Friday, December 16, 2011

Don't name the cat!

Whatever you do, Don't Name the Cat!  Bella warned them, I warned them, but no!   They named the cat!    We all know what happens when they name a stray cat, once the cat has a name, it stays.    We tried to tell them they needed to keep calling it "That Stray Cat".   But Noooo.   Do they listen to us?    They named the cat.     Don't ask what they named it, Bella and I are still too upset.   We still call it "That Stray Cat".   It is a defective cat to boot, it has large scars on its side where it was hit by a car or by a dog or coyote, and the last two inches of its tail is bent over double.   Just in case anyone knows where its real home is, we have included photos of That Stray Cat.    If you can help us find its real home, please do.   Otherwise, we are going to be stuck with a cat.

The Paw Challenged Ones volunteered to drive to Hays Kansas to pick up a friend's car that had broken down.  They returned after a long day, over 680 miles traveled, tired and ready for bed.    They said that visiting Hays Kansas was not as exciting as it sounds.   They said it was not at all like the travel brochure described.   They said there was not a single white sand beach, no gently waving palm trees, and no one welcomed them at the city limits sign with leis and drinks with little umbrellas in them.  But they did return with the car, now repaired.     They will put it on the "good deeds done list", and hope to get a good dinner or a great bottle of wine out of the deal.
 Above, the look of pure evil!
Our cousins and family are in Florida, so we will have a very calm Christmas this year.   Bella and I got a duck and a parrot early, in hopes it would keep us busy.   I hope Santa has another one to deliver on Christmas eve, we have almost worn them out already.

Before they went on their errand to Kansas, Lanai was dropped off at Rescue Central, she had several people scheduled to meet her.  We have not heard back yet, but we hope she is enjoying a new home.   The Paw Challenged One is planning on making the trip over to take in another homeless Golden Retriever for Christmas.

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. I KNEW they would keep that cat, Mogley! No offense but I think he is a pretty little fellow. I don't blame TPCOs for keeping him. See, I am not the only one who has trouble resisting sweet little furry faces! :-)

    Merry Christmas from Colleen and the menagerie at my house!

  2. We had a cat that looked just like this one, and what a coincidence, he had the same name...I guess they were related, but we named our cat that was named 'stray cat,' Drifter...

  3. Mogley, Spread some Christmas cheer and be happy that the kitty has a home, especially with the holidays and winter coming.
    We know the little guy will ingratiate himself into your and Bella's heart in no tome.

    Hamish & Sophie

  4. Naming a cat is the crack of doom. It's kind of a nice looking cat though.

    love & wags,