Tuesday, August 9, 2011

More dogs are in the dog house!

Above:  Peanut (Pete).    The Paw Challenged One (PCO) is busy on the computer, something about big market moves and he needs to make us some Kibble. So he won't let me on the computer except when he is in the rest room. So this is a quick update, with more to come.
Last night we made the drive over to the office of the Official Golden Retriever Rescue Vet. We had to pick up 10 year old Beth (Elizabeth) or Lizzie. He was an intake from a local pound, they had picked her up as a stray. She came in as Handsome, they thought she was a boy. She was dirty, bedraggled and hungry. Her ribs were showing, her teeth were broken and she had several large tumors on her tummy, and she was not spayed. When we met her, she was still groggy from having her tumors removed and several broken teeth removed. This morning Beth is still not feeling well, so we won't post her photos till she has a chance to put on her make up. Beth may be the smallest grown up Golden we have ever fostered. She looks like a 5 month old puppy, a 5 month old puppy that is just getting over an operation.

While we were there we picked up Peanut (Pete) and Roxie. Pete has been in GRRR for a while, we had his photos up on the blog two weekends ago. Pete won't last long, he is a beautiful boy and very well mannered. We only had him for a few hours, then another foster mom picked him up to foster. He will have a ball playing with Riley and River, two big golden boys.

Roxie is a new lady that just came in. She is the voluntary surrender from a home that lost their husband. With three teenage boys and two goldens, they felt they had to cut back on the household burden. So Roxie came to stay with us till we can find her a new home. Roxie is a wonderful 4 year old lady, she is so well trained and well behaved. She will not last long once we have time to post her photos and do a write up on her.

We will be back with photos and more, later. So the dog house has Nala, Bella, Mogley, Roxie and Beth at the moment.

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. Hi Mogley,

    Well it seems things are moving hot and heavy at your place and we don't just mean the stock ,I mean, Kibble market.
    Your going to need a scorecard to know all the Goldens that are coming and going from your place.
    Hope you have some forever home successes.

    Hamish & Sophie

  2. looking forward to meeting everyone. So wonderful to know little Beth is going to be safe and cared properly.
    She must still be a little scared after her ordeal. But a full tummy and lots of tlc will bring out that wonderful golden personality. She is certainly in the right place!!1
    Mogley and Bella, both of you are sure good little goldens to take care of the fosters that come in your home.

  3. Oh boy, can't wait to meet everyone! I'm so glad they all found their way to you, Mogley!

  4. Its always wonderful to see your very fast turnover rate of home needy Goldies!


  5. Thank you, thats very interesting information. I need to share with my friends.