Thursday, November 8, 2007

Fun Weekend

What a fun weekend. Saturday morning my human had to go out early, Bella and I were loaded in the car to go along. After several stops we pulled into the dog park play area. There were not very many dogs in the park early in the morning, but it was fun to just run. Pretty soon another Golden Retriever came in and we ran some more. Just running with other dogs for the fun of running is great. New friends and new paths to follow.

We had just arrived home when my three cousins arrived. Jenny dropped Emma, Molly and Piper by to play. GRRR called Piper, Pepsi, but Bryan and Jenny liked Piper better. The two names sound enough alike that the change was not difficult. We spent the whole day with five dogs running in the yard, wrestling and playing. Jenny and Bryan were going on a trip and they needed to make sure that all five dogs got along well enough to spend a week together. We did fine. Piper did not pass the initial cat test, she wanted to chase a cat, but the cat did not want to be chased. It was a tie, Piper continued to pester the cats and the cats went into hiding, coming out to spit and swipe at her when she got too close. Emma is an older golden girl, she gets along with everyone. Molly was adopted from GRRR several years ago, she is slightly hyper, but she is focused on the squirrels in the back yard. She is a great squirrel hunter. The back fence is about 300 feet long and the squirrels run up and down on the top of it with Molly chasing them back and forth. Piper (or Pepsi) is a foster dog. Piper is a "golden angel" because she suffers from addison's disease. She gets several little white pills every day, and she has to have a shot every month. Addison's disease and the medications for it causes her to be constantly hungry, thirsty and hyper active. This puts the whole house at risk as she tries to eat everything. We have to be very careful that she not have small toys or weak toys that she can tear apart and eat. Before Piper arrived all of my soft toys were gathered up.

Piper is happy at my house, there are still lots of apples on the ground all over the back yard. She can eat at our house and not worry about getting fat. Two or three apples in addition to breakfast helps keep the hunger away.

When my three cousins went home that night I was told that they would be coming back to stay for a week. Boy will that be fun! Tail wags and face licks for everyone!


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