Sunday, March 1, 2009

Playing in the park.

Above, four wild Golden Retrievers loose on the open plains. Look out!

The test is to see if the current foster dogs will come when called. If they don't come well we can't go to the big park. Sandy and Abby were given the test and they passed it just fine. So we get to go to the park regularly, four wild Golden Retrievers lose on the world. We can run until we are exhausted, we can run until we are panting and thirsty. Sandy is running better with each trip to the park. When she first arrived with us she could not jump into the SUV and had to be helped in and out of the car. Now she runs and leaps into the car in her excitement to go for a ride. At 11 years, she is doing so well that everyone is surprised when they are told how old she is.

We are all pulling for Sandy and Abby to be adopted into a Forever home soon, but until they find their new home, they are doing wonderful with us. They have been with us for three weeks which is close to a record. Most foster orphans that stay with us spend only a few days to a couple weeks before the rescue organization places them with a new family. We had fosters that spent less than a day before they were adopted, several that stayed less than five days. Sandy thinks it is taking longer because of her age and because we want to adopt Sandy and Abby out as a pair. They have spent their life together and they are very attached. With a large number of new, young and pretty dogs entering the rescue system, two older ladies will be hard to place. People don't realise that having an older dog that has learned how to behave is a huge blessing. No chewing on shoes, no wetting on carpets, no chasing the cat, no barking in the middle of the night. Just two well behaved dogs that love affection and bring a calm demeanour to the home. With Abby (6)you get a bonus, she plays a mean game of fetch, if you have a tennis ball she will bring it to you and drop it, then jump around waiting with anticipation for you to throw it again. We know there is an ideal home out there somewhere, but it takes time. While we wait we can all have fun and enjoy each others company. Below, Sandy and Bella share a bed.

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. Sadly, Jan sees too many older dogs dumped at the pound or set loose in this area. We're glad you value Abby & Sandy.

  2. Don't give up on Abby and Sandy finding a home together! Maybe you should teach them how to type so they too could start a blog... Never know what a new fur-ever home might be looking for!

  3. I am trying to convince my sister she needs to rescue your two girls. I would love to see them in a forever home. =)

  4. Our dad says that the best rescue transport is FROM the shelter to a new furever home. We are all asking DOG to help Sandy and Abby find their furever home. We think that is important to keep them together though.
    - TBH

  5. Hello, Muzzle (my human mum) and me have just been reading your blog.

    We hope Sandy and Abby find a home together very soon, they both look lovely.

    Muzzle helps a charity in the UK called Oldies Club, which rescues and rehomes older dogs (aged 7+).

    I was adopted from rescue as a puppy (I've been in my home a year today!) but Muzzle and my dad have adopted various adult dogs over the years - I had a doggie sister who sadly died before I was born, but she was adopted somewhere around the age of 12-13 and was with my family for over three years. She was the reason Muzzle started volunteering with Oldies Club.

    We would like to put a link on my blog to yours so people can see how you are helping dogs - hope that's ok?