Friday, May 22, 2009

Hogie's report

Above, Hoagie relaxing under a tree, waiting for a squirrel to come down to play with him.

We have been very busy since the last post. All six of us went to the Golden Retriever Rescue Volunteer Picnic last Sunday. Boy was it a lot of fun. There were about 100 other dogs there to run and play with. They even had several wash tubs and kiddie wading pools for us to play in. Once again at the request of the canine attendees, they used very flimsy paper plates for the picnic, lots of food fell to the ground. In case of an accidental drop of food, the 1 second rule was in effect, that was how long it took one of us to grab it. The human threatened to just take any six Golden's home, he said he could not tell us apart anyway so what difference did it make? We fooled him, we warned the others so he had to take us home after all. He forgot his camera so we don't have pictures of the five hours of madness and fun. Our favorite vet came and he got to see how hard I can run and play, in spite of what the heart examination says.

Below, Hoagie at full speed enjoying the back yard.
The rest of the week has been quiet. Hoagie has turned into a squirrel-aholic. He spends his time outside stalking squirrels.

Below, Hoagie and Bella are chasing and wrestling in the yard. Hoagie has made himself at home.

Hoagie still has not gotten a forever home, but he says that is because he has set high standards. He wants a home with lots of trees and lots of squirrels. He says that a couple of squirrels in a yard would go a long ways towards helping him lose weight. It is cheaper than special diet food or a gym membership.

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. Oh, such fun! Looks like Hoagie fits right in!

  2. Great action shots! Hogie was a good boy at the Spring Fling, too. We are sure he won't have to wait long for his forever home. :)

    Riley and River