Sunday, August 21, 2011

A very important news flash

Above, Beth does her morning stretch, or what passes for a stretch when you are old and stiff.

They did not tell us.

For weeks now Fiona and Abby, two golden doodles over at Another Tequila Sunrise, have been attending a treat class.   They discovered that if you behave badly and ignore commands, the two legged ones take you to pet store, enroll you in a class, and a trainer teaches your owners how to give you treats.    Yes, it is true, and they did not share this information with us.    Go to and read all about it for yourself.    For the last few weeks they have been blogging on all the treats they get, even real hot dogs, and they get to walk up and down the isles of the store and pick out their own treats.    They get play dates with other dogs, treats by the pound, lots of pets and attention, all for just being bad.

And they did not tell us.

A store employee teaches owners how to give treats properly and frequently.  How to bring your best friends to the pet store and treat them.    How to pet you, how to buy you new collars, and how to spoil you.   All for just ignoring a few commands.   

And they did not tell us.    They just ate the hot dog treats, played with their friends, then went home and ignored more commands.

What a deal.   And they did not tell us.    You would think that we would get some kind of news flash.

I hope you all go to their blog and leave some nasty comments.   Tell them that with news like that, they need to get the word out.    This is something that is important to all of dogdom.    They held out on us.    Spread the word.    All this time we have had it backwards, we thought we got treats for being good.   Now we have discovered that being bad is what brings in the loot.    And they did not tell us!

Meanwhile, Beth is doing fine.   She is gaining a little weight, and she is learning her way around fast.  Beth is pretty hard of hearing, but she hears a little.   She has bad vision, but none of that is slowing her down.   She has taken possession of the bed beside the bed upstairs.    Her hips seem to hurt when she walks.   We have another vet appointment on Tuesday to check her teeth again and to see how her hips are.  She gets up stairs, but not easily.   She responds to hand signs pretty good.  She is fast becoming a member of the pack.    When they were drilling Roxie on her commands a week ago, they looked around and found that Beth was following the commands, mostly the hand signs. Beth has been trained at some time in her past, which makes her being abandoned on a rural road all the more disturbing. Someone loved her enough to work with her, then dumped her. Why? 

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. Well that certainly a revotin development. Getting treats for not being good. But as crazy as this world is I believe it.
    Glad to hear Beth is fitting in. The question you ask about why Beth was dumped, is the million dollar question. Why ?????????

    Hamish & Sophie

  2. What do people think is going to happen when they abandon their pet? Do you think they really believe that a kindly farmer is going to be thrilled to take in one more abandoned animal/ ... Or do they just not care. Thankfully Sweet Beth is one of the lucky ones to be found by people who do care.

  3. Don't be so shocked, Mogley, bad behavior being rewarded. That comes from the believe of humans about this poor misunderstood criminals. The world is not perfect.
    We are so glad that Beth is doing better. She sure looks much better. And her tail up tells it all. Our sister Lady, that just came home from the hospital and i still on the mend, came to us like that. And we do love her so.
    We think you, Bella and Nala are doing a great job. Of course your paw challenged ones too.
    Keep the info and pictures coming.

    Lady(senior), Sandy Paws and Oliver.

  4. Hi Y'all,

    My Human read about the "reward for bad behavior" and told me that started with something called "Dr. Spock" who trained the Human's when they were pups.

    Glad Beth is feelin' better. Sounds like she wants to settle in with Nala...bein' a pack member and all.

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  5. I just love little Beth. I can identify with her type of stretching. Every move is calculated when we get old and stiff!!!!

  6. My pups think any thing is a good excuse to get a treat--But I think otherwise! :-)

    Add me to the list of those who are totally smitten by Beth!! I don't understand people who could treat anyone unkind, but what I do understand is the kindness of those like you who are there for them!!

  7. Don't you tell my R that secret. He's already mischievous without any further motivation, like treats!

    I'm glad that Beth is in your loving home. Your "Why?" question is one that we can never ever answer. But, there's another "Why" question - Why was she lucky enough to find you to shepherd her to a new home? Although she's had very bad luck in the past, that was a stroke of good luck.

  8. Teehee. For some reason, this post came up when we googled ourselves (yes, we do that...). HAH! Hopefully we managed to get the word out all summer long. AND Mom has decided that she may need a 'refresher' class in how to feed us turkey hotdogs... Apparently her technique is lacking! Even though she's busy with "work" we think she can managed to sneak in some time to get back to practicing how to feed us treats! :-)

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus

    PeeEss: I don't think we got too many nasty comments - mostly questions as to how otherpups can train THEIR parents! Heehee!