Thursday, April 29, 2010

All the news that you can sniff on a fire hydrant

Above, I am helping Abby chase squirrels.

I have good news and I have bad news.   The trouble is that I don't know which is which.   I don't have to worry about getting cold and wet at our big Golden Retriever Party this coming Sunday.   They apparently watched the weather forecast and decided to postpone the party.   I won't be able to play with all of my friends, I won't be able to splash in the water, I won't be able to steal tacos from people at the picnic.    The good news is that I may get to play with my four cousins instead.  

The resident bi-ped has a relative that is very high up in the National Weather Service.  He always complains that it is the government's fault we have bad weather to begin with.   We have perfectly good weather going to waste in Hawaii, but we keep importing that cheap stuff from Canada.   So next time you don't like the weather, write a letter to your congressman.

He thinks they canceled the party for no good reason. I have watched the weather forecasts for years, every night they are on the TV just before bed time. From what I have seen, most weather foreasters could not predict Christmas on December 25, if you gave them three try's.

It looks like this Sunday I will be playing with my rescue cousins instead of playing with all of my rescue friends.   But I will get a second chance at the party in a couple of weeks.     One hundred Golden Retrievers in one place at one time, it's worth waiting for.

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. Maybe that will pawmit Merdie and I to head out fur some takhos and golden fun!


  2. As long as you get to play, it's all good! :)

  3. Dearest Mogley, you made our day. Mommie always said she would like to be a weather person, because they can be wrong all the time and yet keep their job. We wish you a very good weekend, cousins and all. Eventually you will be together with all your 100 Golden friends for the party.

    Earnhardt, Lady (senior), Sandy Paws, Oliver.

  4. Oh Mogley;
    We are sorry to hear that your party has been canceled. Well at least you will have another chance in a couple of weeks and we are sure that their will be fun-o-plenty with all your cousins.
    We know what you mean about weather forecasts, it seems to our Mom & Dad , that in the winter they are always shoveling 6 inches of partly cloudy.
    Have a good weekend.

    Hamish & Sophie

  5. I sure am sorry to hear that your party was postponed - but I'm sure hangin' with your cousins will be fun and the wait will make the event with all the goldens more exciting!!

    - Mack

  6. We are sorry you cannot have your big day out, but it sounds like you will still have some fun!


  7. I'm so excited for pictures of the upcoming party! You guys have the best parties ever :)