Friday, August 22, 2008

The rest of the Story

Photo above, Chase.
Sometimes we lose track of our foster brothers and sisters when they leave our care and go to a new home. Chase was such a beautiful and fun Golden brother. We played well together and we enjoyed each others company. We were sad to see him leave with "Bear", we went out the front driveway to say good by as he jumped up in the car to go to his new forever home. We could not stay sad for long because Kiah came into our home almost immediately. If you read my blog you have read about both of them. What we did not tell you is the next chapter in both of their lives. Below is Chase and I, still wet from the pool.

A week later we had a call from the Rescue Placement Office. They asked if Kiah could come by and meet a prospective new forever home? When we arrived at Rescue, we were surprised to see Chase back at rescue. Chase is a beautiful, large 9 month old Golden Retriever. Full of energy and always looking for new fun.
Chase had learned a new trick at his new home. He had learned to play keep away with the humans artificial leg. He had also learned that when she was wearing it he could grab at it (after all, it was a toy) and trip her. She fell when he was trying to take the leg away as she was walking on it. The reason Chase was placed with "Bear" was that Chase needed exercise, "Bear" also needed exercise and Chase was to be the motivation to keep them both active. They had bonded and were a wonderful pair, except for his playfulness and his love of the game "keep away". His playfulness could mean severe injury to her at some point, not to mention the problems she had chasing him across the floor to get back her leg with him running away with it. Chase had become the perfect. lovable, anti-helper dog. But we do know he is appropriately named.

We were at the Rescue to see if Kiah would be a better fit in this home than Chase. Kiah made an instant impression with "Bear", Kiah was the same size and had the same looks as the dog she had recently lost. Kiah's birthday was even the same date as her prior dog's birthday had been. The meeting was an instant success. Kiah was 4 years old and had settled down. Kiah was not a "toy hound" that obsessed with toys and games. Kiah was a mellow girl that thrived on attention but was not big on the whole play thing. Kiah had found her new home. Amid tears of sorrow for having to surrender Chase, there was also joy at the adoption of Kiah into a forever, forever home. Below, Kiah, the happy face.
But what about Chase? If you read my blog you know that we came home with a new foster that day, Autumn, not with Chase. When Chase had gone home with "Bear", there was already a waiting list for him, several people had read his story and had asked for him. They needed to be approved for an adoption, their homes had to be visited to make sure they could provide a proper home for an energetic Golden. Approval takes time and while they were waiting, Chase went home with "Bear". They were now approved and patiently waiting for another dog, when Chase reappeared on the scene.
While Chase was on his way back to the rescue offices, phone calls were being made to the list of waiting families. The rush was on to see who could be the first to meet Chase and take him to a new forever home. Chase now has a new home where he plays keep away with lots and lots of tennis balls and he has kids that can run with him.. He is now in a home where he can play keep away with appropriate items, and his energy can be channeled.

We don't know if he has a large toy shaped like a leg, but that may be a good idea for some dog toy maker to market. It may not be a best seller, but I do know someone that would buy one. This is one of the very few times that a placement has come back, but we can certainly understand why and we are glad that the story has a happy ending for all.

So now you know the rest of the story!

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. Hi, I found you on DWB. My mom is a foster home for beagles. We do the same stuff--look for good homes, sometimes they come back. If you read my very first blog entry you'll see that I was only a good fit with my mom. I hated being adopted out so my mom decided to keep me rather then try another home! It was very interesting to read about Chase and Kiah. We are glad to hear that they are in happy forever homes.

    love & wags,

  2. Glad there's a happy ending Mogley.