Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Welcome Lion...So much to tell.

Lion arrived this evening, now we have two wonderful dogs living with us as fosters, seeking new forever homes.  The Paw Challenged One left in a hurry shortly after dark and arrived back with Lion.   Lion is an 18 month old male golden who is suffering from attention deficit disorder.   He has been deficit in getting attention for some time.    He is the product of a divorce, his family moved into two different apartments, and left him alone in the house.   He spent up to 20 hours a day in a crate, with only a short time out morning and evening.  

When Lion arrived, he came in the front door, out the back door, and ran straight into the water on top of the pool cover.   He came out soaked.    He sure did enjoy getting dried off.   He is busy being under foot and under hand, he will make someone fall over him but he does not care.   More attention, please.   We tried giving him treats, he either did not know what they were, or he was too excited to stand still long enough to eat one.    After he was dried off, he ran and ran and ran in the back yard.   He just had fun being a dog in the big yard.   Bella, Lanai and I ran with him, he wore all three of us out.   Now we will start calming him down for the evening.    He has met the cats and he is fine with them.   He is ready for a new home, he would love to have a family and a home that can give him love, exercise and attention.   Attention, please.

Since our last post we have been so busy that we are still spinning.     First, just before Thanksgiving, our cousins mom (the paw challenged ones daughter) received a job offer in Tampa Florida.    Now we don't know what a Tampa Florida is, but apparently you don't need snow shovels there.   Since he is a pilot, he can fly from anywhere, so they decided to "run to the warm". 
The days before and after Thanksgiving were filled with helping them pack and filling up a rental trailer so they could take basic living needs with them.   Then Saturday after Thanksgiving, they packed up and left.    Their house is on the market, and they have rented a new house down there.    All very confusing to our golden minds.     He is still flying in and out of Denver so he gets to come pack up and get ready for the real move.  

Since they were traveling with my three Golden Cousins, The Paw Challenged One thought it would be a good idea to keep Sara the cat here.   Traveling across country, pulling a trailer with Molly, Piper and Emma on board was going to be excitement enough.    So Sara came to stay with us.   But that night she disappeared.   Lost cat signs went up around the neighborhood and nasty remarks were made about leaving the dog doors open at night.  Then a call came that a similar cat had been spotted.    They ran out and rescued it, but it turned out to be a different cat.   So now they have lost Sara, but they have a totally unknown cat in the back bedroom.  New Cat is somewhat battered, he either had a run in with a car, dog or coyote.    He is missing some fur and has some bad scabs where something took off a lot of hair.  Talk about confusing.
Lanai is still here, she is looking for her forever home.   She says that she is happy with our back yard and the squirrels keep her entertained.   Lanai does enjoy having her own cat to pester, Mini Cat does not mind and they run together.   Lanai has not met New Cat yet.    Besides, New Cat is hopefully, in transit.   In transit to where we don't know.   With Lion here to play with, she will have a better time while she waits for the right home. 

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. Oh no!

    It's Khousin Harley's KholWOOrado Khlone!

    Paws khrossed fur ALL!


  2. I hope Lion finds that forever home soon. He is a handsome guy that deserves much more than a home in a cage.

  3. Paws crossed for Lion finding a new home - and Lenai too. But hopefully, he'll have some fun with you guys in the next few days.

    We guess you won't be seeing Piper, Emma & Molly as much since they're moving - but maybe you could go visit them in Florida - the weather has to be warmer than in Colorado.

    Nadine & golden Neeli

  4. Holy smokes you have been busy! Hopefully Lion will get used to this new concept of a loving home, and will begin feeling more at ease. I imagine it is hard for your bipeds to have their daughter far from home - but we all need adventures sometimes :) We hope Sara finds her way home too!

  5. Good Grief, you place is like Grand Central Station.Sounds like you have two great foster.
    We are sure your going to miss visiting with your cousins. It's always hard when you lived close and then they move far away.

    Hamish, Sophie & Foster Tucker.

  6. Hi Y'all,

    My paws are crossed for everyone. Sounds like everybody "needs" in your house!

    You kitty cousin might turn up back at his house, especially if it isn't too far.

    Not sure your cousins are going to like Tampa summers. They may want to plan as much vacation as possible to spend with y'all!

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  7. He sounds like our Monty!