Wednesday, August 13, 2008

One year ago!

This is embarrassing. The humans found some photos of me when I first came home with them in July of last year. I was not even 7 months old yet but I was already very handsome. The toy in front of me did not last through the night, I destroyed it!

It was also a year ago that I went to the Golden Retriever Rescue Reunion Picnic. We have another one coming up soon. Isn't this fun? I hope all of the rescue dogs will come back for our annual reunion this year.
These are not only all (or mostly) Golden Retrievers, but they are rescue dogs, or family's of rescue dogs. Homeless dogs that have been given new homes and new lives.

I was cold, wet, a little scared and I sat in the only available chair where I could get warm. It was my first trip out to a GRRR event. I did not know there were that many dogs in the whole world. I sure did have fun, I swam with the big dogs and played with everyone until I was too tired and cold to continue on. Just wait till this year's picnic, I can now swim twice as good as I could last year.
Mogley G Retriever

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  1. Mogley you look adorable! I have never seen so many wonderful goldens in one spot in my life. That must have been quite an event!
    Arent you so happy that you are rescued when you look back...?

    Benson and gibson