Wednesday, April 28, 2010

How to hunt squirrels!

Abby is in charge of giving us lessons on "How to chase Squirrels".   Todays lesson will show you how to chase them up one tree, then when they try to escape by going down a branch into another tree, you climb it too. 

Abby has more fun with her squirrels, she spends the day chasing them from tree to tree, then down the top of the fence, then back into the trees.  She comes into the house to check on us, then back out the dog door to chase the squirrels again. 
Abby is very good at what she does.  Since she has come to stay with us, not a single squirrel has attacked anyone in the household.   The women and children of the neighborhood are safe from the killer squirrels that lurk overhead.    Thank you Abby, you have helped keep our home safe.  We hope that your Forever family has squirrels in their yard, otherwise Abby will be bored to death.    If you are thinking of adopting Abby, please have some squirrels for her to play with!

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. Should I try to khollekht some fur her just in khase?


  2. Mogley, Abby would just love it at our place, we have squirrels galore. We sort of just gave up chasing them. Mommie said after hurricane Opal there were no squirrels on our place for years. But that was way before we came to live with mommie, actually way before we were born.
    Thank your bi-peds for the pictures, we love them.

    The Baumgaertne wild horde.

  3. Hey Mogley,
    We have lots of squirrels here in Bumpass but Jac and J.E.B. do a pretty good job of keeping them in line. We hope Abby finds a furever hope with lots of squirrels to watch over and maybe a few chipmunks too.
    - TBH&K

  4. Wow Abby is quite the squirrel chaser... know everyone in your neighborhood is sleeping better knowing Abby has things under control!
    Hugs and belly rubs,
    Kit and Pups

  5. She is providing a valuable community service, isn't she?