Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Forever home for Leia

Mark the calendar, July 16, 2011 will forever be Leia's "Forever Home, Adoption Day".    We hope she celebrates many, many more of them.    We took Leia over to Rescue Central yesterday to meet the family that has been trying to meet her for several weeks.   They live on the Western Slope of Colorado so they don't come over every day.    We had exchanged e-mails and they had read all about Leia's adventures.   We had talked about the cats, she has a older cat to share her new home with.   Leia will also share her home with Cosmo, a young male.   Cosmo is into chasing and being chased, so that will be a great place for Leia, she can run and run.   On the ride home she had a new snow goose to keep her company in the back of the car, along with her new best friend, Cosmo.  Her new home has 13 acres to run on, with a pond nearby so she can keep up her water training.   Her family will dote on her a lot, based on their conduct when she was getting acquainted.  Lots of tuns in the mountains and walks on the trails.  We are happy for Leia and happy for her family, they will have a home filled with golden love once again.   We are sad to lose her, but so happy for her and her wonderful new home. 

Meanwhile, back at the home place, it is quiet without Leia.    Bella and I moped around all evening with no one to wrestle with but each other.   This morning after breakfast I was left a special treat, a whole banana was left right at my nose level in my special place, on the end table, right by the big chair.    It was one of the best bananas I have eaten all week.   I don't understand how the paw challenged ones think.    After leaving it there for me, he yelled at me when he saw the last of it disappearing.   Almost as if he did not want to admit that he left it there for me.   They are sure hard to understand at times.

Today we are scheduled to go pick up an older golden lady to foster.   They have to give her up, and they don't want to  so they are putting it off as long as possible.   Late this afternoon we will go meet this wonderful lady and learn her story.   This is the kind of story that makes us glad to be part of rescue.   When a special lady needs special care at a very trying time in her life, and her family's life, we will be there for them.

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Mogley G. Retriever


  1. Way to go Mogley, another happy ending, we wish Leia the best and hope she has a wonderful happy long life in her new forever home.

    We love bananas also, if the banana did not have a name on it I guess you could call it community property bol...

    We know you will take care of the Senior Lady and she will be getting the best of care.

    Hamish & Sophie

  2. Congratulations Leia. Sounds like you hit the Golden jackpot of adoptions.

  3. So glad Leia has a good home and can't wait to meet the new foster!!

    Boondocks and The Love Shack Pack

  4. Yay Leia! We hope to hear updates about her from time to time!

    Mom tried dehydrating bananas for the boys this weekend, but that didn't work out too well!


  5. You did it again, Mogley, Princess Leia is on her way to her perfect forever home. About the banana, well, our sister Lady went past the table one morning and thought the bagel with cream cheese was there for her. So she took it. We have never seen mommie speechless before.

    We are very glad you will be taking care of a senior Golden. She will be in good hands with you, Bella, Nala and the paw challenged ones.

    Lady(senior), Sandy Paws and Oliver.

  6. YAY! Congratulations Leia!!

    PS: Your dad tells me the banana WAS for you, he just has to act that way so the others don't get jealous!

  7. So happy for Leia. It sounds like a perfect home for an active golden.
    Looking forward to meeting the senior lady, but it breaks my heart knowing she is loved and has to be given up. It sounds as both the family and new lady will need lots of tlc.

  8. What a wonderful story! We hope you have many more like it!

  9. Hi Y'all!

    So happy for Leia! Hope she and Cosmo start a blog!

    As for the paw challenged and the banana's all the fault of the paw challenged. They need to learn to be clear and consistant in setting boundaries!

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog