Sunday, July 17, 2011

Welcome Maddie!

Help us welcome Maddie to the Dog House.   Maddie came to stay as a foster at our home today.  
There are easy rescues, they are the ones where we go out and take a homeless dog from a pound, or we find it locked in a back yard run, alone and unwanted.  It is easy, we are rescuing a dog from a bad situation. 

There are hard rescues.   Where we go pick up a  much loved and very well cared for lady from a home that does not want to let her go.    A home where she is happy, pampered and showered in love and attention.   A death in the family, a move to a small apartment, a downsized home and life style means lots of changes.   Maddie was a much loved member of the family, but she was gaining weight from no exercise.   A family disability meant that her family could no longer take her for long walks, there was no large yard to run in, there were long days in a tiny apartment.   Her family wanted more for Maddie, they asked us to find her a new and very special forever home where Maddie could stretch her legs and live an active life.  

Maddie came with two pages of commands she knows, detailed instructions on "fast potty" commands, how to tell her to stand at the door so her feet could be wiped dry when she comes in from a wet walk.  Come, Sit, Down, Leave it, Drop it, Shake, Heel, NO, Nope, Don't, Jump on, Jump off, Jump up (into the car), and more.   So many commands, so much training and love were given to her, her new home had better be a wonderful place, they have a very high standard to live up to.   The only command she has not followed so far is "Maddie, do the laundry".   That may only be because we have not shown her the laundry room yet.  

It is a good thing we picked her up in a large SUV, or else we would not have had room for her two bags of favorite toys, her large dog bed, a bag of food, two large boxes of dog treats, her medical records and her typed pages of  detailed care instructions.  

We do know that she is shy, she also is slow to take up with men.   Her mommy told us that when she was adopted Maddie had been mistreated by a man and Maddie still has some hesitation when she meets a new man.   The man had better prove he can be her friend, then all is well.  We will post more on Maddie later, she has not yet settled in and we don't know her yet.   Give us a chance to get acquainted with her, and give her a chance to settle in with us. 

Meanwhile, welcome Maddie to our foster home.   We will have her swimming and playing in no time.   Soon she will have a waiting list of people that will want to adopt such a beautiful, well trained and well mannered Golden lady.   Maddie will carefully review her choices and make a selection of an active home, a home that knows how to treat a lady.    If you want to adopt this lady, you had better offer a very special home to her, she is going to hold out for the very best.    

Join us in saying  "Thank you" to her family for seeking what is best for this wonderful lady, they made a huge sacrifice so Maddie could have a better life.   From all of us in rescue, Thanks. 

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. Maddie - We think you came from a family that really, really loves you. We can only imagine how much love it takes to let a faithful companion find a new life.

  2. What a pretty girl & sounds very deserving of a great home!

  3. Mogley,
    This just tears at your heart. We know how much her family loved her because they did the most unselfish act to let her go and find a home where she can be kept in tip top shape and live a long healthy life.
    We are sure that was one of the hardest things they ever had to do.
    We wish Maddie a wonderful forever home and we know that she will get the wonderful Mogley family treatment while she awaits that home, that as you say will surely come very soon.

    Hamish & Sophie

  4. Usually, I get upset that someone gives up their pup, but the length this family went to making sure Maddie's needs are met won me over. I feel bad that they had to lose her. I know tho, Mogley, that you find excellent homes for excellent dogs. I have so much faith she will find the perfect family.

  5. You will excuse my tears, won't you, Mogley?

    I am happy to meet you, Maddie, and will be hoping for the very, very best home for you!


  6. I'm sure it must have broken their hearts to give up Maddie - sounds like she was loved. Loved so much they wanted to see her have the best life she possibly could. It is sad that they had to give her up, but she's a lucky gal to have a family who wanted the best for her. I'm sure that with your detailed screening process you will find a perfect family for her!

    -Dr. Liz and Family

  7. Hi Y'all,

    What a heartbreaking story for Maddie and for her family. I surely hope you and Bella will follow up on her closely after her adoption to be sure that she did indeed get a happy active home that understands her.

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  8. Hi Maddie, what a beautiful pooch you are! My name is Paddy and I recently came out of kennels and found my forever home with a new mummy and daddy, it’s not been a week yet but I am setting in real well!

  9. There are books and songs written about love, but what Maddie's family did for her is pure love.

    That's all our mommie has to say today. It is tearing her apart just thinking about what the family went through to give Maddie up.

    Lady(senior), Sandy Paws and Oliver.

  10. So sad for Maddie's family, but so happy she is with the best possible family to help her with this big transition.

  11. Such love for such a fine lady..I can't quit tearing, especially when I think Of how loved she is..the instructions and all of the paraphernalia..oh my
    She certainly is in the best place to find her new home..

  12. Your account of Maddie and the wonderful person who let her go made me cry. That's true love.

    We adopted a yellow Lab (S) under similar circumstances in that he was very loved but his family knew that they weren't doing enough for him anymore due to changes in their lives. He arrived at age 10 and we had 4 wonderful years with him. The memory of him was part of why hearing about Maddie made me cry.

    Thank you so much for taking care of Maddie and finding her an awesome home.

  13. I feel so sad for Maddie's family that they had to give her up, but I commend them for recognizing that doing so could give her a better quality of life... I'm sure she will be adopted in no time. If I were in Colorado I'd be tempted to come snatch her up, I think she could teach Murphy a thing or two!


  14. What a beautiful girl, from a beautiful family who made a difficult and very unselfish choice. Bless you for giving her a wonderful foster home while she awaits her forever family. I'm tempted to put in an application myself! She has the potential to be a fantastic therapy dog. :)

  15. Oh my goodness, that must have been tough on her family to give her up! We hope she gets a wonderful home!