Thursday, August 4, 2011

Rocky, the Champ!

First, a few actual quotes:  "I would like to bust his face".    "If I could find him, he would not be able to breath through his nose for a year".  " I would love to find him in a dark alley".    We heard a few of those statements Saturday when we first met Rocky at the Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies after parade picnic.    That is where we took photos of Rocky playing in the cool off pool.   The quotes are directed to Rocky's former owner, whoever he is. 
Rocky earned his name because he had a rough start, but he will emerge as the Champion!   Below is the write up that is on Pet Finder to help him find a new home.  
18 Month old Rocky is so beautiful that he looks like he could be the cover boy for The Golden Retriever News. Yes, Rocky is wet in the photos, he found the swimming pool and he did laps. He is an Olympic class tennis ball fetching machine. He has only been with us a few days and already he has his own fan club.

Rocky had a rough spot in his life. He was found abandoned, with duct tape on his muzzle. That is why we call him Rocky -- he had a rocky time, but he is going to be a winner in the future. We can not imagine why anyone would tape his mouth shut. He is so much fun. He spends his days trying to get humans to throw balls and toys for him. He loves the water and is very athletic and has boundless energy. He can jump shorter fences with ease, so he will need a 5 or 6 foot fence. Rocky is very intelligent, he is very well behaved and quite mellow for a younger golden, he listens well and is eager to please.
 Because of what he has been through he will be slow to trust fully. His new family will need to be patient and able to give him outlets for his energy. He is looking for a home with a family that wants someone to jog or run, climb mountain peaks or play Olympic class "fetch" with. If you need an excuse to get your daily exercise, he will help motivate you! We think he is pretty special and he needs a forever home that is really Forever! We bet that you can't meet him without wanting to take him home.
Rocky was found by police on a street, dirty, muddy, hungry, with duct tape on his muzzle.   The Tech at the Vet's office called Golden Retriever Rescue and the rest is history.    Rocky is on his way to finding the kind of home that he has earned.    Rocky does not let his past trouble bother him, he just wants a family with a large yard, several tennis balls, and a strong arm.    We have spent time with him twice and we have found that he is just a wonderful Golden boy.    He is currently in need of a foster home, as are several other recent rescues.  
We plan to follow Rocky's path and make sure he gets the Forever Home that he deserves.   He may be the only rescue we have that is forming an official fan club, everyone wants to help him find his perfect home.   He is a sweet, sweet dog.
In the meantime, our resident paw challenged ones have a new task.    They volunteered to help write Bios and take photos for our rescue Goldens so they can be posted on the Internet on their way to finding a new Forever Home.    For the last few days, the computer has been busy with lots of new Goldens as they enter the system.   So watch for more updates.
We also have a Maddie update.    We had to drop off a sweater with her name on it, we had forgotten to send it along with all the other things Maddie took with her.  Maddie sends word that she is doing wonderful.  Maddie says she is chasing the rabbit, losing weight, and she has a full time, very devoted care giver.    She gets walks, she gets to go everywhere in the car, she is never left alone.   She gets brushed every morning and she gets treats several times a day.    She sends her regards, but she has no interest in coming back to our home.   No way!
We have had several swimming pool parties.   The kids come by and swim on hot days, and I get to play with the tennis balls in the pool and swim with the children.    This may go down as the best summer yet.
Mogley G. Retriever  


  1. Praying for Rocky's special forever home to be found sooner rather than later. We know he will get the best care from GRRR.
    So glad to hear Maddies is fitting in so well, it sounds as if she is having the time of her life.

    Hamish & Sophie

  2. Even though vengeance is not mine, but Gods', There is no excuse for cruelty of any kind. Somehow, I would like to know this person was found and prosecuted.
    Most of the time, I notice that the circumstances of a rescued golden is not given. I assume because the cruelty that you sometimes see is too horrific to repeat. As it does yours, it absolutely makes me so sad and sick to my stomach.
    Such a handsome boy, and he knows and will continue to know love, now that he has your wonderful support system. Love and hugs and kisses to all of the rescues, and to you too, Mogley and Bella.
    I especially understand what you meant about Maddie's rescue, now. So happy for her new wonderful home.
    Thank you again for all you all do.

  3. This is mommie speaking, mommie of the Baumgaertner horde. To me this incident with Rocky is especially upsetting because about 6 month ago we had an incident where over 20 Greyhounds were found with ducked tape over their mussel and tied to the walls of the kennels in Ebro. Ebro has Greyhound racing. Some of the dogs found were already dead, the others in really bad shape. And this is where my faith is being tested. How can God let this happen.

    Happy to hear about Msddie

    Trudi, mommie of Lady(senior), Sandy Paws and Oliver.

  4. You go, Rocky, from a family of rescues who know that the Second Life is much cooler than that old, forgotten First Life.

  5. Hi Y'all,

    Rocky is truely a handsome boy! I'm sure there will be a line of people wanting to adopt him. Maybe he'll just skip from rescue to adoption with no foster in between!

    Maddie, we're waiting for pictures or maybe your own blog about your new adventures.

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  6. NOT FAIR. I would like to find Rocky's former person and duct tape his mouth! How dare anyone do that!! I'm glad he doesn't have any issues from it. I hate people!!

  7. Duct tape...we can't even comprehend...

    Paws crossed for Rocky and all the goldens for their new forever homes.