Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas is the time for miracles.

The day before Thanksgiving we discovered that Sarah was missing.    We went into full search mode, checking with animal shelters, walking the neighborhood, talking to vets, etc.    No Sarah, but the search did bring Stray Cat to the house.    Sarah was our attempt to help out the Paw Challenged One's daughter and son in law, so they would not have to drive to Florida with three golden retrievers and a cat as well.   Thinking to save everyone a lot of trouble, we took Sarah, the dog hating cat.    She lived with three dogs, but she hated them, she never did stop hissing at them and swatting them.  
Then Friday night they were in the basement.   They were cleaning the litter boxes and water bowls for Mini Cat, she likes to eat in the basement where it is quiet.   They hear a cat meowing up in a dark corner and there was Sarah.    She had been living in the basement for three weeks without anyone finding her.   They had taken flashlights and searched the nooks and crannies, but no Sarah.   Then suddenly there is Sarah. 

She still hates dogs, but she is back with us.   She had spent enough time in the basement and she was ready to move upstairs and get attention.    Now she is demanding attention and hissing at Mini Cat and Stray Cat, as well as attaching Bella and I.   The Paw Challenged One's say they would have figured out Sarah was here sooner if she did not look so much like Stray Cat.    They would see a streak down a hall or across the floor and they could not be sure if it was Stray Cat or Sarah.   Then they finally had all cats in sight at one time, and they could count them.   There was an extra cat in the house, Sarah.  Sarah is more orange than Stray Cat, but they do look a lot alike. 

This story gets even more complicated and strange after they took Stray Cat to the vet and found out she was chipped.    Home Again called the registered owners and left a message that their cat had been found, no answer.   The vet called the owners and left a message, no answer.    Then we called the owners and left a message, no answer.    Either they are on extended vacation, or they don't want Stray Cat returned.    So Stray Cat is still with us, enjoying the good life, settling in more and more each day.

Too much about cats, we will return to our regular dog blogging shortly.

Mogley G. Retrieve


  1. Merry Christmas! I hope you will enjoy celebrating it with your family and friends :)

    It's all About Pet Fences

  2. Mogley, Maybe you need to put shirts on the cats that have numbers so you will be able to tell who is who and who is missing.

    Sheila & Bob
    Hamish & Sophie

  3. Those two (both Sarah and Stay Cat) certainly knew where to look for a decent home. Perhaps the 'micro-chipped' owner will also be found.
    Sending lotsaluv

  4. Kitties do that! When we moved, we didn't find our cat for quite awhile. He was hiding; he was scared. Glad you found Sarah!

  5. Oh my! What a miracle and unbelievable story! I'm very happy that Sarah is okay and can now go live with her family. And, Stray Cat got a new home out of the deal. Good all around!

    I thought of you a lot recently when my close friend decided to get a Lab from Lab Rescue of the Rockies. I knew so much more about the process from reading your blog so I could give her advice about how to approach finding the right dog. Let me tell you - there's a new King in her house. He's absolutely wonderful - a black lab mix who has already captured the hearts of his family and of me and my husband. Wow!

    The whole process made me look into fostering. Our frequent travel might be a problem but we're thinking about it. If we can't do that, we will figure out another way to contribute. You have inspired us.

  6. My mum has a dog-hating-cat! I think he's superfun, but he doesn't like me all that much. He also seems to get nicer food than me.. certainly smells that way!