Sunday, November 4, 2007

Undognified Conduct

Un-dog-ni-fied: –adjective- characterized or marked by a lack of dignity. Degrading and/or inappropriate actions or conduct for a dog. Something that only a cat would do.

When I do something bad, my human says I am being undognified. I argued there is no such word. He brought out copies of a German Dictionary and a Spanish Dictionary, to prove that there were many different dictionaries. He explained that since very few dogs write books or blogs, the Dog Dictionary is not as well known as the English Dictionary is. As part of my blog it will be my duty to spread the word about the Dog Dictionary and inform my readers of some of the more important definitions in it. I would feel better if the spell checker would recognize it as a word.

I was digging a hole under a sprinkler today when he told me it was conduct unbecoming a dog, he said it was undognified of me to dig holes in the lawn. He pointed to the cat who digs in the garden and told me that it was the kind of thing only a cat would do. He does have a point; in the future I will try and keep my digging away from where the cat digs.

In future blogs I will try to include some references to key dog words in order to improve dog/man relations.



  1. Liberty enjoyed your blogs - she thinks you aare very clever!

  2. Cheyanne says you are pawsome!