Friday, December 2, 2011

Lion, profile of a wonderful golden boy

We thought we would share the profile of Lion that we are putting up on the adoption web site.  We did send the profile to some friends, we think he is such a special boy that we are willing to call our family and friends to see if they need a great golden.    We may have delayed putting him up on the web for just a little bit to see if any one we knew wanted him.   That is not cheating, is it?

Lion is an 18-19 month old neutered bouncing baby golden boy.  Lion has been staying with us at our foster home since we picked him up from his former home. We think he is a wonderful dog, waiting for a wonderful new forever home. His family went through a divorce and a downsizing of their home. They were truly heartbroken to surrender him. Lion lived with children and cats in his former home. He was a beautiful bouncing baby Golden boy, loved by all.

 Lion lives with three cats and three other Goldens in his foster home and he gets along with everyone. He has a great energy level, he would love a family that is active. He needs to shed a few pounds that he picked up while trying to live in a crate during his families transition. He is very focused on people. He wants to be a snuggle dog, he wants to be under your hand if you are sitting, and under your feet if you are moving. He is the ultimate Velcro dog, staying beside you where ever you are.

 He knows sit, come, and No! He is very smart and very focused on commands, tell him No and he stops in his tracks. He needs formal training, but we think he will be very fast to learn and he will be a delight to train. He started learning about the dog door within hours of arriving. He wants to please you and will work hard at learning.

 He is housetrained, he will bark at the back door if you ignore him standing at the door. He was left alone for long periods of time, so he is fine if you go shopping or to work for the day. He is used to spending time in the crate while his family was at work.

 We think he will be a wonderful addition to your life. He is a wonderful Golden, put a bow on him and call him an early Christmas present. Ask to meet Lion when you fill out your adoption application.


  1. Hello, just found your blog via Kim at Golden Pines. Thanks for all you do for these babies. We too, have a foster kid named Molly~~a 16 month old yellow lab who is finally understanding what it means to be part of a family! Please stop by and check us out.

  2. Mogley, thanks for stopping by..kinda new to this blogging stuff. Hope you stop again and check in on the progress of Miss MOlly. We'll be checking in on you!!

  3. He sounds lovely! We will keep paws crossed he finds his place!


  4. Mogley , we hope that this boy will have a forever home before Christmas.

    Hamish, Sophie & Foster Tucker

  5. Yep!

    That is SOOOOOOOO Khousin Harley -

    When he is here, he's velkhroed to my mom or my doggy nanny!

    Paws khrossed fur that GReat fella!


  6. What a beautiful boy! Hoping he finds his furever home soon!

  7. Your story in the last post about all the time that Lion spent in a crate and the lack of attention made me so sad. But, reading his profile, I feel sure that Lion will find a perfect home with your help.

    Thanks so much for helping this sweet sweet boy. He needed to find someone like you to shepherd him to a new and wonderful home.

  8. Hi Y'all,

    He'll become less of a velcro dog once he becomes settled in a forever home and feels assured of his place in the family. Sometimes it takes a year, but eventually...

    The sad look in his eyes just screams "what is happening to my life?"

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog