Saturday, May 30, 2009

Duke and Daisy

Caution: This blog contains photos of nude dogs, viewer discretion advised.

Below: Daisy shows how she has been shaved, she is terribly embarrassed by being forced to run around nude. Yes, that is a Golden Retriever.

Below: In spite of being shaved, she is still in good spirits.

Friday the Chauffeur left, said he had a Doctor's appointment. He came back with Duke and Daisy. They had been in transit for several days, then spent a day at the Vet's office. They were surrenders from Wyoming that could not find a home up there, so they came to Denver seeking a Forever Home. He said he received a call that the two wanderers were ready for pickup and since he was out he went to pick them up by himself. Bella and I did not even get a car ride out of the deal.

We do not know much about Duke and Daisy. Their paperwork has not caught up with them yet. They had been shaved very close before being surrendered, probably because they had not been cared for and their coats were badly matted. When we tried to take their pictures they both tried to hide, they said they should not be seen in public the nude. Duke appears to be about 2, Daisy about 5 years old. They are both smaller Golden's, Daisy is about 45-50 pounds and a little over weight. Duke is about 50 pounds but still a skinny young Golden.

They were not just clipped, they were shaved close, now they have all over itches. Duke is much more closely shaved than is Daisy, Duke has skin showing in many places. They both consider it very un-dignified and very un-golden retriever to have so little hair. Duke runs from the camera, Daisy will take any attention she can get, even a camera. Despite this, they are both in great spirits and they are both happy to be in a home with green grass to run in and carpet to sleep on, instead of being in a chain link run with concrete to lay on.
Below, Duke is embarrassed by his current condition.

When we went to bed last night, Duke freaked out. There is a crate in the bedroom, it is not used but it is there in case we have a foster visitor that is not "house safe". When Duke saw it, he got terribly upset. He said it brought back some very bad memories. Daisy did not care, she was very happy to be allowed to sleep on a bedroom floor after her days of being without a family.

They both flinch when someone reaches to pet them, then they wiggle all over and love the attention. They don't want to talk about it, but they act like someone has hit them which is why they flinch first, enjoy second. Still they are both "Velcro" dogs, sticking to any human they can find.

So far they are both good house guests, they are house trained, they don't chew on anything, they did not chase the cats when they met them, they are very affectionate and they love getting attention. Perfect Golden Retrievers, looking for a new Forever Home.

Below, Daisy demonstrates her fireside manner.

If you need a little gold in your life, consider helping Duke or Daisy find their forever home.

We will foster them for a few days, evaluate them so that a potential new home can learn about them, then we will do a write up for the web page, then we will help these two wonderful friends find a new Forever Home. That is all for now, we will update you as we learn more about them.

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. Tell 'em not to feel bad about being shaved. It will grow back, AND actually, it's cute! Because I'm half golden and half poodle, my hair grows in woolly, rather than long, and Mom and Dad shave me so I stay cool. I think Duke actually looks very cute. So give him (and Daisy) big kissey faces from me - I know it's not the 'look' they want, but I still think they look great! *kissey face* - Fiona

  2. I can only imagine how itchy they must be. Farley's tummy takes a long time to recover from the groomers. I'm so glad they made it safely to your loving home.