Gracie when she needed loving care and a new home. Thank you for taking care of her in her hour of need.

    Lady(senior), Sandy Paws and Oliver.

  6. :*(

    Much love from our pack to yours...

  7. What a beautiful, beyond sweet face. Such love and adoration from those eyes. How wonderful that in her last days she experienced such a loving and large dog and human family. I know her last days were so happy, despite the fact she had to give up her first family. One of the unique qualities is that they love everybody and also assume that everyone loves them. I remember reading her description on the rescue website and thinking what a love she must be, and I was right.Thank you for sending her on her way where the last thoughts she had was being touched with love. Goldens live for for that love touch as all of us know who are loved by a golden.

  8. what a lucky lady to be able to spend her final years with you & your family, Mogley.

    RIP Beautiful Gracie

    Run fast chasing that endless supply of tennis balls at the Rainbow Bridge

    wags, wiggles & slobbers

  9. Rest in peace sweet Gracie.

  10. I am sorry to read of Gracie passing. I am sure it was a comfort to her to have such loving people around her in in final moments. She is now free to be a pup again.

    Side note: I just want to say I admire the amazing work you do rescuing these adorable creatures.

  11. Hi Y'all,

    My paw challenged one is in tears. It's so sad that Gracie passed over, but so wonderful she had loving humans with her and had all you loving pawed buddies to help her when she lost her family.

    Hawk aka BrownDog

  12. We are so sorry to hear this news. We know it is never easy, but we are glad that Gracie did not suffer and was surround with live when she made her Bridge journey.
    We know her time was short with her foster (forever) home but what a wonderful Golden years time she had.
    Rest In Peace Gracie, say hello to our Dusty,Taffy,Brandy & Cody.
    We will all meet again.
    Mogley, thanking you and your humans for being there for Gracie.

    SDheila & Bob

  13. We are sad for all of you. Gracie sounds like a sweet girl and we can tell she will be missed.

  14. Thank you for being with Gracie as she crossed the Rainbow

  15. I am comforted to know Gracie was with angels in her final hours before crossing the rainbow bridge!

    Wags N Kisses,

  16. RIP Sweet Girl.

    Thank you for making her crossing peaceful, and
    thank you for all you do to make their "Golden" years, their best.

  17. Oh Gracie, we are so sorry you had to go :( Hearing how you crawled to the front of the car so you could be petted along the way just breaks our hearts. We love you Mogley Family and extended family...

  18. Oh Mogley, I'm so sorry to hear Gracie had to go to the bridge. How unexpected and sad our days have become. We have had a lot of crossings in Blogland lately and sincerely hope it stops! We are grateful that Gracie had hands to soothe her to the bridge. We are so sorry for your loss.

  19. Oh Mogley - We're so sorry about Gracie - she certainly graced your cousins' lives. May her memories remain with you always. Run free sweet doggie.

    Quiet woofs,
    Nadine & golden Neeli

  20. Soft husky woooos,

    RA & Isis

  21. I am so sad to read this news. I am glad that Gracie was surrounded by the love of your pack for the end of her life but, oh, how I wish that she could have lived longer. We are thinking of her and of you.