Monday, April 19, 2010

An exciting weekend

I have not blogged lately but I have had an exciting life.    Sunday morning our cousin was having a reception at their home for a group of foreign exchange students.  Several of the attendees were "non-dog" people, although why you would want them at your party is beyond me, but I guess since it is only one day and one party we can live with it.   We are still four, and with their new foster, Alexis, they are four, so we had eight goldens together for our own party.   We don't need humans to have fun when there are eight of us on a warm spring day!  The photos above and below are of "treat time" shortly after arrival.  We all had a treat or two before we set forth for some serious running and playing.    Bella is not being pushy by jumping up, she just wants to make sure that the treats are of a high quality and worth sitting still for. 
In order to make room at their house, our three cousins and their foster, four in total, came to play.    What a fun  day, eight of us in one yard, with a warm, sunny day to run and play.  

Below is a photo of Alexis, our cousins new foster.   If she looks like she was running in the water, she was.   There was still several inches of snow melt water on top of the swimming pool cover.   She jumped in to see what it was and investigated it thoroughly before getting yelled at.   Her story is that she was an outdoor dog, her neighbors finally convinced the owners that if they did not want to allow a dog in the house they should give it to someone that did want her.   She is staying with my cousins while they teach her some manners.   She is not scared of anything outdoors, but inside every noise is a new reason to be scared.  Even sitting is still a challenge for a dog that has had little interaction with humans and other dogs.  She is learning to love the warmth, companionship and fun that comes with sharing a home with humans and other Goldens.   She has a lot of energy and she played very well with us even though it was her first  time with a big pack.  She has such a fun personality that she will make someone a very wonderful companion.   We suggest that her Forever Home should be with someone that likes to hike, run or jog as she has a lot of energy to burn.

We are still looking for a suitable Forever Home for Abby and Daisy.   Abby is having so much fun, she comes inside, watches the back yard through the glass patio door, when a squirrel comes down a tree or an intruder takes a walk in the park, she is out the dog door like a shot.   She must run 20 miles a day, just keeping the back yard safe for dog-kind.  Daisy takes a different view.  She finds a good place to lie down and watch carefully.   She considers herself the house historian, she will keep close eye on Abby's actions, without having to participate unless someone comes too close to the back fence.  Then she will run out and help.  Daisy is a lover, not a barker. 

The swimming pool cover is cleaned off, they pumped the remaining water off of the top after Alex took her romp in it, so the opening of the old swimming hole is very near.  Life is good. 

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. Wow, It sure looks like you guys were having fun, seeing those pictures is like double vision times 4.

    Hamish & Sophie

  2. That sure is a lot of puppies! How do you tell them apart?

  3. Mogley, you all look like you are having a lot of fun. Considering there are 3 fosterlings among the resident Goldens it must have been a task for the bi-peds.

    We hope to hear more about that swimming pool. We have only a swamp down below and we are not allowed in it; mommie said so. BUMMER!

    The Baumgaertner wild horde

  4. Mogley, do you think the humans would notice if there were NINE Goldens at your next party? I'm thinking there is only one way to find out. Call me! Love, Farley

  5. Woo - looks like a weekend at our house, only golden.

  6. Hello and nice to meet you!
    We love the pics with all the goldens! They are so beautiful.
    Misa & Kitty Trio

  7. I wonder if anyone would notice if I khrashed the pawty?

    It looks like lots of fun!

    Paws khrossed fur all those needing furever homes to find them soon!


  8. That looks like my kind of party - although in this case eight may actually be enough!

    Wags and Kisses,

  9. Hi Mogley
    Looks like you're having a great time with your friends! My Neeli would love to come over and play with the gang.

    Greetings from Philadelphia,
    Nadine, Apples (15 year old rescue mix doggie) and Neeli (20 month old Golden)

  10. Wow that sure is a lot of look-a-likes! It sure does look like you had a terrific time!!

    - Mack

  11. WoW! Pawsome job u guys are doing.All that training,looking after and managing d fosterfuriends must take a lot of ur time n effort.
    u sure are a lucky Golden.

    ur new friends,
    Ginger and Buddy

  12. Love the pictures! There is something neat about a bunch of goldens all together!