Friday, January 15, 2010

Tug-O-War Championship

Below, Molly (left) and I are competing in the Tug-O-War" championships. I am about to win the final round and take the world "Tug-O-War" championship!

The International "Tug-o-war" championship was held at our house over the last few days. We have reduced most of our toys to three or four toys by pulling them in half. While the rest of you thought we were just playing, we have been conducting the final rounds of the International grand championship. Bella is usually the winner of all of our contests, but this time, Molly worked extra hard and she made me work to win. In the end, I won, paws down. This weekend we will be holding a special Coronation ceremony in which I will get a crown and a gold medal. Below is a photo from the first elimination round, notice my head shake, it is my secret weapon to win by antagonizing the opponent and knock them off their feet.

Next time we hold the championship we will invite our readers to enter and participate.

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. That is some serious khompetition there!


  2. Greagt contest!! Watch out for whiplash.
    Tail Wags
    Ernie, Sasha, & Chica

  3. Ah, the secret head shake. It IS a powerful tool in the right hands, er... heads!

  4. Wow. I am seriously humbled by watching the level of competition there. You guys are pros! I think you should contact Wubba or somebody) for sponsorship!

    *kissey face*

  5. I loved this, sooooo funny! We hope you enjoy the coronation ceremony - well deserved :)

  6. Woooo - Sam better start training!