Saturday, August 2, 2008

Chase the Wonder Dog

Yesterday evening my humans slipped out without telling me where they were going. When they arrived back home they had a new foster friend with them. Chase is his name, playing is his game. He is a 9 month old male, full of energy and ready to play. He was surrendered to Golden Retriever Rescue because he played too rough with the three young children in the house and one child had very bad allergies. Chase and I got acquainted on a short walk in the park, then we all went into the back yard to run. It was a hot day, so I went for a swim and Chase, not knowing what a pool was, went right in with me. It scared him a little, when he came out he could not stand up, his thick coat was so full of water he fell down. All of the pictures below are with Chase being wet or damp, so his coat is not showing at his best. He has a magnificent white fluffy coat when it is dry and fluffy. We probably won't see him dry and fluffy again till he goes to his new forever home. The humans say that when he runs his coat shakes and he looks like a ballerina.

Some friends stopped by last night, Barkley, the pesky Pomeranian, Reba, a year old Golden, and Theo, an older lady. We all played far into the night. Barkley mixes it up with the big dogs and joins in the play times. Below, Chase, Bellla and I are playing on the living room floor early Saturday morning.
Chase is looking for a new Forever Home, if you are ready for him, he is ready for you. Contact Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies by clicking on the link to the left of the blog. Help this beautiful boy find a wonderful home! You may also donate on line to help this great bunch of volunteers. Wonderful people helping wonderful dogs!


Mogley G. Retriever

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