Friday, July 29, 2011

A meeting for Maddie

Tonight we had a good time.   The paw challenged ones came home with some pizza bones.    We should have been allowed to go pick them out ourselves, but the ones they brought were pretty good.    Maddie likes pizza bones, a lot!  It was fun to share a special snack time with Maddie and Nala.   

Nala gets the first treat, and she also gets the last one.   Something about her time getting short, so she gets extra treats, extra petting, extra everything.   If I get on Nala's bed they make me get off of it.   Nala is still getting around well once she gets up.   Even with her pain management pills, she has a bad time getting up and down.    Once up, she stays up, once down, she stays down.   She walks unsteady on her hips, but she still comes looking for her share of attention and she is always first in line for treats.   She still makes her trip outside just after midnight, she makes a quick inspection of the back yard, then she comes back to sleep.   She still watches out the front glass door and lets us know if someone is coming down the walk.   The morning sun hits her bed, and as soon as she is done with her breakfast, she returns to soak up the sun.  More and more often, people come in the front door and Nala barely wakes up.   She will wake up to greet them, get her attention, then its back to nap time. 

Then there was a long telephone call.    There are two applications for people that want to meet Maddie.   They were told to call them and set up an appointment to meet Maddie.   The first phone call was a long one, it was decided that the home sounded like a perfect match for Maddie.   The lady had lost her Golden and wanted to find another full time companion.    She was offering a home with just two hands to pet her, but they are full time hands.   Lots of walks in the neighborhood, a nice back yard for those times that a lady needs a backyard.   Full time house privileges, room in the bedroom for her bed and lots of attention.    Maddie will be tested to see if she can become a visiting therapy dog at a local retirement center.   If she passes, she will be spending time with hundreds of hands to pet her and enough attention to wear out her fur.    What a life that would be for a loving lady. 

Maddie says she is not excited about the attention right now, but she will see if she can work with it.   She is shy, and she will have to work her way out of her shell.   The reward will be so much attention that she will never be alone again. 

Wish Maddie luck, tomorrow afternoon she will go see if she likes the arrangements.    If she does, she will stay and start her new life.   If she decides not to make that her Forever Home, she will be back and we will call the next applicant and interview them.

We checked the list of our foster visitors.    Maddie is the 73rd foster we have had here.   I was number one, and I have stayed number one.   I was also the first foster failure, the first foster that they took in and refused to give up.   It happens often in the rescue business, and it is what makes rescue so much fun.   73 is not a landmark number, but we are tracking so when we hit 100, we can celebrate. 

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. So glad to hear about Nala. That second round of heartworm treatment must have been so hard on her. Small wonder. And then was it mites she was treated for during the heartworm treatment? Sweet little girl. It touches my heart, just knowing that her last days are so peaceful and secure for her in your wonderful home.
    I wish many more good days for her. I know sometimes good is a relative term, but it does sound as though she is still enjoying her life.
    Thank you dear Mogley and Bella and your wonderful humans for giving all of you such a good life.

  2. We hope Nala continues to have quality time getting lots of treats and attention.

    And if this home isn't right for Maddie, we know you will help her find the right one.

  3. Hi Y'all!

    Our paws are crossed for Maddie! We do so hope she finds her forever home!

    As for Nala, we are so glad your loving humans are keeping her secure with y'all during her waning days. What a wonderful time for her to feel loved by one and all and secure in all that is.

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  4. Mogley, You will always be # 1 in our hearts, we can really understand how you were a foster failure.
    Hoping Nala continues to take it day by day and just enjoy the slow pace of life.
    We are praying that Maddie is a match for her visit and they she can have all the happiness and love she deserves.
    Looking forward to you 100th foster, we will all celebrate with you.

    Hamish & Sophie

  5. Sophie, Jan's Funny Farm and Hawk aka Brown Dog, said it all.

    We wish Maddie lots of luck with her new forever home, which seams to be in the near future and sounds really good.

    We wish Nala a happy time in your home. We know you and the paw challenged ones are taking good care of Nala -- I would say the best. Thank you for that.

    We also wish you lots of pizza bones in the future. They sound really good, but we get them only few and far in-between. Our two legged brother eats the pizza bones and we only get mommie's.

    Lady(senior), Sandy Paws and Oliver.

  6. We all know how much love and attention is being showered on Nala by your family. Although she's had her share of bad luck in the past, she's very lucky to be with you now.

    As for Maddie, I am so happy to hear that there are possibly wonderful homes out there for her. I know that you will choose well. Thanks from the bottom of my heart for helping Maddie and so many others like her.

  7. I'm so sorry to read about Nala. We are having a similar thing here too, and are hoping for the best for our girl, and will send some extra ones in your direction too!!

    We also wish Maddie all the best as she starts on her path to finding her forever home!!